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Karen Norwillo
20-05-04, 20:38
Just returned last evening from my trip to Finland. It was wonderful. I got to visit many ancestral places and meet with cousins and friends I had only corresponded with previously. I hated to leave. Saw much of the area around Helsinki, Tampere and Jakobstad. Unfortunately, time would not permit a visit to Salla, my father's father was from there. Karen

20-05-04, 23:43
Hi Karen

Welcome home. So glad to hear that you had such a great trip. Would love to hear more if you get time to post more to Finlander.

A-M Löfdahl
25-05-04, 18:26
Did you visit Oravais as well?

Karen Norwillo
26-05-04, 00:33
Ann-Marie, Yes, I did. My great-grandmother died in Oravais and was buried through the church there. I got a photo of the church. Unfotunately, hers is one of the graves the marker was removed. The area is beautiful. Karen