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gayle moreen
03-06-04, 05:12
:) I am looking for relatives in the Vassa area. My GGF was Karl Fredrik Johansson Smeds born 11,1,1871 Petalax, married my ggm Maria Karl Josefsdotter Taklax, born 8,11,1873, married 18,8,1895.
Maria's brother Herman Lindblom, 29,11,1978, moved to the United States in 1900 and returned to Finland with his wife and children. I have information that Herman died in 1947, his wife Karonlina in 1950, there son Anders died in 1957 and daughter Aina died in 1980. I am trying to determine if the son or daughter had any children and if they are alive. Any information would be appreciated
gayle smith moreen

03-06-04, 08:11
Karl Fredrik Johansson Smeds born 11,1,1871 can be found in Ulla Höglund's material in Talko. Ulla is a member of Finlander.

gayle moreen
03-06-04, 13:49
:) How do I access the information Ulla has
Gayle Smith Moreen

03-06-04, 14:00
Originally posted by gayle moreen
:) ...How do I access the information Ulla has...

I already sent Ulla an note about your question.

Some material is within the Talko database - accessible to those who have posted their gedcom material and contributed to the content.

06-06-04, 19:47
I have some information about the Smeds family, but so far nothing about the Lindbloms. I am trying to get information about the people you mentioned. My husband has many relatives in Korsnäs, and I hope some of them have known the Lindblom people.
Ulla Höglund

08-06-04, 11:10
Hi Gayle

From the Smeds Family book by Lena Talvitie in Malax.

Herman Carlsson Taklax -Lindblom b.29.111878 in Taklax d.29.11.1947.Married 18.9.1898 to Karolina Andersdotter Haglund b.28.11 1877 in Överträsk, Korsnäs d.21.1.1950

Children:1 Ester Julia Hermansdotter b.20.11 1898 in
Korsnäs.Emigrated to Amerika.
2 Edith Ingeborg b.25.9.1900 in Korsnäs
* 3 Aina Xenia b.28.11 1901 in Korsnäs
4 Georg Valfrid b.11.6.1904 in Michigan, Usa.
Moved 1923 to USA
5 Werner Eugen b.16.6.1905 in Michigan USA
6 Sylvia Linnea b.16.5.1909 in Korsnäs
7 Elvi Ingegerd b.11.6.1919 in Krsnäs

* Aina Xenia 28.11.1901 married 6.8.1922 to
Axel Alfred Bodbacka b.in Övermark
Children: 1 Aina Gunlög b.6.4.1923 in Övermark
2 Helge Eugen 25.9.1932 in Övermark

Can not find any Anders in this family
There is a lot more in this book about Taklax and Smeds Familys.

09-06-04, 20:23
There seem to be more information in Lena Talvitie's book than I have got, but I send you also my information about the Lindblom family, given by Karin Rosendahl, born in Taklax but now living in Solf. Her father bought Lindblom’s ”hemman” when it was sold after that all the children had moved away.
She mentioned a son Ernst who emigrated to the USA, was also in Vietnam, Karin saw him once when he visited Taklax several years ago He returned to the USA, where he died. No information about family, if any. (I did not find that name in the previous info)
2. Anders was a son in law, married to Herman’s daughter (did not remember her name) and they emigrated to Sweden. No information about children.
3. daughter Aina was married to Axel Bodbacka, they lived in Bodbacka, Övermark, where their son Helge Bodbacka lives today.
Address: Helge Bodbacka, Bodbacka, 64610 Övermark.
Hope this information will be of some use to you.
Ulla Höglund

10-06-04, 08:25
Hi again Gayle

Aina Bodbackas daughter Aina Gunlög b.6.4.1923 married to
Emil Valfrid Döfnäs born in Terjärv.Dont know if she is alive
was not in the phonebook.


10-06-04, 08:34
Originally posted by christer
Aina Bodbackas daughter Aina Gunlög b.6.4.1923 married Emil Valfrid Döfnäs born in Terjärv.Dont know if she is alive was not in the phonebook...

Children of Aina Gunlög & Erik Valfrid:

- Kaj Gustav Erik
- Stig Hans-Erik
- Gunlög Mona Elisabeth Löfnäs (Döfnäs) married Pasi Antti Aleksi Paavola from Kaustby.

Try looking up Löfnäs in Terjärv phone directory?

