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Karen Norwillo
27-05-04, 22:38
Can someone please translate for me a phrase found in some new ancestry information I received while in Finland? Several entries have the words Omkr. noin following född. Example..Född Omkar. Noin 1640 i Rekipeldo. I know it means born in, but??? Thanks, Karen

28-05-04, 00:42
Omkr probably was omkring or "about".
Can't figure out the other word. Sorry,

28-05-04, 08:24
“Omkring” is Swedish for ”About” and “Noin” is Finnish for the same word.

Karen Norwillo
28-05-04, 20:07
Thanks everyone. so I guess it just boils down to an approximate DOB. Karen

Kaj Granlund
01-06-04, 23:22
If you go back to 1600 there will be great difficulties to find an exact year of birth, marraige or death. In the tax reigsters there can be delays for many years until they notify that the old farmer already was dead. And many of the parishrecords have been destroyed during the wars in 1700.