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Karen Douglas
15-02-07, 01:36
Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Gwenda!
And thank you for all the joy you bring to each of us every day of the year by remembering our birthdays!

God bless...

Karen :D

15-02-07, 10:59
Karinnysi, knchsi and marieh
This poem is for you
I had a great birthday yesterday
And hope you all do too:) :D

And thank you Karen Douglas for your birthday wishes. Much appreciated

16-02-07, 10:26
This will have to be a quick one
Because I'm waiting for a call
We do not have Broadband
No, we don't have it at all
Computers and phones don't mix in our house
But all I really want to say
Is Costen and Leif H to you
Have a very happy birthday:) :D

17-02-07, 10:52
Here's a birthday greeting
For cdahlin and tanyaoz
Even though with time difference
Tanya's is nearly "was"

Happy birthday to both of you and Tanya enjoy what is left of yours.:) :D

18-02-07, 11:25
Paul or Vern I'm confused today
But then I sometimes can be
Should it be Vern Paul or Paul Vern?
I hope you can forgive me
Best wishes for your birthday and
Judy and Kevin's not forgetting
Kevin of course is kpaavola
Moderator extraodinaire I'm betting

A very happy birthday to all three of you and Kevin I do miss seeing your name as Moderator since the new setup of Finlander, or am I not looking in the right place?

20-02-07, 09:30
Five birthdays today, oh dear oh dear
And I have not written a rhyme
Cannot think of anything at this time of the day
So just hope you have a great birthday time

A very happy birthday to mobhola, janfwatson, taisto.n, Linnea Persson and urax:) :D

21-02-07, 10:05
Sorry, cannot think of a poem today but a very happy birthday to Bengt Berg, linder and LEON71. I hope you all have a good day.:) :D

22-02-07, 09:20
Four birthdays today and they belong
To R, O, K and J
Sorry you just get initials
Nothing rhymed any other way

A very happy birthday to Riita, Olle Sjostrand, Kurt and Joel Kuhlberg:) :D

23-02-07, 10:06
It's Hans Liewendahl's birthday
So of course, it's poetry time
Have a very happy day today
And that's the end of your rhyme:) :D

24-02-07, 10:26
Raikkonens 90 I wasn't awake
When today I read your name
"90" I thought, that's really special
Happy birthday all the same
Seventeen is a good age to be
I remember it well, yes I do
Enjoy your day, I'm sure you will
Best wishes from me to you:) :D

25-02-07, 11:38
A very happy birthday to Axel
Lindstrom, the second name
Best wishes for the greatest day
And the rest of the year, the same:) :D

26-02-07, 09:30
No birthdays today, but this is to apologise in advance if I miss a few birthdays this week. We are having a couple of the upstairs ceilings in the house removed and replaced, due to a recent flood.:( Although the "office" where the computer is, is not one of the rooms affected, I am not going to be able to get into it, at least during the day time, as it is going to be "sealed off". Hopefully I will be able to send birthday greetings at night before the birthdays are over, but just in case, a very happy birthday to everyone who is having a birthday over the next few days.:(

28-02-07, 09:23
I've just got time to send this poem
Before the builders arrive
And I am trapped downstairs again
I'm sure I will survive.

A very happy birthday to Deb.

01-03-07, 09:37
Hello Erick and a very happy birthday for the BIG 70. Many happy returns.:) :D

02-03-07, 09:45
To M.L. Kanninen and Henry
And Pietinen for the Big Six Oh
A very happy birthday all of you
That's it for now, I've gotta go:) :D

04-03-07, 10:43
Gunnar Damström and Nancy Huestis
Your birthdays are here I see
I hope they are really happy
Very best wishes from me:) :D

05-03-07, 10:02
Today the poem is for gminkk
A big hip, hip, hooray!
Best wishes go from me to you
For a very happy birthday:) :D

06-03-07, 09:19
To Kaj Eriksson, mrobertsonfcia and krohn:) :D

Three birthdays I see on the list
But I cannot rhyme the names today
Hope you all have a really great time
And a really happy birthday
:) :D

07-03-07, 09:22
Astali and Christine's birthdays today
I've got to make this snappy
Have to be somewhere else right now
Just hope your birthdays are happy:) :D

08-03-07, 10:26
No birthdays today, but I have just noticed on my E-card website that today is apparently Women's Day, so a very happy Women's Day to all women on Finlander.:) :D

