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29-04-06, 23:25
You are very very welcome Debbie and thank you for the thank you.

30-04-06, 10:52
Kaiponen and lierikfiddle
You're the last birthdays for April I see
Enjoy yourselves, I hope that your day
Is the best it can possibly be

A very hapy birthday to both of you

01-05-06, 11:49
This may be the last poem for a few days
Though greetings you will still get
I have a busy week lined up
And deadlines to be met
So please forgive me if I write
Some birthday wishes in prose
There might just be a poem or two
If you are very lucky - who knows?

A very happy birthday to Bev Lunzer and Sturho and happy May Day to everyone:) :D

02-05-06, 09:31
Diane, I didn't think I'd have the time
To write a poem for you
But I got up really early
So could spare just a minute or two

All the very best for a very happy birthday Diane Austin:) :D

03-05-06, 09:34
Happy birthday Tracy Boeldt
I'm sorry you don't get a rhyme
I'm running very late you see
And just don't have the time

Sorry - just can't stop myself!!:D

04-05-06, 09:20
Four birthdays there are today
Now, that's really quite a few
A very quick poem to say
Happy birthday all of you

Happy birthday to rmattson, ruthann, Verna Peltola and Verpel

:) :D

05-05-06, 09:12
Not so many birthdays today
Just the one, its true
But just as special it is, to be sure
Jenknutsen, happy birthday to you

:D :D

06-05-06, 11:35
Hi there all, no birthdays today
But that doesn't stop me sending
A wish for Happy Pet Week
Which yesterday was ending
I didn't know until today
So sorry that I am late
Today is No Diet Day I see
I won't miss that one mate!

I was going to start my diet today
So cannot do that now
That's my excuse and to it I'll stick
Will just have to start tomorrow

Happy No Diet Day everyone :) :) :D :D :D

07-05-06, 11:22
Batfan, I'm sorely tempted
To hum Batman tune as I write
In fact that's just what I'm doing
I hope that is alright
Cannot get the tune out of my mind
Though I'm trying very hard
So will just say happy birthday
I wish I had sent a card.

:eek: :( :D

08-05-06, 01:19
This is definitely not a funny poem or anything remotely humorous, but I would like to take this space, if I may, to ask Finlanders to pray for/think about Brant Webb and Todd Russell who are spending their 13th night trapped underground in a gold mine at Beaconsfield, Northern Tasmania, Australia. following an earthquake which sadly resulted in the death of a colleague. I have been following the so far unsuccessful attempts to rescue Brant and Todd, via abc.net.au
for the past couple of weeks, but until this morning the event did not even rate UK coverage. Hopefully they will be freed within hours. Please be aware, please care

08-05-06, 02:06
A very happy birthday is wished to Walter. Sorry you do not get a poem (I bet you are not!!!) but was about to sign out when I realised it was after midnight. I am now off to bed, and about time too, but a happy birthday Walter for today 8th May.

Karen Norwillo
08-05-06, 20:46
My prayers are with those trapped miners. We had a similar disaster in this country not too long ago and unfortunately the outcome was not good, only one survivor. Our local paper in Allentown, PA has been carrying daily coverage on those gold miners. Hopefully rescue will come soon.

09-05-06, 03:51
Wasn't it awesome to see those men emerge from the mine in Australia?! Sad for the loved ones of the miner who did not survive, but it is amazing to me that the others did. Would that all such stories had happy endings ...

(I can't say that KFC would be the first thing I'd want to eat after two weeks underground.)


09-05-06, 10:32
Yes, finally, the news we've been waiting for. I haven't actually seen the rescue on telly yet, as I was out last night and haven't had the telly on yet this morning. But I have seen the photos (15 of them) on the news website that I have been following for the past fortnight. Great photos of the miners emerging from the mine, "clocking off", reuniting with families etc.

If you'd like to check it out it is at


:D :D :D

10-05-06, 09:50
Here's the latest birthday wish
For Daniel H, Flittnep and HiHeidi
I couldn't find a rhyme to fit
But at least its neat and tidy.

A very happy birthday to the three of you:D

11-05-06, 11:27
Not three, not four, but five birthdays today
They only just fit on one line
Hasse, KarenN, Loviisa, Ronny and Else
Here's hoping for five birthdays divine

A very very happy birthday to Hasse, Karen Norwillo, Ronny, Loviisa and Else Jansson.

:) :D

June Pelo
12-05-06, 02:25

Hope you'll soon be able to stand up on your own two feet and enjoy your birthday.

June :)

12-05-06, 10:04
Sorry Karen, I kept meaning to put a get well message on your Broken Leg post (that looks wierd but I think you know what I mean) and also forgot (senior moment) to mention it in your birthday wish yesterday. Like June, I do hope you will soon be back on two legs again and hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday:D

12-05-06, 10:08
Now that I am back to two birthdays
It's not a good poem I fear
I've tried very hard, but nought happens
My brain just won't jump into gear

A very happy birthday to Carolyn Nelson and rschrode. Hope you have a great day:) :D

13-05-06, 10:10
This is for Jyrki and Sherim1
Birthday wishes true
Are whizzing across the cyberwaves
And heading straight for you

A very very happy birthday to both of you:) :D

13-05-06, 23:49
Sorry folks, but I am intending to have a big lie in/lazy morning tomorrow, so thought I had better put this message on tonight in case I forget in the morning. Sorry also that it is not in rhyme. I had one written, but it wasn't very good (are they ever?) so decided to forego it.

Happy birthday anyway to Rwpalmer for tomorrow, 14th May.
I hope you have a really good day.

Just realised, that sort of rhymes (unintentionally) anyway.

Also a very very happy Mothers Day to every mother who is celebrating tomorrow - I believe it is Mothers Day in Australia and the US tomorrow, but the UK celebrated this back in March. I get to celebrate twice with living in the UK and daughter in Australia. Only kidding - she remembered in March so that was good enough for me. :confused: :confused:

15-05-06, 09:55
Its the birthday of a gal named Claire
So its her special day
Happy birthday Claire from me
For today 15th of May:D

17-05-06, 14:47
Oh oops, I almost did forget
This birthday wish to give
Excuse me for the lateness
My mind is like a sieve

Sorry Toss and Lbahr, the day, and your birthdays are half over, but happy birthday, still in time, to both of you. Trying to think of too many things at once today.

:o :D

18-05-06, 10:26
This birthday wish is going
To a member, fairly new
Tuuliainen, just want to say
A very happy birthday to you

:) :D

18-05-06, 22:02
This birthday wish is not on time
In fact it's a few hours' early
The reason for this is quite simple
I needed to rhyme with Shirley

So a very happy birthday for tomorrow, 19th May Shirley:cool: ;) :D

19-05-06, 10:11
So sorry, Vern Portin
I made a slight boo boo
The previous birthday message
Should also have been for you

A very happy birthday - at least it is on the right day. :o :D

21-05-06, 21:19
Tomorrow I start my temp. job again
For a few weeks around this time
Every year it happens
Which means an early rhyme
Because I will be rushing around
And have to leave early, quite
I'm sending Rob Stolpe his birthday wish now
Instead of tomorrow, goodnight

Hope you have a very happy day Rob and sorry it is a few hours' early.

