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June Pelo
11-05-04, 22:06
I have a request from someone in Finland for help in locating relatives in the US. This information is what he sent me:

Arvid Smith (Smeds), b. Smedsby, Vasa. His son Dean Smith told me his father didn´t gave his right age just to be able to join the army. Arvid died 21.12.1951, North Bend, OR after an accident. His wife Alice Selin b. 6.4.1902 in Rödsö Karleby, d.11.12.1980 in North Bend; source Dean Smith. Alice Selin- Smith, remarried after her husbands death. She died 4.9.1974 as Alice Lunde; second husband was Martin Lunde.

Johan Justus Karlsson Silakka, in US Seline, b. 6.15.1878 in Rödsö Karleby, married in US, marriage bann published later in Karleby 23.11.1912, to Alina Alexandra Karlsdr Vitick b.13.7.1875, Vitick, Korplax,Karleby.
Children: from the oldest Stella, Ben, Fride, Georg, Roy. I have a family picture but don`t know the children's age.

My second cousin from fathers side, Harold Matson lives in Florida; his father Justus Alexander Prest, b.12.9.1881 in Korplax, Karleby, was son to Matts Prest. Justus emigrated in 1906 to Misiones in Argentina, but as the area didn´t respond to the "promised land" he had hoped, he went to
Amerika probably illegally. As weather Harold or I know when he came, I wonder if there is some records about immigrants, that didn´t came the usual way? Justus was a draughtsman, am. citizen 12.9.1940 and his account nr.344-01-6092.

If anyone knows anything about any of these people, I'd appreciate hearing from you.