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28-05-04, 14:15

I´m seeking informations about some relatives to my grandmother and grandfather, who moved to Amerika.

Viktor Gustavsson Hagman b 04-04-1855 d 07-21-1921, to Amerika 1889.

Frans Viktor Hagman b 09-29-1885 d 09-19-1919, to Amerika 1901.

Karl Alfred Brunström b 10-15-1885 d=?, to Amerika=?
I think he later was called Alfred Carlson and he had an address in Muskegon, Mich.

Frans Viktor Björs b 11-09-1889 d=?, to Amerika 1907

I think all of then was born in Lappfjärd, Finland.

Is there anyone with some information?!

Bye, Nina

28-05-04, 15:59
Hello Nina,

To start with the Emigrant Register I was able to verify that:

- a passport has been issued on 23.11.1901 to Frans Viktor Viktorsson Hagman from Lappfjärd b. 1885.

- Alfred Brunström 19 years of age started his emigrant journey by sailing on a a coastal steamship from Kristinestad (neighbor town of Lappfjärd) and departed Finland on 31.05.1905 aboard the Polaris. Ship from England on 09.06.1905 is said to be the Arabic of the White Star Line and his destination was Muskegon.


28-05-04, 17:19
Entry from <www.ellisisland.org>
age 18 laborer single male
last residence Lappfjard
next of kin brother Henrik West Muskegon Mich
going to sister Mrs. Emilia Swanson, 80 Y(?)uba Street, Muskeon Mich
Dep Liverpool 12 July 1907
Arr NY (?) July 1907
Very difficult dates to read

One Alfred Brunstrom went to brother John in Hoquiam WA, states last residence was Kökar, arr NY on SS stockholm from Gothenberg Feb 2, 15, 1921

Also One Viktor Gustafsson 20 a laborer, last residence Björkö, arr on SS PHiladelphia from Southamption Oct. 10, 1903
Going to friend Johan Skinns in Gladstone Mich

No luck on Hagman.
Anyone can search the site. The transcribers often make mistakes as did the purser so many years ago. For example, under the entries for Hagman, there is one male whose own name looks to be spelled Hägman, but whose father's name seems to be Högman. Just try anything that comes to mind.

Lycka till!

28-05-04, 17:21
And the Viktor Bustafsson was travelling in a party of 4 men, 3 wives, and 1 child all from Björkö. Could he have been working there?

28-05-04, 17:39
As is often the case, the online HisKi records are available only to around 1850 and most emigrants are born after 1850. It would now only be guesswork to say that the HisKi records indicate that your Hagman ancestors originate from Solax in Härkmeri, Lappfjärd. You ought to fill in the father of Viktor Gustavsson Hagman by studying the church books of Lappfjärd by yourself or sending a query to the parish office

Lappfjärds församling, pastorskansliet
Lappfjärdsvägen 860 , 64300 LAPPFJÄRD

The genealogist Merit Rönngren in Lappfjärd may help you whith the church records of all the family names you mention if you send a query to her (Nybrovägen 56, 64300 Lappfjärd, FINLAND).

28-05-04, 19:23
Thank you so much, Staffan and Syrene, for all information! I´m so happy for your help!

I´ve got information that Viktor Gustavsson Hagman and Frans Viktor Hagman went to Zoinry (?) in Amerika. It was very difficult to read the word, so I can have wrong, but I have nerver heard of Zoinry! Is´it someone who have heard of it?

Thanks again!

Bye, Nina

28-05-04, 19:41
The written designation reminds me of Quincy. Quincy is found at least in Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois and California. If it was Quincy my bet is Quincy in Michigan where there was a mine. Please see http://www.scandinavica.com/culture/newworld/copper.htm .

28-05-04, 20:51
I really think you have right, Staffan!
Thank you so much again!


(Sorry, I answered at wrong place first!):mad:

28-05-04, 21:06
Never mind. Slips happen to everybody at message boards. But for searching purposes it is good to write Quincy.;)

28-05-04, 22:34
Sure, I´m really too tired for this now!
I´m sure I will dream about my relatives tonight!

Good night! , Nina:o

29-05-04, 16:52
You might also consider Quincy Massachusetts, since there were an awful lot of Swedish Finns and Finns who worked there. I think it was in the quarries.