22-05-06, 21:26
Here's another day early one
They might be like this for a while
Just hope whether you receive it tonight or tomorrow
It still manages to make you smile

A very happy birthday to cwhack and patze for tomorrow, 23rd May.

24-05-06, 10:41
This one is for two birthdays
They share the 24th of May
Ericback and joiner
Hope you both have a happy day

And an especially happy Big 50 to Ericback:D

25-05-06, 21:17
Have to be away quite early in the morning again (think I am getting too old for this!), so another early birthday greeting coming up for tomorrow. Sorry, but this time it really IS NOT in rhyme.

So, a very happy birthday is wished to Rikki, Sueellenborn and Sandra Gaffney for 26th May. Hope you all have a great day.

:) :D ;) :cool:

27-05-06, 10:39
A very happy birthday to Mikael Sund and Albert Santoni for today, 27th May. Hope you have a great day.:D

28-05-06, 10:40
Beaniebaby, here it is
A poem just for you
To wish you a happy 30th
Today and the rest of the year through:) :D

29-05-06, 10:07
For Ekymala comes this wish
In rhyme of course, as most are
Hope you have a great birthday
Your very best by far

:) :D

30-05-06, 10:01
A very happy birthday wish
Annette Johnson this one is yours
And who might it be coming from?
The mad birthday poet of course


30-05-06, 22:03
A very happy early birthday for tomorrow, 31st May, is wished to skangas and sixten. Hope you both have a good day.

01-06-06, 10:39
JBWilson, Alise and Sten-Erik
I wish you a happy birthday
And very many happy returns
That's really all I have to say

:D :D

03-06-06, 10:04
Leif's birthday is whose it is today
So time for a rhyme from me
Hope you have the greatest day
Everything you want it to be


04-06-06, 00:08
Early again, yes I do know it
Its for Kaj Nyman and Sune this time
Its Sunday tomorrow and I'm sleeping in
So, this is your early birthday rhyme

:) :D

06-06-06, 00:30
Just going with the flow and a day early
Not sure if a poem will result or not
Have another busy week ahead
Well, Jwarmanen, guess what?

Yes, in a few seconds flat, it did rhyme. It wasn't really supposed to. Anyway, have a very happy birthday tomorrow, 6th June, Jwarmanen.
:o ;) :) :D

06-06-06, 22:21
It is another early birthday wish for tomorrow, 7th June. It's for Hannu Walius an K.H. Sod, the latter being the Big 50 tomorrow. Hope you both have a really happy day.

:) :D

07-06-06, 10:48
Hello Fredrik Forsberg
Happy Birthday to You
In my haste for early birthday wishes
I forgot to include you too

Sorry about that, but a very happy birthday Fredrik for today.
:o :) :D

07-06-06, 21:16
According to my records (which have been known to be wrong) there are no Finlander birthdays tomorrow, but I have it on good authority that it is "Best Friends Day" tomorrow, so would just like to wish all my best friends on Finlander a very happy day. :D ;) :cool:

09-06-06, 00:27
It's a very, very, very (and even more veries) early start for me tomorrow - I will be out of the house before half of you are awake probably. So, another advance birthday wish for tomorrow, 9th June to Enges and Jean Schettler. Sorry no poem, but because of all those veries above, I need to get to bed early and my poetry brain has shut down.

Hope you both have a great birthday though

:) :D

10-06-06, 11:42
I'm starting out, intending a poem
Not sure how it will turn out
Ah, an easy rhyming word for me
Happy birthday is what its about

Hope you have a very happy day Roosa


11-06-06, 11:13
I didn't plan to send a poem
Wrxmann and Belva Todd
But look what's happened, yes it has
That really is quite odd


13-06-06, 11:09
Sorry folks I am running late
No time to write a rhyme
But Scarlett38 and Barbara
Have a great birthday time

A very happy birthday to Scarlett 38 and Barbara Murray. :D

13-06-06, 23:51
Oops, I hit a wrong button there
And my very good poem went whoosh,
It disappeared, I lost the plot
Not sure why it got the push
It was for for Jillywilly
And Sylvia, too please note
To wish them both a great birthday
Please enjoy this poem I wrote

This was not quite the poem you were supposed to get, but hope you both have a very happy birthday, tomorrow, 14th June.

:o :) ;) :D :cool: :eek: :confused:

14-06-06, 00:03
Sorry, I know this is actually two days early, but this is a very busy time for me and I will probably be doing the usual "flying out the door, piece of toast/coffee flying in all directions" bit for next couple of days, so just to make sure I do not miss the wonderful June Pelo's birthday by mistake, am getting in very early. Hope you don't mind June.

Here's the poem:

Here comes a very special poem
For June and Ralf, no doubt
Hope you both have the happiest of birthdays
It's what my poems are about

Just a 4-liner, but none the less sincere. And June, many many thanks for all your wonderful contributions to Finlander. I love them all. Ralf Hansson. Your birthday wishes are equally as important. Hope you have a great day also.

15-06-06, 09:29

Just grabbing a few minutes to say, once again, a very happy birthday to both of you, on the correct day!!! Hope you have a great day today.

:D :D

June Pelo
15-06-06, 20:36
Thanks, Gwenda. I've been away all morning and am just starting to read my mail.


16-06-06, 09:17
Jari and Lisa
A poem you do get
To wish you a happy birthday
Your very best one yet

A very happy birthday to Jari Uddfolk and Lisa Snellstrom:D

17-06-06, 10:53
This poem is for Nikus
A good contributor I see
A very happy birthday
Is wished to you from me

:) :D

18-06-06, 12:58
Hi Pontus J, this one is yours
A poem of course, why not?
Many wishes are coming your way
Hope you enjoy your birthday a lot


18-06-06, 15:05
It's 18th June and shame on me
I very nearly forgot
To wish all Dads a happy Fathers' Day
Whether you are British or not

It is Father's Day here today, and I know other countries celebrate it at a different time, but Happy Father's Day all the same to all Finlander fathers. :o :) :D ;)

19-06-06, 10:16
Five birthdays today, if I've counted right
I am sure I haven't missed any
I cannot fit all your names in a poem
So to all, happy returns, many

Here goes on the names: A very happy birthday is wished to Arnatese, Marcy Johnson, Mark Sundstrom, S. Helenius and Sandy. I hope you all have a great day.

:) :D

20-06-06, 10:17
Timren, as it's your birthday
There's one thing I must do
Send a little rhyme of course
To say happy birthday to you:) :D

20-06-06, 14:26
Thank you!

20-06-06, 17:24
You are very welcome Taj/Timren - sorry I didn't quite know how to address you, although I see you sign your messages "Taj".:o :confused: :D

21-06-06, 10:07
Six birthdays today, I am sure that's the most
For one day, so far this year
Although I can't include all your names in this poem
You are wished a birthday of good cheer

A very happy birthday to Anastrom, Dale Passell, Liffeum, Shirley King, Ben and to David Brankar for his Big 30.


