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john jensen
24-05-04, 00:30
Looking for Edla Maria Mattson, born 8-20-1882, Finland. Parents were Mathias and Marie Mattson. Immigrated to the U.S. in 1899, settling in Marinette, Wi. Possibly from Narpes parish but may be mistaken. Mother's maiden name could possibly have been Walwich or Walvik.

24-05-04, 15:59
Hi John,

Wallvik (note the spelling) is known from Rangsby in Närpes, but the HisKi database contains records only until 1852 so further assistance by forum members versed in Rangsby genealogy is needed

The web site of the Migration Institute is down until Tuesday morning so it was not possible to check if a passport had been issued to Edla Maria Mattson from Närpes.


26-05-04, 02:00
Hi John,
I'm unable to help beyond the fotocopies I sent you.
The reception of members page records began with November 3, 1892 and your ppl of course got here in 1891 so no luck at all from this end.
Good luck finding their parishes,