(Source: The Talko -project)

gayle moreen
10-06-04, 17:28
thank you so much for the information you are gathering. My computer has been down so just getting the information today. herman would be my great uncle.

gayle moreen
10-06-04, 17:34
You mentioned you have lots of information on the Smeds family.
My great grand father was Karl Fredrick Smeds,11,1,1871
does you information go to his parents and grandparents and their siblings

11-06-04, 15:37
Hi Gayle
There was not much information about Karl Fredriks parents in the book , just their names : father Johan Erik Johansson Smeds
b.1836 mother: Maja Lisa Andersdotter Korsbäck. b.1844. Have to look in the churchbook for more and that will take some time.
The Smeds i mentioned are from your ggr mothers side because she came from Smeds family too so i guess that Karl Fredrik and Maria were related in some way.Will be back later if i find something for you.


12-06-04, 22:05
My genealogy on the Smeds family is not complete, I have had too many other projects going on, but I intend to go further into the Smeds family later on this year.
Karl Fredrik’s father was Johan Smeds (1801-1885) who was married twice. In the first marriage he had twelve children, of which many died young, and in the second marriage there were five children born.
Daughter Maria Catharina (1835-1917) was born in the first marriage and she was my husband Henry’s ggm (morfarsmor).
Karl Fredrik was born in the second marriage.
My genealogy goes back to Henrik Mattsson Smeds born 1686 in Petalax.
Maria Catharina had two sons who emigrated to the USA, and they of course were Karl Fredrik’s cousins. One of them, Charles Chronstrom died 1924 in Ishpeming, MI, and Paul Blomgren in Marquette has given us all information about his family – two children but they had no families.
The other son was John Erickson, whose family we have not found. The last letter from him was dated 1938 in Iron River, MI.
You will get more information later on. Do you want to know only the ancestors of Karl Fredrik or also all his sisters, brothers, cousins etc.?

13-06-04, 03:04
Do you have a date of birth for John Erickson?
Perhaps he joined a swedish speaking church in Iron County.

Karen Norwillo
13-06-04, 20:46
On both the 1920 and 1930 census, I found a John Erickson and family in Iron River, MI. In 1920, he is listed on North 8th St with his wife Ina and daughter Clara. He is 25, wife 23 and daughter 2. They are Swedish-speaking Finns. From that, his DOB is estimated as 1894. On the 1930 census, they live at West Boyington? St. He is 35, she 34, Clara 12 and a son Leslie 10. John is a laborer in the iron mines.There is an Ina Erickson in the SS Death Index born 28 Mar 1896, died Oct 1968 in Iron River. Hope this is your John Erickson. Karen

gayle moreen
13-06-04, 21:16
I would appreciate any information you have about all of Karl's family, sisters, brothers, cousins. If you would like I can give you the information I have after Karl moved to the states and his family here.
This message board has given me so much information in such a short time
Gayle Smith Moreen

13-06-04, 21:47
Gayle, Chuck and Karen,
Cannot be the John Erickson found in 1920 and 1930 census. Obviously there were many John Ericksons.
Johannes Granberg – USA name John Erickson – was born Nov. 25, 1862 in Petalax. The last address known was Homer Mine Route 2, Iron River (1939). After 47 years in the mines he was then blind.
Brother Matts got many letters from John, but unfortunately he did not tell much about his family. He mentioned a son Albert who had died in November 1938. In his last letter 1939 he mentioned that he would go to his son Archie who had no children. In a letter 1936 he mentioned sending a photo of his family and said that there were many in his family, also some grandchildren. But no names!
It would be interesting to get some information about these people. They are Gayle’s 3rd or 4th cousins as well, of course.

gayle moreen
03-09-04, 03:31
I was just wondering if you had any luck finding more relatives, Karl Smeds,Maria Lindblom,vasa
Gayle Smith Moreen

03-09-04, 08:34
Originally posted by ulla
...The other son was John Erickson, whose family we have not found. The last letter from him was dated 1938 in Iron River, MI...

Here are links to 1930 Census pictures of different John Erickson named persons in MI, Iron County and in other counties within Michigan. Maybe some of these could be the "right" John? Another "John Smith" born abt. 1885 can be found in Iron River, see picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_994-0830)

The three "Iron County" -Johns can be seen in the attached picture.


0835 Erickson John 1873 Iron Mountain, Dickinson, MI Census picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_983-0069)
1109 Erikson John 1882 Bates, Iron, MI Census picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_994-0556)
1109 Erikson John 1871 Bates, Iron, MI Census picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_994-0559)
1137 Erickson John 1895 Iron River, Iron, MI Census picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_994-0757)
1189 Erickson John I 1890 Ironwood, Gogebic, MI Census picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_988-0446)
1210 Erickson John A 1864 Ironwood, Gogebic, MI Census picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_988-0550)
1224 Erickson John 1879 Iron Mountain, Dickinson, MI Census picture (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=MIT626_983-0159)