22-06-06, 10:18
Not so many as yesterday
In fact just two is all
Karen Douglas and Laila
This is your birthday call

Hope you both have a very happy day:) :D

23-06-06, 10:45
Cannot think of anything original
To rhyme, or even to say
So for 3rdgenfin and Wendy
I'll just wish you a happy birthday

Many happy returns to 3rdgenfinn and Wendy Brisco. Hope you have a brilliant day.

:) :D

24-06-06, 10:46
It's not a very good poetry morning
My rhyming brain is off key
So to you four who share this birthday
I'll just say happy birthday from me

Happy birthday to Fran, Jerry Petrell, Ulf Walledahl and johansens.:D

26-06-06, 10:09
I've counted on my fingers
My toes I did not need
Three of you have birthdays today
Hope they're very happy indeed

Happy bithday to Gayle Moreen, Rhuoppi and Janine:D :D

27-06-06, 09:44
Pertti, Carl and Jarvi
No matter how I juggle
Those three names of yours around
I still get in a muddle
I cannot find a word to rhyme
With the way you three were named
I tried so hard, my brain now hurts
So I do not feel ashamed.

Hope you all have a great birthday.
;) :) :D

27-06-06, 22:19
Sorry. But its an early start for me again tomorrow - the last for a while hopefully. So here's an early poem for tomorrow's birthdays.

Alf Blomqvist and M. Waters
Oh my! Doesn't the time go so fast?
I remember sending you a birthday poem last year
And also the year before last.

I hope this one is just as happy as the last two, and Alf, a special greeting to you. My grandfather was born in Nykarleby also.
Bit of useless info. there I guess.

:o :( ;) :) :D :eek:

30-06-06, 09:41
I'm rushing about all over the place
There's a bus that I must catch
No time for anything much this morn
'cept this birthday poem to despatch

A very happy birthday to Melvinakerman:) :D

01-07-06, 10:59
No birthdays today, but that won't stop me
From bursting forth with a poem
A very happy Canada Day is wished
To all Finlanders who call Canada home

:) :D

02-07-06, 12:08
Two birthdays today, so wishes go
To Susanhaven and mbarnlund from me
I hope both your birthdays are happy
The best they can possibly be:D

03-07-06, 10:00
Hello Hsundman this one is for you
The heat is sizzling my brain
So its not much of a poem I am afraid
I just wish that it would rain!

Happy birthday anyway from a very hot England.;) :) :D

04-07-06, 14:17
No birthdays today, but happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrates it.

June Pelo
04-07-06, 23:01

June :)

04-07-06, 23:25
Even without the sound that was lovely June. Happy 4th of July before it ends. My speakers (sorry, my computer's speakers) do not work very well at the moment, but I did enjoy the visuals. Thank you.

:) :D :cool:

05-07-06, 10:23
A very happy birthday to Osterbej
Cos it's your special day
I hope that you enjoy it
In every possible way

06-07-06, 09:50
No poem for you Dan Johansson
I'm sorry, I don't have the time
So, for your happy birthday wish
You'll just have to be content with this rhyme

A very happy birthday Dan Johansson

07-07-06, 09:58
Jeanne Hoemberg I had written a poem
But it was for four people, you see
I had my days mixed, thought it was tomorrow
Oh silly, confused old me

Happy birthday to Jeanne Hoemberg, the one birthday for today.:o :) :D

08-07-06, 12:20
The poem I mentioned last time
The one I thought was for four
Turns out I miscounted, silly me
And there is actually one more

To Dave Mooney, wcscott, Monilionilei, William Dahlin and J-A, a very happy birthday to all five of you.

09-07-06, 11:38
Ben Pelkinen its your birthday
Charina, tomorrow its for you
I thought that I would combine them
To say happy birthday to you two

13-07-06, 11:39
It's time to send a greeting
To John Gasstrom, that's his name
Hope you have a happy birthday
And lots more of the same

:) :D

15-07-06, 11:26
Belated Birthday greetings and apologies to Mary Westerback for her birthday yesterday:o :) :D

Happy birthday for today to Bartdennis, Mitalin and K. Granlund
and for tomorrow to Nancy Beyer. :) :D

17-07-06, 12:17
Well wouldn't you just know it
I was about to write a poem
But workmen drilling loudly
I wish they would go home
Cannot think straight with all that noise
So all I can think of to write
Is happy birthday to the four of you
I hope that is allright.

A very happy birthday to Sandy Witt (Big 60), John Riska, Dark Single and jnisper. Hope you all have a great day

:( ;) :D

18-07-06, 11:29
It's a very hot day here today
A scorcher you might say
Too hot to think straight really
So I'll just say happy birthday

A very happy birthday to smultrontid, susan and wwwben

:) :D

19-07-06, 12:13
It's even hotter than yesterday
Worn out it's made me feel
So just a quick happy birthday
To Sami, SheryJ and Neal


20-07-06, 11:05
A very very happy birthday to Monica Hammarst. Hope you have a great day. Sorry no poem today, but the wishes are there just the same.:D

22-07-06, 10:42
Hello ami tempelman
An apology to you
I missed your birthday yesterday
A naughty thing to do

Happy birthday to you for yesterday though.
:o :D

22-07-06, 10:46
Four birthdays there are again today
And Special they all are quite
Hope you all have a happy day
And that it is so bright

To Kalabe, Genpals 2003, Maria and Karin


24-07-06, 10:30
Another four again today
It's happening quite a lot
A very happy birthday wish
From me is what you've got

Happy birthdays to dedman, Jan Persson, ERYSSO and bejacobs.
Have a great day:D

25-07-06, 10:05
Arlene Adele, that's a nice name
Happy birthday to you
And Wikstrom, who hits the big 50
The wish is for you too.

A very happy birthday to you both:) :D

26-07-06, 10:45
A very happy birthday to Dolores Luczak. Many happy returns.

27-07-06, 10:13
Emmi Aalto and Jarl Roos
Your birthday greeting's here
I hope you have a happy day
Which lasts throughout the year

28-07-06, 12:46
A power blackout this morning
Meant quite a problem for me
I couldn't use the computer
Nor even make a cup of tea
But after a few hours we are back on track
And everything is again OK
So without further delay and nonsense
Lars and Tiina, a happy birthday

A very happy birthday, slightly later than usual, to Lars Granholm and Tiina Hakunti


30-07-06, 11:47
There were no birthdays yesterday
So my poetry brain had a rest
But now its time to wish Jaana and June
A birthday that's the best

Happy birthday to Jaana Parssinen (sorry, no Finnish keyboard) and June A. Smith.:D

31-07-06, 10:27
Hello A. Mantyla, your birthday today
Is quite a special one
I hope you have a wonderful day
Many happy returns to come


01-08-06, 19:13
Hello all, I'm truly sorry
The birthday poems have finished
My rhyming brain has gone quite stale
And almost completely diminished

I lately sit for quite a while
Staring blankly into space
But birthday poems refuse to come
I think that is a disgrace

I've even sometimes been tempted
To previous poems repeat
And just change the names around a bit
But I am not one to cheat

I hope my poems have been enjoyed
Though some have been quite bad
But if just a few have been well received
Then that has made me glad

I will still be sending birthday greetings, if I may and the first of these is to Rapid who I wish a happy birthday for tomorrow.