09-03-07, 09:34
I'm in a bit of a hurry
Lots to do today
So Maja and Cinthya
A very quick happy birthday:) :D

10-03-07, 10:30
Two birthdays today and they belong
To OnebgSF and Valtsu too
Many happy returns of the day
And best wishes to both of you:) :D

11-03-07, 10:12
A very happy birthday to asandvik, Mary H and tkenna. Sorry, no poem. It's such a lovely morning here, we are making an early start to a "Car Boot Sale", so no time to think of a poem. Happy birthday all the same.:) :D

13-03-07, 09:18
A very happy birthday to Spawlovich and Julie. Have a good day.:) :D

15-03-07, 09:40
It makes me very happy
Oh yes indeed, it's true
To send this wish to Marg and Sokko
For a very happy birthday to you

:) :D

16-03-07, 09:34
Four birthdays I see there are today
One is the Big Six Oh, too
I hope you all have a brilliant day
Happy birthday to all of you

A very happy birthday to Nevada43, Sturenberg (for the big 60), Niklas Hulden and Ilkant.:) :D

17-03-07, 10:36
The top of the morning, Begorrah!
St. Patrick's Day, to be sure it is that
Whether or not you are Irish
You'd better dust off your green hat

A very happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone and a happy birthday to Rolf.:) :D

18-03-07, 10:36
It's Mother's Day here in the UK
In other parts of the world, it is not
Wherever you live, Mums, happy Mother's Day
Enjoy it, I hope so, a lot

And a happy St. Urho's Day to all on Finlander:) :D

20-03-07, 09:18
Tessi, a very new member
Has a birthday today, Misen too
This poem from me says the usual
A very happy birthday to both of you:) :D

21-03-07, 09:13
Four birthdays today, but no poem
I really am awfully sorry
I'll try to do better tomorrow
So there's really no need to worry:) :D

A very happy birthday to Olaf Nylund, Skip Sunnell, rwilliam and Cina

22-03-07, 09:24
Penttipartanen and Turbogus
Your birthdays, please enjoy
I had some trouble rhyming your names
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

A very happy birthday to both of you and Turbogus I think your "profile" on Finlander is great.:) :D

23-03-07, 10:01
Lars Stenlid, vernlindquist and rammac
Your birthdays are today
Just the usual wish, saying the same
A very happy birthday:) :D

24-03-07, 10:48
Hello Jaska Sarrell
What a good contributor you are
I hope your birthday therefore
Is your very best by far
It is an important one I see
The Big Six Oh, no less
Have an especially happy day
You'll get lots of pressies I guess:) :D

25-03-07, 11:46
Well here's a little problem name
Tportfors, with that I cannot rhyme
Don't even know how to pronounce it
And to try, I have not time:( :o :) ;) :D :confused:

A very happy birthday to you and many more

26-03-07, 10:08
Hello Sheri, this one is for you. A very happy birthday.
:) :D

27-03-07, 10:22
Goodness me and good gracious
What a lot of birthdays there are
Five I've counted just quickly
I wish you your best birthday by far

Happy birthday to krille, HenryLahti, K-G Molander, Lasse1951 and Pesola 5 (the Big 40):) :D

28-03-07, 09:46
A very happy birthday to Alex Coppas.

29-03-07, 09:47
It's back to a poem today I think
For Paddi, Gullans, Carl and Marita
Hope you all have a happy birthday
Can't think of anything sweeter

A very happy birthday to Paddi McMillen, Marita Engström, Gullans and Carl and many happy returns.

30-03-07, 10:07
Congratulations to Ulla and Gladys
Two special birthdays I see
Hope you both have a really good day
As you are Seventy Five and Seventy:) :D

31-03-07, 10:39
Happy birthday to Carolyn Oster, krisreid, yphoo1 and ksalava. Sorry there is no poem today but I am having a frantically busy weekend and cannot get my head around rhyming words today. Hope you all have a really good day.:) :D :) :D

01-04-07, 10:32
Happy birthday, congratulations and many happy returns of the day to Esther, LBacklund and Peter Sundkvist. Still pretty hectic here - off to a Christening in a little while to round off a really good weekend - so poetry brain not in gear yet. Have a great day.:) :D

02-04-07, 11:12
Four birthdays today and one a special
That's ngrover's big Seven Oh
Bennett, Marion and Norwegian
Also have birthdays you know

Happy birthday to all of you.:) :D

03-04-07, 09:08
It's just gone seven in the morning
And I am only almost awake
But three people are having a birthday
Here's your poem, for goodness sake!

