View Full Version : The page counters removed!

19-05-04, 00:05
Hi all,

From this day I have removed the page counters for both Finlander and the Talko -project pages. This because the counter software used now seems to have begun to distribute pop-up ads etc.

Thanks to June for observing that the Bravenet.com had changed their cookie and ad -usage.

During the first 5 1/2 months of this year Finlander only had 171.000 visits, not counting visits through proxies.

19-05-04, 00:48
Perhaps bravenet.com should change it's name to foolishnet.com?

When will these fools ever realize that popups are 'persona non grata' on the net


June Pelo
19-05-04, 21:32
Tusen Tack, Hasse.