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June Pelo
07-05-04, 20:33
Someone sent me an interesting book about the early inhabitants of White Cloud, Michigan around the 1870s in the south side of the town in an area referred to as Swedetown. Most of them came from Gamlakarleby and many names are mentioned, but very few farm or village names are given - just patronymics. The book describes many families and their way of life. Some of the names mentioned:
Johan William Mattsson, b. 11 Jan 1871, Gamlakarleby, married to Matilda Carlsson and later to Mathilda Johnson, b. 1877 in Gamlakarleby; Karl and Herman Burke; Sofia Andersson/Burke, b. 27 Jul 1882, Larsmo; Albert Brandt, b. 1864; Berta Björk; Emma Maria Andersson, b. 24 Sep 1875, Terjärv; Anders Simpson, b. 6 Mar 1870; Anders Wickström, b. 22 Oct 1856, Gamlakarleby; Berta Johanna Nyman/Vickström, b. 5 Jan 1862; John Johnson, b. 13 Jan 1861, Purmo; Johan Backa; Gustava Jacobson/Johnson, b. 1870, Nykarleby; Matts Leander "Gust", b. 5 Dec 1869, Gamlakarleby; Anna Erickson/Gustafsson, b. 1869; Maria Andersson/Mickelson, b. 8 Oct 1863, Pedersöre married to Matts Mickelson. I also saw Carl/Charles Burke, his nephews Herman Burke and Emil from Muskegon.

Most of the data was gathered by Velma Matson and Janice Garda. I have a lot of data for Karleby and Gamlakarleby, but am not able to identify any of the people listed above, although some names sound familiar.


Karen Douglas
07-05-04, 21:08
Hi June,

This sounds like an interesting book - and one that might be interesting to review. Can you give me the title, or suggest where I might get a copy? Thanks, Karen.

June Pelo
07-05-04, 21:23

The book has about 20 pages, published in 1986. Title: 'White Cloud's Swedetown' by Velma F. Matson. From the Evans Historical Collection. It has an address stamped on the cover from: ??? Public Library, P.O. Box 156 l038 Wilcox Ave., White Cloud, MI 49349 6l6-689-6631 (I can't read the name of the library).


Karen Douglas
08-05-04, 00:45
Thanks, June! Will pursue. I am interested in the history of the Scandinavian communities in Michigan. Karen