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25-05-04, 21:18

I am trying to find information about my greatgrandpa.and my greatgreatgrandpa.....

My greatgrandpa emigrated to USA/Canada 1923, he died 13/1 1927 in Port Arthur Canada.His name was Ludvig Honkala.
And Ludvigs father died 18/6 1933, his name was Johan Kankalo.

I dont know where to start so i try this way and i hope i get some help with this.


25-05-04, 21:50

On account of search results from the HisKi database the name Kankalo seems to be very rare. I could find it only from Bötom/Karijoki in Ostrobothnia. Try to contact Harri Blomberg <karijoki%40yahoo.com> in Göteborg, Sweden. He knows a lot of the old Bötom farms and families.


25-05-04, 23:10
Hello Staffan,
I`ve got some information from him. Thank you for your advice.

I will try to find out what happend,why we have so different information about Ludvigs death.

Harri has a lot of information about Bötom, i havent been there sence i was a child, so this summer i`ll take a trip there to find out from the books....

Thank you once again


26-05-04, 02:57
Hi and welcome to sfhs!
If you know their first destinations, I might be able to find something for you at the Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in Rock Island.
I am down there almost everyday:)
Chuck Maki

26-05-04, 20:20
Hi Chuck

and thanks for the warm welcoming.

The story goes like this...Ludvigs departure date was 30/5-1923..and the destination was canada . I have a very old photo of him and at the back i can read Lovelady Bros Port Arthur.Ont.

I dont know about Johan Kankalo, only thing i`ve been told is that they didnt leave together.

I am very happy for your help and look forward to hear from you again.

Minna in sweden

27-05-04, 01:04

Here is the Swenson webpage. You will be able to see the Canadian church records they have.
There are 2 churches at Thunder Bay so I will give them a look tomorrow.
I don't believe I will find anybody because Finnish churches also were thriving at that time and place:)
Yes, I am correct. One in Fort William and several at Port Arthur. Unless a Swedish speaking wife was involved, I'd guess one of these Finnish churches more likely to have something but maybe I will be proven wrong:)

27-05-04, 01:23
the ppl on the subject line arrrived in New York in 1923 on their way to Ohio.
Because Staffan has said the name is not commonly found, perhaps these are also relatives of yours?
Here is a grouping of printscreen images about them.

27-05-04, 16:30
I have found that this site can help you find all types of information.


At the moment it is not working well - but when it does - you just type in the last name and you will have about 15 or so web sites pop up. Then you can search each one and following each ones threads. The information keeps comming. I suggest to bookmark site and print as you go and keep a calculator handy for the dates. I found that my family had taken a couple of trips both to the US and Canada.

Got to run off to work now. Good luck.


27-05-04, 17:48
Thanks! Seems to be working okay.

27-05-04, 22:17
Hi y all and thanks!

It was a lot of popups!!!!

hope to hear from you soon

must go to bed, work is calling in the morning at 05:00


28-05-04, 20:55
Two churches.
C2 (swenson code) had only minutes of meetings so no way to verify there.
C3, Zion Lutheran in what is now Thunder Bay had nobody for you.
I would say that if they joined a church, it would be one of those Finnish language churches.