:( :o :) :D

02-08-06, 22:18
This is an early birthday greeting to Henry14 and reddenblu for tomorrow, 3rd August. I hope you have a really happy day. It is also my husband's birthday tomorrow, so you are in good company!:) :D

04-08-06, 12:13
A very happy birthday is wished to smolik360 for today.

05-08-06, 10:13
A very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to George A. Miller. Hope you enjoy your day.

06-08-06, 10:51
Ekonentm, I didn't have you on my birthday calendar (I do miss adding some new members occasionally). So, it is a good thing I check the bottom of the home page every day or you would not have received your birthday wish. A very very happy birthday for today, 6th August.

:) :D

07-08-06, 10:13
Hello Arnold and Arnold Carlson. I think you are one and the same person, but a very happy birthday is wished to you both.:) :D

08-08-06, 09:45
A very happy birthday to Sarin-Wright. I hope you have a brilliant day.:) :D

10-08-06, 19:33
A belated happy birthday wish to ibn3754413 for yesterday. I do not know whether anyone else was experiencing problems logging on to Finlander but I was yesterday, hence no birthday greetings. I hope you had a good birthday though. Also, slightly belated birthday wishes for today to Ronnlund, kolimaki and rafael. I was still having problems logging on this morning, but at least I made it before your birthdays are over.

And, just in case, an advance birthday wish to Bob Lund for tomorrow, 11th August. Happy birthday to all of you.:) :D

13-08-06, 12:00
Hello Lasare2 and a very happy birthday to you for today, 13th August.

14-08-06, 10:10
Congratulations on the Big 50 birthday to R. Niemela. A very happy birthday to you.:) :D

15-08-06, 09:52
No birthdays today I see, but according to my reliable E-card site, "Friendship Week" started yesterday, so happy remainder of Friendship week to all on Finlander.:) :D

15-08-06, 23:12

Thank you for the birthday felicitation. Is there a manual or handbook for a guy who is 14 years over the "three score and ten?" I've never been this old before.

Lasare 2

16-08-06, 09:54
One special 70th among them, Sven Erik - Congratulations. Happy birthday wishes to you all (Sven Erik, Lena Nyberg, Greenrock and jmmccart99.:) :D

16-08-06, 09:57
Hi Lasare 2. No, I don't think there is such a handbook, but keep doing whatever it is you are doing, because it seems to be working.:) :D

17-08-06, 10:46
A very happy birthday to Eric Anttila. Hope you have a great day.:) :D

18-08-06, 10:28
Two birthdays today and what is more
After a break, it's even in rhyme
You'd better make the most of it
They won't be happening all the time

Poems, still do pop into my head every now and then (breaks the monotony of the oh so ordinary birthday wishes a bit I guess). So sm4ald and annek, you are the lucky??? ones. Hope you both have a happy birthday. Don't know when the next poem will appear, but watch this space.....:) :D

18-08-06, 23:48
Well, goodness gracious, guess you what?
Another poem so soon
I really thought I'd lost it
And my rhyming brain had "goon"
It's come back, albeit briefly,
It cannot last, you know
I'll have to have a break quite soon
Its probably time now to go
Before I do though, just want to say
Some early birthday wishes to
Two people, Krisu66 and Dorothea
Happy birthday both of you

Sorry, edited version - this birthday wish is for tomorrow, 19th August.

:) :D

20-08-06, 12:11
Two poems I've written just lately
Can I possibly make it three?
Of course I can, this birthday wish
Is for Sandra Wakkuri!

Sandra, I hope your surname is pronounced with the "ee" sound at the end, otherwise this is not a poem at all! Have a very happy birthday anyway.:) :D

20-08-06, 22:45
Can I make it four, I'll give it a try
Though this poetry thing did end
Or so I thought, and so you wished
No more rhyming greetings I would send
But here you have it once again
A poem to you from me
For Winkelsjo, this is for you
A very happy birthdee

Happy birthday Winkelsjo, for tomorrow 21st August.

20-08-06, 23:20
Sorry folks, please bear with me
A problem I have to be sure
I have made 499 postings
And I need to make one more
I cannot go to sleep tonight
Until the next one I have sent
No birthday greetings, no reason at all
Not even a special event
So please forgive me, do not moan
I know I am a pain
But I have made the big five hundred
Please do not complain

A Happy Day to everyone for today, tomorrow, and whenever, for whatever you are celebrating. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

20-08-06, 23:32

22-08-06, 10:26
Hello Jumppa, and a very happy birthday to you. :) :D

23-08-06, 10:18
Just a very quick birthday greeting
As I have to hurry away
This one is for lovell23
Have a good birthday:D

24-08-06, 10:04
Three birthdays today, all of whose names are difficult to rhyme with, so I am afraid I am not even going to try. A very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day are wished to Gundborg Ingle, Susie FL USA and dagnyhill.:) :D

25-08-06, 10:17
Two birthdays there are today
Just want you both to know
Your're wished happy birthdays
Especially one for the big Five Oh

Very happy birthday wishes to Glenn Smith and Helmi:) :D

26-08-06, 11:20
Six birthdays today, though perhaps only five
Two seem the same person to be
Whether five or six, it's still quite a few
A happy birthday to all from me

A very happy birthday to Reino Wikstrom (big 70), rwilikman (twice), A. Andren, maria 9497 and dlolson. Have a good day and a good weekend.

28-08-06, 10:57
Two birthdays today and they are
Hansengm and nanneman, yours
What is the reason for this poem?
To say happy birthday, of course
:) :D

29-08-06, 09:26
It's quite early in the morning
My brain is just about in gear
So for four of you today, I wish
You a birthday full of good cheer

A very happy birthday to Bertil Miemois (the big 70), Otso Havu (the big 60), Henrik Mangs and Juhani Lausas. Hope you all have a great day.:) :D

30-08-06, 10:19
It's another special birthday
This time the Big Three Oh
Ck 76, its yours this time
Have a really great one, yo!!!

A very happy birthday Ck76.

:) :D

31-08-06, 09:42
A very happy birthday to Tuonetar for 31st August. :) :D

01-09-06, 10:17
Happy birthday to Laurie and Karen
Hope you both have a very good day
This birthday poem is for both of you
Sending best wishes your way

:) :D

02-09-06, 10:47
Another Big 60 today
Ingemar Ekman it's you
Taisto, it's also your birthday
Best birthday wishes you two
:) :D ;)

03-09-06, 11:10
A very happy birthday to Hans Beskow for 3rd September and happy Australian Father's Day to all fathers on Finlander.:) :D

04-09-06, 10:02
I'm in a rush this morning
Quick poem, just time to write
Sevins and Tony Pellikka
Hope your birthdays are more than allright

A very happy birthday to both of you.:) :D

05-09-06, 10:10
Kerstin, it's your birthday
So, this greeting is for you
Hope your birthday's really great
No word to rhyme, boo hoo!!