29-05-04, 19:33
Originally posted by syrene
You might also consider Quincy Massachusetts, since there were an awful lot of Swedish Finns and Finns who worked there. I think it was in the quarries.

I will try that! Thank you!


29-05-04, 23:03
OK, easy to check on Quincy as well and you already know from me that I did not find these guys on the list for the Quincy area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

29-05-04, 23:07
Rather than look to New York as their port of entry, try Boston, Massachusetts, or Portland Maine, or even Halifax up in Canada. Halifax was one day short travel time, and thus the tickets were cheaper.

30-05-04, 09:20
Thanks so much for your help!


01-06-04, 19:08
I did not find Hagman people in the lutheran church in Quincy MA.
I did find Carlson and the fotocopy is here.
I did not find Björs at Muskegon. I also looked for him in the Covenant church and did no find him.
I did also check for Hagman and Björs in the funeral listings of the MA and MI churches and did not find them in their respective locations.
If there is any indication that Hagman and Björs could have been baptists, I will check there but usually baptist records are not very useful.

01-06-04, 20:07
Thanks so much, Chuck, for your help! I´m so glad for what you found about Alfred Carlson! So nice of you to do all this job for me!

Take care!

Bye, Nina

Kaj Granlund
02-06-04, 08:18
Just of pure interest:
So has anybody checked for the guys in the Quincy MA census?

03-06-04, 09:16
Hi Nina,
I searched the Heritage Quest cd, Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal census which acts like an index for those born in Scandinavia, with limited success.

Altogether there are 69 Finnish born Heads of Household listed for Muskegon.
Surname Given Name /age /Sex / Birthplace / County/ Locality/
T-624 roll/ Part / Page No/ Subpage /State
CARLSON Alfred 22 M Fin Muskegon 1-WD Muskegon 667 1 15 A MI
CARLSON John 24 M Fin Muskegon, 1-WD Muskegon 667 1 18 A MI
HAGLAND Gustaf 55 M Fin Muskegon, 6-WD Muskegon 667 1 163 A MI
BJORS Victor 38 M Fin San Francisco 32-DIST 96 4 20 A CA ???
No Henry West listed in Muskegon however I found this:
BPJORS Henry 30 M Fin Delta 5-WD Escanaba 644 1 125 B MI ???
Emilia Swanson must have been married to a Swedish or Norwegian man with many listings in Muskegon for that name but none Finnish born. I made a note of all the Swansen/Swanson/Swenson listings.

There were three Brunstrom listings -relatives perhaps?
BRUNSTROM G 32 M Fin King 1-WD Seattle 1658 1 28 A WA
BRUNSTROM Henry R 51 M Fin Middlesex 3-WD Somerville 604 1 191 B MA
BRUNSTROM John E 26 M Fin Chehalis 4-WD Hoquaim 1654 1 63 A WA

Best wishes


03-06-04, 14:09
Hello Jeanette!

Thanks so much for helping me!

Alfred Carlson can be the one I looking for, Í just wondering about the ages, should they have been so old 1910? Both
Alfred Carlson (Karl Alfred Brunström) and Frans Viktor Björs was born 1885.

I just know that Emilia Brunström was married to Alfred Swanson, he could have been from Swden oe Norway.

I don´t know the other Brunström, but maybe they also are relatives.

Thanks for your help!

Bye, Nina

28-07-04, 15:16
I saw that you found some names in the Quincy, MA church book. If you have access would like to know if you can find information on Victor Johnson and Olga Anderson Johnson and their sons Edvard, Karl, Johan Artur. The family name in Finland was Lillvik. The period of residence was between 1899 - 1912. Thanks for any information you can provide.
Carl Lillvik

