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31-05-04, 17:10
In Cooper`s absence (see his Chit Chat message of 31st March 04) I have been missing all his cheery birthday messages to Finlanders on their birthdays. I think others might have missed Cooper`s messages also. Hasse has given me permission to fill in for Cooper until he returns. And Cooper, if you are reading this, I AM NOT trying to take over your job - I couldn`t do it as well as you did anyway. When you return, please take over again!

The following are all those who had birthdays in April and May, so a happy belated birthday to you all:

Esther, Norwegian, blbartlett, ksaxov, klasilfver, Juha, Hakar, Sharon, Jim Bailey, Freelund, Cooper!!!!, debbiesantelli, Bev Lunzer, Sturho, Diane Austin, Tracey Boeldt, rmattson, Verna Peltola, Hasse, Karen Norwillo, Ronny, Carolyn Nelson, rschrode, rwpalmer, Claire, patze, ericbacks, Rikki and skangas.

Hope I haven`t missed anyone out, but if so, apologies. Hope you all had a very happy day.


17-07-04, 22:57
Just in case anyone has not discovered them, the previously mentioned birthday wishes (usually in not very good poetry form) can be found at the thread "Continuing Congratulations". Have been in reading mode today and discovered, that I forgot to put that in my previous message. Sorry

18-07-04, 00:34
Does anyone hear from him anymore? wonder if he's somewhere like Antarctica?

18-07-04, 10:13
I`ve been wondering the same thing. He was such a regular contributor but just seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth after his last message to say he would be away for some time.