Oh, that one is really pathetic. Happy birthday anyway.:o :) :D

05-09-06, 23:26
Thank You so much Gwenda. I had a wonderful Birthday.:) :) :D

MVH Kerstin

06-09-06, 09:55
Bjgus, now there's a name
To rhyme with, I just cannot do,
So no problem at all, instead of a poem
I'll just say happy birthday to you
:) :D ;)

07-09-06, 10:40
Now I've got three even more difficult names
To write a poem around to fit
Jeanne Eriksson, pirjo and KUunila
I'm afraid that this is it!

Hope you all have a very happy birthday
:) :D ;)

08-09-06, 10:33
It's time for another short poem
This one is for Bert
I'd like to wish him happy birthday
And that's a definite cert.

:) :D

10-09-06, 01:21
Oh come on folks, please help me
Viewings are at an all time high
"Congratulations" has had 9992 hits
It needs 8 more to fly
I'd love to see the figure reach
Ten Thousand, yes I would
But Hasse might have a slight problem
The width of the column, not good
I have been watching the last few days
As the figure is on the slow rise
Just 8 more to go, oh woe is me
Eureka, tomorrow, a surprise??

Many thanks to all who have viewed Congratulations to get it to this point. Keep viewing please. I enjoy sending the greetings and hope you enjoy reading them.

10-09-06, 02:08
Well, if the clock at the bottom of my computer screen is correct it is precisely 12 midnight on September 10th (or is it still the 9th?). Either way, I think this officially heralds Grandparents Day. Sorry, I cannot think of a poem at this time of the night, and I should have not been here hours ago really. If I had any sense, I would have been in bed hours ago. But a very happy Grandparents Day for 10th September to all grandparents on Finlander - whatever will they think of next?? It is now 12.05, by the way - it has taken me a few minutes to compose this message. Goodnight all.:( ;) :confused: :eek: :) :D

10-09-06, 02:12
Just checked the views and the 10,000 worked, regardless of the width of the column. Oh well, and here was I thinking all h.... would break loose. Made it anyway. Yeah.

11-09-06, 10:11
A very happy birthday Peeo
Hope you have a great day
This was almost a better poem
But it failed along the way

:) :D

13-09-06, 10:03
Socar, dalewh and Jackie Sahlin
This one is yours' today
A poem bringing very good wishes
For a hip hop happy birthday:) :D

14-09-06, 09:28
It's the birthday of Charles Kangas
Enjoy your day please do
It's my pleasureable duty
To wish happy birthday to you

16-09-06, 14:05
Oops, I almost missed one
Birthday wish, that is what,
I had a sleep in this morning
And very nearly forgot
So, that's not very clever
And I must make amends
This late birthday greeting LGR01
Is what I now do send(s)
:o :) :(

17-09-06, 10:29
A very happy birthday is wished
To Sören Ahinko, and please note
My Finnish keyboard is working again
At last correct spelling can be wrote

Shame about the grammar though, but at least it rhymes and the "o" is dotted.

Happy birthday
:o ;) :) :D

18-09-06, 13:32
Paavilainen, this may be a poem
Then again, it may not be at all
It depends what rhymes as I go alone
On this, your birthday call

Happy birthday in a very quickly written poem.

:) :D

19-09-06, 10:07
Hanne it's your birthday
Of course, you know that too,
Just sending you a little poem
Many happy returns to you
:) :D

20-09-06, 09:43
Pxhendrickson is one
And Vaalea too
A very happy birthday
Is wished to both of you:) :D

21-09-06, 10:18
Hello Shay, it's a big one
The day life begins, they say
Many happy birthday wishes
On this your special day

:) :D

22-09-06, 10:36
Sorry Kasari, I got carried away
Doing June Pelo's latest quiz
Nearly forgot to send you a poem
But never fear, here it is!

A very happy birthday to you.:) :D

23-09-06, 10:44
Minna and Gunnar, your birthday wish
Is coming your way right here
Hope you both have a brilliant day
Which lasts through the coming year

:) :D

25-09-06, 09:54
A very happy birthday to Robin
And many happy returns of the day
Its Monday morning, in a hurry I am
So that's all I've got time to say

:) :D

27-09-06, 10:52
Three birthdays once again today
Ccisme, Theda and Kerstin
Hope your birthdays are really quite happy
And with joy all over just burstin'

A very happy birthday to Kerstin Sandelin, Theda and ccisme
:) :D

29-09-06, 10:38
Four birthdays today, one the big 30
Another is almost that too
Hope you all enjoy your day
Happy birthday to all four of you

A very happy birthday to Tina Sigfridsso, Ulf, seiplax and moesgrill

:) :D

30-09-06, 10:15
Many happy returns of the day to Dorothy
And the same goes for jaani, you bet
Hope both your birthdays are happy
And lots of nice pressies you get

:) :D

02-10-06, 10:12
Yesterday was a dull old day
No poems to send or receive
Today though its Lorna and palmsus's turn
As it's their birthdays I do believe

A very happy birthday to you both

:) :D

03-10-06, 09:53
ninakallesdotte, that's a mouthful
I doubt I could type it twice
I hope your birthday is happy
And much much better than nice

:) :D ;)

06-10-06, 10:00
Anylund and Ray Thompson
It's your turn for a poem, it's true
Hope you both have a brilliant day
Happy birthday to both of you:) :D

07-10-06, 10:15
Jodi, iituaatu and rted
Three new members this year
You are all very welcome to the site
Hope your birthdays are full of cheer

:) :D

08-10-06, 02:10
Oh megosh and goodness me
It's just past midnight time
But before I retire to my bed
Just time to send a rhyme
Statsbyvic, this time it's yours
Read it, I hope you do
It is being sent with best wishes
For a very happy birthday to you:) :D

10-10-06, 09:37
Hello Hasse Antbacka, that's a name
Quite often on Finlander I see
It's a pleasure to send in my usual way
Congratulations from me
To piik and Rosenaltaret,
This birthday wish is for you too
Hope you all have a wonderful day
Happy birthday to the three of you
:) :D

12-10-06, 10:34
What a lot of birthdays today
It really is almost too many
A poem at least, is just too hard
So, this is all you get from Gwenny

A very happy birthday to Kmschulze, Jeanine, Eriksson, taing and Sandragilhousen.

:) :D

14-10-06, 09:55
Not many birthdays in September it seems
Some days, none at all, it is true
Today just the one, and here is your poem
Saksade, it is happy birthday to you

:) :D

15-10-06, 11:33
Liisab and Mate its your birthdays
Liisa's the big three O, yes
Congratulations to both of you
Hope your birthdays are the bes(t)

:) :D

16-10-06, 09:58
A very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to Smatsson.

