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16-05-04, 15:10
New to the forum & hope to find long lost relatives.
I'm trying to trace my ggrandfather's family in Finland or where else they may of migrated to??

Daniel Henrickson b. 15 Aug 1860 Priastadt Finland. This birth place was transcribed by an Australian person as Daniel had difficulty writing & speaking English. I dont know if he had a Finnish accent or Swedish accent?
His naturalization records state:
He sailed to London ENG and stayed 4 years.
Q1. Which port wouldhe have sailed from in Finland?

He then sailed to New Zealand and stayed 2 years.
Q2. Can I trace his passenger listing on any ships that may of arrived in New Zealand (which island I dont know?) about 1881?

He suppose to have left Finland with a brother Andrew and father. They suppose to have sailed onto America where Daniel sailed to NZ. Family oral history.

His marriage certificate states his father's name as Sheen (transcribed by an Australian) On his Naturalization records it stes that his fahter's name to Aaron Henrickson! Mother: Finnish nationality. No name! :-(
What happened to any siblings or mother unknown!
He then sailed to Port Adelaide South Austalia about 1883 on unknown ship! May of jumped ship???

Henrickson family say may of been anglisized and his surname may of been "Hakala" (not correct spelling!)

He married 1889 in Western Australia to Susannah Markham PAGE
He has lead me to may brick wall & is my mystery ancestor.
Can anyone suggest with pathway to go now????

Looking forward to finding my Finnish relatives! :-)
I have been unsuccesfully researching him now for 20 years and only found his Naturalization records, marriage & death records of documented proof of his existance.



16-05-04, 17:54
Hi Debbie,

(1) Can be Brahestad (Raahe in Finnish). He might have sailed from Brahestad. It might be rewarding to let somebody study the archives of the Seamen's House of Brahestad. It is not an easy task for anybody even if living in Finland but I have read that the archives of the Seamen's houses "probably go online in 2003 or early 2004." I don't know any details of this project by the The Genealogical Society of Finland or which Seamen's houses are going to be included in the announced database, however.

(2) If he arrived on a cargo ship I suppose it can be difficult. In that case you ought to be able to study the enrollment lists or discharge rolls of the particular merchant ship he sailed on.

Here is a page re ´Locating New Zealand Immigrant and Vessel Arrival Information´


16-05-04, 22:57
One rule in discussion forums - including Finlander - is that the same message shouldn't be posted in several subforums.

Accordingly - the multiple messages has been deleted from the forum - leaving only the current thread. I hope that Deb will get some good leads in order to get her problem solved.

19-05-04, 07:24
Hi Deb,

Have you tried the Institute of Migration, Finland for information?
They are online at the following url

Register of Australian Finns shows a Henrickson, Daniel b.1860

They may have his birth parish in the records they hold.

Details of how to obtain more information are all explained at the site.

Best wishes,


20-05-04, 14:04

Thank you for your time and acknowledgement. I have been in contact with the migration of Finland and his information that they have came from his naturalization records back in Melbourne Vic. AUS. I have this info on his naturalization so I have been around in circles.

Many thanks