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Nyberg Ernst
13-05-04, 22:59
Query concerning a family Malen, with rooths in the Puget Sound and Seattle region.

I am searching for descendants to my grandmothers brother Emil Malen and his wife Karen. Around the middle of the 1950´s they lived in Kitsap county and had 5 children. Emil was a farmer.

Everything I know about them:
The full name of the husband was Gustaf Emil Malén. He was born in Finland 1883 and emigrated to America 1906.
His wife´s name was Karen. She was born in Norway 1881 and emigrated to America 1902. Her second name then was Skei (sometimes spelled Schay). In her first marriage 1905, her husband was the native born citizen Leonard Munsch. They got the children Clifford, born 1906, Irwing 1908 and Bernice 1911.
Karen´s first husband was killed in a work accident and 29 June 1915 she married Emil Malen. He was at that time an alien, so Karen lost her citizenship. Karen and Emil got together the children Myrtle born 1915 and Esther 1919.

In the 1930 census the family can be found in Washington state, Kitsap county, Breidablik village, on Vinland road. The children from Karen´s first marriage had then adopted their stepfathers second name Malen. In the 1920 census they used the second name Munsch. I have been told by old rela-tives, that Esther, at a later stage, should have married a Finn with the second name Koski.

Emil Malen died 19 March 1951. Place of death 432, cerificate 4888. Karen died in Kitsap 22 Oc-tober 1967, certificate 023083.

What I now should want to obtain:
I wonder if there is anyone out there, who can help me to track Emil´s and Karen´s children and the cildrens´ children in the next generation. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Do not hesitate to submit also small details!
It should also be interesting to know, what has happened with the place Breidablik and the farm where the family lived! The place Breidablik can be found on maps from the 1920´s, but not on newer maps. However, even today, in Poulsbo there are e.g. Breidablik Elementary School, Breidablik Cemetery and Breidablik Sons of Norway Lodge, so this place must have something to do with the former Breidablik. I have been told how to get there: “Poulsbo is located west of Seattle across Puget Sound.The exit off the freeway is onto Finn Hill Road.” Sounds easy, but not for me – I am living on the opposite side of the globe, in Finland. My name is Ernst Nyberg and address Gustavsvägen 9 M 111, 20320 Åbo, Finland. E-mail: ernst.nyberg%40auriamail.net.

Nyberg Ernst
13-05-04, 23:16
A new attempt to send a picture of the Malen couple. I tried to send the photo together with the text above, but without success.

21-05-04, 23:29
I see the following Malen names living in Washington in the 2004 phonebook:

Dave Malen
19216 SE 9th Circle
Camas, WA 98607
Phone: (360) 834-5315

Kimberly Malen
(Same address and phone as Dave Malen)

Paul & Christy Malen
1315 N. Mitchell Drive
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
(509) 924-2557

Thomas K. and Sharon L. Malen
6909 NE 164th Street
Kenmore, WA 98028
(425) 488-3798

They could be related.


21-05-04, 23:56
For your information, I have left messages at the phone numbers that I posted. I haven't heard from anyone in reply but I will try again this weekend.


24-05-04, 00:09
I spoke with the Dave Malen family -- they explained that their roots are Hungarian rather than Finn. Another Malen family (not included in my list of names and addresses) explained that their family grew up in Astoria, Oregon (the family of Victor Malen, whose father was also Victor Malen). Victor Malen was a Finn. Do you know if Gustaf Emil had a brother or cousin by the name of Victor? If so, this would be a link through his son. I learned that there is also a sister of Victor, Jr. by the name of Hilda Connelly (born 1923) living in the Seattle area. I will try to contact her this week.

I have had no luck reaching anyone else this weekend, and no one returned my calls. Will keep trying!


June Pelo
24-05-04, 22:12
I just heard from Debbie there's been a major breakthrough in the search for Ernst Myberg's relatives around the Seattle area - she has made contact with Steven Malen Kallio in Salem! I think that's wonderful news and I'm so happy for Ernst. Debbie, I think it would make a nice story if you could write it up for the other Finlanders to read.


Tracy Boeldt
24-05-04, 23:34
Yes, I agree with June--I love to hear the stories of peoples contact with lost relatives!


25-05-04, 09:45
Sorry to leave you all hanging. This story does have a nice ending.

Steven Charles Kallio called me back on Sunday evening. He is the only son of Esther Ruby Malen Kallio and Si A. Kallio. He told me that he is moving to Salem, Oregon on Wednesday, so it is lucky that I found him! He provided his new address, phone number, and email address, which I emailed to Ernst privately.

A surprise -- Steven told me that his mother is STILL alive and living in Salem, Oregon, too. After the death of her husband Si Kallio in August 1964 (born Sulo A. Kallio in Wilkeson, WA), she married a man by the name of Kippola, also a Finn. But, Steven told me, that marriage dissolved a long time ago. Perhaps Steven and his mother finish the story you seek, Ernst.

Steven said that he is the ONLY natural grandchild that exists from the family that was raised by Emil and Karen Malen in Poulsbo. He explained that he was born in 1944 and lived in Poulsbo until he went to college in Oregon, and he never went back to Poulsbo. He said that Robert A. Munsch who lives in Silverdale, Washington is his "cousin" but that Robert was adopted by Irving Munsch -- which is what Robert told me earlier today on the phone. When I am able to do so, I will visit with Robert in Poulsbo and get some pictures of the old farmhouse. Robert was very helpful, providing information that led me to Steven and his mother, Esther Malen.

I emailed a copy of the picture that Ernst posted on Finlander of Emil and Karen Malen to Steven and to Robert.

A very happy ending to a long weekend of searching!


Esther Ruby Malen Kallio

Nyberg Ernst
25-05-04, 13:14
Great thanks to you Debbie, for your job! I read all your messages as late as in yesterday evening (we have had our doughter, who lives in Iceland, on a short visit and I have spent the last days with her). When I understood that a living descendant and even his mother were found, I got so overwhelmed, that I could not write a word. I believe, that we now can go forward with Steven Kallio.

Viktor Malén belongs obviously to another family than "my" Malen. We wrote a couple of letters in January this year (I got the address from June Pelo) but we could not find common ancestors.

So once more: Thank you! I hope to be able to "pay back" by helping somebody in a similar way here in Finland.

Kind regards, Ernst

Tracy Boeldt
25-05-04, 18:44
The pay back has already happen--in Feb. you had sent me addresses in Pargas for my relatives and from that I have been in touch with a couple of my cousins! So, I thank you! and I am so happy to hear that you have found some of your relatives. Way to go Debbie!