17-10-06, 09:39
Henry-Finland and Nancy
It's birthday time you know
Congratulations both and a special wish
To Nancy for the Big Seven Oh

:) :D

18-10-06, 10:15
dgsovers and taunott, happy birthday
You're two fairly new members, I see
Hope you both have a really great day today
Best wishes to you from me

:) :D

19-10-06, 09:24
October 19 is Kaija's day
Kaija Leena is the full name
A very happy birthday to you
And many more of the same:) :D

20-10-06, 01:06
I'm going to be awfully busy
These next three days or so
Have friends from Australia coming to stay
And touristing of course I must go
I know that there will be birthdays
During those three days or more
But sorry, I will not have time to log on
So poems you will not score
The main reason for this poem, late Thursday
Is to wish you, whoever and when
The happiest of birthdays for next three days
I'll be back on Monday,
Yours, Gwen(da)

A very very happy birthday to everyone on Finlander who has a birthday on 20th, 21st or 22nd October. Sorry, "my calendar" has gone a bit haywire lately, and I have to rely on the "Home Page" to see whose birthday it is, so cannot name you personally. Happy birthday all, until Monday.

:o :( :) ;) :D

20-10-06, 23:29

Just found a few minutes to check in to Finlander and to add to the poem of yesterday, a very happy birthday to boger1032 and Jodie, even though your birthdays are almost over. Many happy returns.

23-10-06, 10:42
A very happy birthday to climatecity, melander and Kim Granlund.
Have a good day.

24-10-06, 10:01
The Big 30 is jeffekmeister's
Paivi T and George Hill, birthdays too
Many happy returns of the day
And a happy birthday to the three of you

:) :D

Paivi T
24-10-06, 15:42
Thank you for the poem, Gwenda!

I'll never figure out how you manage to come up with them on daily basis, but I'm glad that you do -- they never fail to bring a smile to my face :D

25-10-06, 10:12
Paivi T I wish to thank you too
For the reply you sent to my rhyme
It isn't always that easy
To come up with them all the time
Sometimes my rhyming brain goes quite numb
And it becomes a bit of a trial
But when I get a thank you
It makes it all worthwhile

:) :D

25-10-06, 10:21
This one is for Lorance Notton
Lorance spelled not usually that way
However, as it is the Big Seven Oh
Have an extra specially unusual day

I hope however you spend it, you have a very happy 70th Lorance.:) :D

26-10-06, 10:09
Four birthdays today and the names are too hard
To rhyme with or even to fit
Into a poem, so initials instead
G, GC, C and M, this is it

A very happy birthday to Gunnel, Goran Cainberg, cjantunen and mariaelisa64. Sorry Goran, my computer flatly refuses to switch over to the Finnish keyboard (due probably to lack of use), so I cannot type your name correctly!
:) :D

27-10-06, 10:39
Grims, this one is yours
A birthday poem just for you
Hope you have a happy day
Which lasts the whole year through:) :D

28-10-06, 10:10
Another big one, the big seven oh
This time it's CF Maxey's turn
Hope you have a great birthday
And blow out all the candles that burn

:) :D

31-10-06, 09:39
No birthdays for the last few days
So this poem should be good
Sorry to disappoint you, but then
I only said "it should".

A very happy birthday to Kay Voth and Heinonen

:) :D

01-11-06, 10:54
Olevremsu, Mikaela and Barbro
1st November, your birthdays three
Triple happy birthday wishes
Go to you, from me.

:) :D

02-11-06, 10:37
This little poem is being sent
In a happy, cheerful way
To wish S. Liljeberg and Ove Iko
A very happy birthday

:) :D

03-11-06, 10:25
Three birthdays there are again today
A poem not written, I'm sorry
But quick as a flash, in the blink of an eye
I've done one, so no need to worry.

A very happy birthday to John Jensen, Hero (the Big 30) and bbj.
Have a great day.

:) :D

04-11-06, 10:37
Here's a poem that I have written
For Kaj Jensen this time you bet
Hope you have a happy birthday
In fact, your greatest yet

:) :D

04-11-06, 23:12
This is not a birthday poem
The reason will soon be clear
Bang, crash,whizz, etc.
Guy Fawkes Night is Here

Well actually it comes tomorrow
But as it is Saturday night
Everything is happening here early
Who cares if that's allright?

For those countries who do not celebrate
This event each year
You do not know what you're missing
But then you need never fear

The noise, it is atrocious
But still it's tremendous fun
There goes another bang and crash
I treasure every one

Oh memories of childhood days
Of sparklers and the rest
I really love it all, I think
But right now my nerves need a rest!

Happy Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night, 5th November night to everyone, wherever you are.

Whiiiizzzzz!!! Baaaaang!!!!


05-11-06, 11:04
Now it's back to the birthday poems
This one is for Susan R
I hope you have a happy day
Your very best by far

Happy birthday Susan R:) :D

06-11-06, 11:02
Borje Sandberg,my rhyming brain
Has turned to mush today
I've tried, I have, but nothing works
So will just say happy birthday

Hope it's a really good one for you. Is there any chance that we are connected? Sandberg and Sundberg are very similar and I see you come from Nykarleby where my grandfather Matts. Sundberg also came from. Probably no connection at all, but just thought I'd mention it. Have a very happy birthday

:) :D

07-11-06, 10:10
Eight birthdays today, good gracious me
That's the most in one day we've had
They deserve a longer poem
To tell you just how glad
I am that so many people
Have their birthdays on this date
Congratulations, best wishes all
Now, go and celebrate!!

A very happy birthday to Sharron, dnlsmoore, JRipley, seriki, Carita, LoriAnnPawlik, Dave Falander and Djerfdescendant.

:) :D

09-11-06, 09:26
I'm in a rush, a bus to catch
So a quick poem will have to do
This one is for matskarf, no-one else
A very happy birthday to you

:) :D

10-11-06, 10:11
An even quicker one today
It might not even rhyme
Happy birthday cmander
Have a really great time

:) :D

11-11-06, 10:16
Marsuben, the big Five Oh
Pleppanen, your birthday too
Nothing much to say today
Except Happy Birthday, both of you

:) :D

12-11-06, 11:20
Here's the latest birthday poem
For four people once more
A very happy birthday is wished
And congratulations to all four

Happy birthday to jmk 07628, Carole M (the big 60), tangier 73 and Kari Henrik (the big 50)

13-11-06, 09:22
One less today, yes, just the three
See if I can fit them in a rhyme
Christer, momsanurse, Paul Fielder
Have a really great birthday time

A very happy birthday to the three of you and especially to momsanurse for the Big 50.:) :D

14-11-06, 09:39
In a rush to catch a bus again
I do catch quite a few
Going Christmas shopping today
Happy birthday in a hurry to you

Happy birthday to Bob Ojala and hromar. Have a great day.:) :D

15-11-06, 10:58
Christmas shopping has been done
Or, at least I've made a start
Today is more relaxing though
Time for birthday wishes to impart

Max Svedlund and Karelianist
The wishes are yours this time
Have a very happy birthday
And I hope you enjoy the rhyme

:) :D

19-11-06, 11:21
Very happy birthday wishes to Allen and pongo (the big 30). Sorry, no poem today - rhyming brain seems to be on strike. It's refusing to work anyway.:) :D

20-11-06, 09:25
Another week of birthdays start
Let's see what happens today
Will a poem spring out at you?
To wish you a happy birthday

A very happy birthday to Leif Rikberg and hapala

:) :D

22-11-06, 10:01
Hello Cayugai, it's the Big Eight Oh
A Helena, yours is important too
Many happy birthday wishes
Go to both of you

:) :D

23-11-06, 02:11
Some keen Finlander supporters deserve a wish
For a happy birthday, yes they do
susanmartimo and jonreed
A very happy birthday to both of you.

