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10-05-04, 19:42
Oops. I recently started a creative writing course - homework due in tomorrow and although I have practically finished it, I forgot to do a vital piece of research. Can anyone please tell me the approximate distance from Usikarleppy to Vaasa? Other than that the course is going great, especially as it is free!!


10-05-04, 19:44
Further to my earlier message. I know I have spelt Usikarleppy incorrectly - I always call it Nykarleby. Can someone also please tell me the correct spelling? Many thanks.

10-05-04, 21:14
Nykarleby to Vasa should be around 70 km I'd guess. I gave no map in front of me, but give and take a few kilometers...


11-05-04, 00:03
Thank You Hasse
Much appreciated


Paivi T
11-05-04, 08:11
Gwenda, in case you need to know, the correct spelling of the Finnish name of Nykarleby is Uusikaarlepyy. The vowels u, a and y are pronounced long and thus written double.


Päivi T

11-05-04, 10:06
Thank You Paivi

Spelling help appreciated. I will make sure I spell it correctly in my homework, though I am sure the rest of the class will think I made it up. Which one is the Finnish spelling and which is the Swedish? I think Nykarleby is the Swedish. Am I right? Thanks again.:confused:

Jaska Sarell
11-05-04, 10:36
Hi Gwenda,

The Finnish Road Administration map site at http://www.tieh.fi/kartta/kartta.htm gives the distance of 77 km (see: http://www.tieh.fi/valimatkat/index.htm ). Unfortunately the site is in Finnish only.

Note that the web sites for both can be found in either Swedish or Finnish URL names:

:) Jaska

Paivi T
11-05-04, 10:41
Yes, you're quite right: Nykarleby is Swedish and Uusikaarlepyy is Finnish.

Both names are three-part compound words composed of the same three elements: "ny"/"uusi" = "new"; "karle"/"kaarle" = "man"; and "by"/"pyy" = "village". Actually, to be very precise, "kaarle" and "pyy" are merely Finnish translitterations of the Swedish words. The Finnish equivalent for "man" is "mies"; for "village", "kylä". Thus, the Finnish name seems to have been formed by partly translating and partly translitterating the original Swedish name.

-- Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Päivi T, * now starting to get the little ones ready for a playground date*

11-05-04, 16:34
Thank you Jaska for the websites and also thank you again Paivi for your second reply and help. Homework is now finished and ready to be handed in tonight. Wish me luck:eek:

12-05-04, 14:17
Just to let you know that the homework went down very well indeedy at creative writing class last night. The subject we were supposed to write about was "A Journey" and I decided to use my grandfather`s journey from Nykarleby to Australia (See History and Culture section of Finlander) but it was virtually unrecognisable as the same story by the time I had finished with it. Worst part was having to read it out to the class (I hate speaking in public) but the teacher and class were all very impressed with my effort. The fact that the teacher loves all things Scandinavian might have helped a little, but I didn`t know that until last night, honest!! Thank you all for your help with distances, spelling etc.

A big big :D is on my face now

Alf Blomqvist
13-05-04, 21:31
Originally posted by Gwenda
the teacher loves all things Scandinavian

Finland don't belong to Scandinavia, but to the Nordic countries...



13-05-04, 22:38
Sorry, that`s news to me. But I live and learn. But how come many of the Scandinavian websites that come up on "Google" list Finland?:o

14-05-04, 12:31
Scandinavia is geographically and geologically the peninsula which is devided by Sweden and Norway, just like the Pyrenean peninsula is devided by Spain and Portugal. In this sence Finland is not a Scandinavian country.

In today's daily speech, however, "the Scandinavian" countries are synonymous with "the Nordic" countries. If you tallk about culture or politics it is not wrong to include Finland, Denmark and Iceland in the Scandinavian countries.