28-07-04, 17:09
At Salem Lutheran in Quincy, MA I found the following:
Johan Viktor Johnson [he's listed as Viktor in the register], born 12/16/1877 at Lappfjärd. No info on marriage but he got to America from Finland in 1895.
wife: Olga Andersdotter Granholm, born 12/18/1876 at Kyrkoby. She arrived from Terrijarvi [spelling from the book] in 1896.
daughter Ellen, born 7/16/1899 at Quincy, listed as död. She was baptized 17 July 1899 and died July 24 1899 and was buried July 25 1899 so she lived only 8 days.
son Edvard Jonathan, born 6/18/1900 at Quincy
son Carl Wilhelm, born 1/5/1902 at Quincy.
There is no listing for a son named Johan Artur BUT there are 2 letters, one from Jakobstad 2-4-1923 to Pastor Hokenson from Vilhelm Lillvik and another from New York dated April 8, 1923 which is to the pastor from Klemens Landskulla or perhaps that is Sandskulla o/o Nelson at a NYC street address. Both letters are in Swedish so I don't know the gist of either but the second mentions a Johan Arthur Wiktorsian{?} Johansson (Lillvik) and perhaps this is his birthdate, 21 September 1903 at Quincy. I have asked the Vicar Kaj Granlund of this forum to look over the letters to see if it's something to be posted online.
If you send me your mailing address by email, I will be pleased to put the fotocopies into the hands of the post office for you. Perhaps these letters will be significant to you.

28-07-04, 17:28
Thank you for your help. We never heard about the infant Ellen. I am sure that the letter about Arthur was to verify his citizenship. He left Terjarv in November 1923 for the US. I look forward to receiving the copies.

I must say that this Forum has been invaluable to me. I thank all of you who work so hard to keep it going.

28-07-04, 20:24
I also made and sent copies of the baptismal pages for Ellen and also the funeral list page. She lived only 8 days.


30-07-04, 19:06
Two letters were copied and because they are in 3 parts, it will be 3 posts here because there is no way to consolidate all images into one.

30-07-04, 19:07
second letter, first sheet

30-07-04, 19:09
second letter, last sheet

Kaj Granlund
30-07-04, 21:37
Translation of the first letter. The letter is written in a polite way, using a very solemn language, that I cannot translate as such.

Jakobstad 2 – 4 – 23

Mr Pastor Hokenson
Because I am bound for America, and to obtain a passport I write to You. And ask You humbly to send me my certificate of birth. And attached is my “prästbetyg” (litterarily pastors certificate, a certificate from the local parish) which gives the information of my birth year & date, my complete name. Why I hope You will find the same name there in the church record. And expecting You to as soon as possible answer my request I herby finish my writing.

Wilhelm Lillvik
Address: The Malmska hospital, Jakobstad, Finland

Kaj Granlund
30-07-04, 21:48
second letter:

New York April 8, 23

Honorable pastor

Than You for the letter I received a long time ago. I have written to Arthur Lillvik and got his answer today. He was glad to be able to get to America, so he wanted me to immediately write to the pastor for a certificate of baptism. Arthur Lillvik has tried to find out where he was born, and by whom he was baptized. He writes that his mother remembers everything. He writes that he was baptized by pastor Bärnhard and his godparents are Robert and Maria Johansson. His name is Johan Arthur Wiktorsson Johansson (Lillvik) they have now in Finland. Arthur Johanson is born 21 September 1903 in Guincy Mass swedish lutheran church

30-07-04, 21:56
Thank you, Kaj for the translation. My father was working in the hospital prior to his departure. For those interested in how long things took in those days - he received his passport September 27, 1923 and arrived in New York aboard the SS leaviathan on December 21, 1923...nearly nine months later.

Kaj Granlund
30-07-04, 22:12
third letter

(actually the end of the second letter).

If it is possible to hear as soon as possible if the pastor has got it or not, that I can inform Arthur Lillvik as soon as possible cause he says he is deeply terrified then he was to the evaluation for the troops at the 24 February 1923 and was approved for the military, and he shall enter the military on the 26 March 1923, Yes there is a little more than one month left. Then it will be worse. I’ve been in the finnish military so it was hard. Hungry, cold and bad cloths. There is one thing with him children should feed their mother and sister. He cannot wait at home. Maybe other brothers care for the mother although they have to save for their own [needs], so if there are any possibilities Pastor do your best for the unhappy boy in the poor Finland. Now I can finnish my mess and say thanks very much for the effort that the Pastor had with my previous letter, If You can find his name and send his certificate of baptism, then the Pastor shall write and tell me how much it costs, that I can pay you immediately as you send the cerificate. Appologize for my weak and bad hand.

Klemens Sandkulla
151 Nagel ave
New York
c/o Nelson

I attach some stamps that you haven’t to loose anything with this.