Happy Thanksgiving also

Congratulations and very happy days

23-11-06, 02:23
Twenty minutes past midnight here
And it is Thanksgiving in the U S of A
Although we do not celebrate here
There is something I just have to say

Enjoy your turkey and pumpkin pie
Please think of us as you do
We here in the UK have a few weeks to wait
To enjoy our turkey - cockadoodledoo

Oh well - sorry - gobble gobble, just didn't rhyme.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I wish we celebrated it here, as I do love Turkey!!! Roll on Christmas!!

24-11-06, 10:16
A very happy birthday to Erik
And pirjo, as well, cos it's time
To celebrate well for the big 50
Hope you enjoy my rhyme

Many happy returns to Erik Rune and pirjo ylinen
:) :D

25-11-06, 09:08
It's quite early on Saturday morning
No trouble sleeping, not me!
But I have to be out in an hour
For the rest of the morning, you see
So, Andrea Cocco and langstrom
This birthday wish, from me to you
As it's so very early, and I'm barely awake
Is really the best I can do

A very happy birthday to you both

:) :D

26-11-06, 11:11
A very happy birthday is wished to cjsulli. Have a good day and many happy returns.

27-11-06, 10:37
Five birthdays today. A very happy birthday is wished to fosterz, Phil Fagerholm, Diana, Solange, and kinsandlee.:) :D

28-11-06, 09:26
Just the one birthday wish today
Alm, this time it's for you
Hope you have a happy day
And congratulations too
:) :D

02-12-06, 23:25
I tried to put this greeting in rhyme, but it didn't work at all, so in prose, here it is. I have been checking the "home page" every day since 28th Nov. and haven't seen any birthdays, but as I am off to France tomorrow VERY VERY EARLY (almost not worth going to bed really) I will not be able to check Sunday's birthdays either. Really sorry to anyone who has a birthday tomorrow but a very happy birthday to you. It's only a one day trip, so will be back with you on Monday, when I hope there will be lots of birthdays and maybe even a poem. Sigh!!
:) :D

04-12-06, 10:31
Back again with three birthdays
Lyricker, George and Harry
Hope you all have a happy day
And all your presents can carry

An especially happy birthday to George Eckholm for the Big 80 and to Harrysme and Lyricker

:) :D

05-12-06, 09:22
Here's a greeting to Mammo
Full of joy and cheer
The reason? It's December 5th
So your birthday of course is here

A very happy birthday to you

:) :D

06-12-06, 02:29
I am not in a very good mood
I haven't had a good day
You don't really want to know
Is all that I have to say
It's all to do with reindeer
Saxophone playing ones that is
Please do not ask, do not enquire
But it has got me all in a tiz
But before I go to bed all sad
And sleep my bad humour away
B. Hanshaw and James Beam
I wish you a Happy Birthday

And especially to you James Beam at just 20 minutes past midnight when you reach the Big 70.

P.S. Now, if that hasn't got your ears pricked, nothing will. I dare someone to ask!!!

07-12-06, 10:43
Dewdaw 2000 and Darrell
Birthday wishes are yours
With an extra one for Dewdaw
As it's the big 30 of course

A very happy birthday to dewdaw 2000 and Darrell Kaikkonen
:) :D

09-12-06, 10:10
Two birthdays today, which both fall
On the same day as my daughter's
I cannot celebrate with her though
As she lives way across the waters
But we are celebrating next week
When she comes home for Christmas cheer
She's staying here for six whole weeks
So will make a great New Year

A very happy birthday to Veikko Portin for the Big 70 and det cyklist. Hope you both have a great day.

09-12-06, 21:34
According to the website from which I get all my dates, strange or otherwise, tomorrow 10th December is Human Rights Day. Not sure whether "happy Human Rights Day" is the correct wish, but perhaps "happy thinking about Human Rights Day?" Please do.

10-12-06, 10:58
Birthday wishes here again
In fact they total many
My poetry brain is not working well
Rhyming words, can't think of any

A very happy birthday to Art Fors (the Big 60), Tom Hanson, kosn (the Big 40), Sylvester and ajurva88
:o :( :) :D

11-12-06, 10:20
Hanhisalo, it's another big 40
This year we've had quite a few
Only one thing for it, I really must
Say a very happy birthday to you

:) :D

13-12-06, 10:29
KellyK and eva
This wish comes your way
To say, as all my poems do
A very happy birthday
Not sure how many poems
Will be sent for quite a while
Daughter arrives from Australia tomorrow
That's really made me smile
She'll be staying 6 weeks
Oh that is pleasing me
I'll keep on sending greetings
But poems they might not be

That is, if I can actually get near the computer!! If I do miss anyone, apologies in advance.
:D :D :D

14-12-06, 09:09
Gita Wiklund this poem is coming
Especially for you
And Jan Bjorkland of course
This one is for you too

A very happy birthday to you both
:) :D

16-12-06, 11:00
A very happy birthday to Matia, tenala, Jswiberg (the Big 60) and seeker. :) :D

17-12-06, 11:57
Time for another birthday poem
For broman and Arvid P
A very happy birthday
Is wished to you from me
:) :D

18-12-06, 12:53
A very happy Big 60 to D.J. Granlund

20-12-06, 12:55
A very happy birthday to Kelli Grover:) :D

20-12-06, 13:03
Apologies and a belated happy birthday for 19th December to ssfinnila. I had a senior moment and managed to put your greeting on the wrong "thread". :o :) :D

23-12-06, 10:29
I think I might have missed some birthdays in the last couple of days, so if I have, a very happy birthday to everyone who has had a birthday and those having them over the Christmas period. Merry Christmas to you all and a wondeful New Year.

01-01-07, 18:24
Oh really, goodness gracious me
23rd December last message sent
I really do apologise
And nothing bad was meant
Just have been awfully busy
Not well, computer problems and such
But want to say right here and now
Have missed you all so much
Had a good Christmas and New Year
Hope you had the same
Sorry for all the birthdays I missed
Cannot list them all by name
Thank you for the Christmas emails
Pictures, calendars and all
And here and now for all to see
Is the latest birthday call

Happy birthdays to riivari, leena 55 and Erkki. Hope you all have a wonderful day and once again, many apologies to all of you who missed out on birthday greetings during the Christmas/New year period. Making a good start on 2007??? I'm not sure if I am completely back on track yet, but hopefully will not miss too many more birthdays. If I do, many apologies in advance.

:o :) :D

02-01-07, 11:00
A very happy birthday to Jonatan.:)

05-01-07, 10:05
A very happy birthday to Ernst Nyberg for the Big 70, jstopson and Masse.

06-01-07, 18:37
A very late birthday wish to Rollie33, but it is still your birthday. Happy birthday and many happy returns.

17-01-07, 17:49
Many apologies and belated birthday greetings to all who have had a birthday since my last posting on 6th January. Sorry, but other events have taken over my life a bit lately, plus I had a few computer problems to contend with as well. Happy birthday for today to Vincent Erickso. Hopefully I will be back on track with regular greetings and perhaps even a poem or two very soon.:o :) :D

18-01-07, 09:46
Much earlier than expected
Here's a poem for three
To wish the usual greeting
A very happy birthday from me

A very happy birthday to diogenes99, Lorene Schertzl and Shirlee Estes.:) :D

19-01-07, 09:58
Sheila, Kihlgast, Teuvo Broström
Rhyming brain, not working too great
Hope you all have a really great day
At least the greeting is not late

A very happy birthday to you all

:) :D

20-01-07, 10:27
A very busy weekend
For a poem, not much time
So a very happy birthday times three
Via a quickly written rhyme

A very happy birthday to tynwd, Hho and brolaq

:) :D

21-01-07, 11:32
Another quick poem coming
But a special one, it is true
Because Minnfinn has turned eighty
A very happy birthday to you

:) :D

22-01-07, 14:03
Hello uspjj, this one's for you
Though a little late in the day
My "server' has been giving me problems
And did not want to play

Happy birthday for what remains of it anyway.:) :D

24-01-07, 12:30
Ruth Lind and Roy Mattson
Because it's your birthday time
I thought I'd send you, guess what?
A little old birthday rhyme
A very happy birthday I'm wishing
To both of you, Roy and Ruth
I hope you have a wonderful day
And that's the honest truth.
:) :D

27-01-07, 10:20
Hello all

It is good to be back and well done Hasse. Like the new look site. Belated birthday wishes to Donna (I couldn't get through yesterday). Also belated Happy Australia Day to everyone for yesterday. I had a poem all ready to send about Australia, but scrapped it. Happy birthday for today to sharonf, Miettu, tomib, danyelldee and Cherry. Hope you all have a great day.

Australian quiz, which was also to be sent yesterday, will appear in another section of Finlander later today.

All the best to everyone


Alf Blomqvist
27-01-07, 16:23
Hi Gwenda!

I hope your problems are over?

Best wishes from Kronoby!

Alf :D

28-01-07, 11:06
Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you
Arne Böhling, Kaj Wahlroos and yes, Heather too
This poem is different, a bit, you might note
Each second line rhyming is how it is wrote

Happy birthday to you all and especially to Kaj Wahlroos for the BIG 50:) :D

28-01-07, 16:20
Kaj Wahlroos is a good friend at my work. I can tell you that:

"Kaj is a very nice Guy!"


29-01-07, 10:06
Maggan and tompa35
Your time for a birthday greet
Hope you both have a happy day
That's your poem, short and sweet:) :D ;)

30-01-07, 09:23
It's very early in the morning
I'm hardly awake just yet
Elsie and Staffans, this one's for you
Wishing you happy birthday, you bet

A very happy birthday to Elsie Carpenter and Staffans:) :D

31-01-07, 09:50
Yvonne this poem is for you
It's your birthday, that's for sure,
I hope you have a happy day
And many many more:) :D

01-02-07, 10:10
To JHargrave and Astrid5373
Your birthday wishes are here
Many happy returns of the day
And good luck throughout the year

02-02-07, 09:47
I'm afraid this is it
Your birthday rhyme
Hope you have a good time
:) :D

03-02-07, 10:18
A slightly better poem this time
I really hope that's true
Tom Blomqvist and bakoski
A very happy birthday to you:) :D

04-02-07, 12:29
It's time for another birthday poem
So, I will see what I can do
VWhite I see it's your birthday
So a very happy one to you:) :D

05-02-07, 10:03
Teta Åberg and jostephe
Happy birthday to both of you
Finding that circle on top of the "A"
Was most difficult for me to do
My Finnish keyboard switches over OK
But I don't know where the keys hid
I went through the whole lot to find the Å
It took a while, but I did!

A very Happy Birthday to both of you. :) :D

06-02-07, 10:36
Hello there to the four of you
Who are having a birthday today
Happy birthday, many happy returns
Is all I've got to say

Happy birthday to Mark V. Hillman, Swedefinn, Ottoinla and Nika. Have a great day.:) :D

09-02-07, 08:56
I'm in a hurry this morning
All in a rush you know
Just time though to wish happy birthday
To Willielva before I go

:) :D

10-02-07, 09:53
And this time K-G Olin
The poem is for you
To say a very happy birthday
Is what I want it too

10-02-07, 09:55
Oops to K-G Olin
I made a mistake in my rhyme
Cannot edit in this new format
It was all to do with last line

It should have read "to do" and not "too". Finger slipped. Happy birthday anyway

11-02-07, 10:51
Here's another birthday rhyme
For Dottemar, yes it's true
Many happy returns of the day
And a happy birthday too:) :D

12-02-07, 10:33
My rhyming brain is not good today
I really am so sorry
Your birthday wishes are still here though
So there's really no need to worry

A very happy birthday to Karinh, Mew-Mew and Debbie-1:) :D

13-02-07, 10:25
Colleen's having a birthday
Let's give a great big cheer
Hope you have a happy day
And a really wonderful year:) :D

14-02-07, 10:31
There's lots of people with birthdays today
Six, one of them me, yippee!!
And it's Valentines Day of course as well
Happy "bothdays" to you all from me

Thank you to the Finlander Forum for my email greeting this morning and a very happy birthday to A-M Löfdahl, Warren Sund (The BIG 80), esibelius, Cialindh, PuyallupWA and me. I'm having a great day, despite the miserable weather here, so hope you all are as well.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone on Finlander. :) ;) :D

Karen Norwillo
14-02-07, 17:56
To the birthday girl who brightens our way
With prose and wishes for our special day
We wish you the same
Our thanks do we send
May your birthday be great from beginning to end.
Happy Birthday, Gwenda, from Karen

Paivi T
14-02-07, 21:51
Well put, Karen -- and in rhyme, too!

Hope you've had an exceptionally good one, Gwenda :D :p :)


15-02-07, 01:12
Thank you both so much for your greetings. I have had a lovely day with several surprises to brighten my day (61st was, I think, actually better than the 60th, as I was still suffering from jetlag after my trip from Oz on the 60th) A bit sad that in about an hour I will be heading for my 62nd year but what the heck. The terrible poems will keep coming, I hope and by the way Karen, yours was very good. Amongst my presents today was a CD of Pam Ayers poems. What a wonderfully funny poet she is - I just wish I could come halfway close to her talents. Oh well!!! I will keep trying.

15-02-07, 01:16
Last message should have been to Karen Norwillo and Paivi, not Kaivi. Sorry.