A very happy birthday to blbartlett, ksaxov and filip. Have a great one.:) :D

04-04-07, 10:32
A very happy birthday to Finlander je for the Big 40.:) :D

05-04-07, 09:32
A happy birthday to Deeph2o
Quite an age you are
Eighty nine, that's like Wow!
Hope it's your best by far:) :D

06-04-07, 11:08
Just the two birthdays for greetings
But one is the big six oh
Another "baby boomer"
That's what they call you, you know

A very happy birthday to klasilfver and caravan89 for his big 60. Perhaps you don't have the term "baby boomer" where you are, but here in the UK, it is what they call anyone who turned (turns) 60 last year or this year, i.e. born in the couple of years following the end of WWII.

Easter greetings to everyone on Finlander. However you are spending the Easter break, I hope you enjoy it.:) :D

07-04-07, 10:37
A very happy birthday to Paul Dahlin
Whose birthday it is today
Many happy returns and all that
And Hip, Hip, Hip hooray!!:) :D

09-04-07, 10:25
To a regular Finlander contributor
A poem coming from me
Juha I hope your birthday is
As happy as happy can be
:) :D

10-04-07, 09:56
It's time for a poem for Hakan
Because it's his birthday today
It's just the usual greeting
A very happy birthday:) :D

11-04-07, 10:27
Two birthdays today
Joyce Morrell and jannew
Just one thing to say
Happy birthday to you:) :D

Oh, I do like the easy to rhyme with names!

12-04-07, 09:16
Five birthdays today, too many names
To rhyme with, 'afraid its true
So all I can do is combine this wish
In a huge happy birthday to you

A very happy birthday to Sharon, kevin teppo, Mika Salminen, JDKotila and wiklund (21 today, key of the door and all that!)

:) :D

13-04-07, 10:15
A very happy birthday to Ilmar Gasstrom and many happy returns of the day.:) :D

14-04-07, 10:49
Hello there to Jim Bailey
It's your birthday today
Lots of happy birthday wishes
Are heading quickly your way :) :D

16-04-07, 09:28
Four birthday wishes and they are for
Alice, Caisa, William and Mark
Hope your birthdays are really special
And lack none of their usual spark

A very happy birthday to William Glass, Alice Finnerty, Mark Barnabo and Caisa Runes:) :D :cool:

17-04-07, 09:55
Hello and good morning to Arlene
Happy returns many of the day
Just a very quick poem
To wish you a happy birthday:) :D

19-04-07, 09:15
A very happy birthday
Clyde D Peterso and Gunvor
I'm sure this poem, yours alone
Is what you have been waiting for

:) :D

20-04-07, 10:34
A very happy birthday to Freelund
In this poem that I make
Hope you get lots of presents
And a great big birthday cake:) :D

21-04-07, 02:10
I've just checked into Finlander
At a few minutes past midnight, oh hey!
It's a bit early, or late or whatever
But happy birthday to dmjay

Happy birthday for the 21st April.:) :D

22-04-07, 11:43
This one is for Börje
A little poem for you
To wish you a happy birthday
And very best wishes too:) :D

23-04-07, 10:37
Three people today have a birthday
Sharing is good, so I hear
ikwdjohn, beardsley and Carol S
Happy birthday, and have a good year:) :D

24-04-07, 09:53
For Makela and Silentlistener
A birthday poem, quite small
A very happy birthday wish
And congratulations, that's all:) :D

25-04-07, 10:27
To MBack for the Big Three Oh
And Eswarvar, almost there too
This poem comes to say one thing
Happy birthday to both of you:) :D

26-04-07, 10:19
Bkisko and Sanjoh have birthdays
Cooper, as well, don't you know
I took over from him with the birthday greets
Oh that was a long time ago.
Greetings go to all three of you
And Cooper, the position is still free
Sanjoh best wishes for the big 30
To all happy birthday from me:) :D

26-04-07, 17:39
I'm going away for a few days
A short holiday by the sea
There won't be any poems then
I'm not taking computer with me
Seven birthdays will be happening
In the time that I am away
There are two of them tomorrow
But none occurring the next day
Calendar shows three on Sunday
And Monday two are showing
Hope all the birthdays are really good
Must pack now, or I won't be going

A very happy birthday to Ferrycap and Sam (Sam Te) for Friday, Robertopalm (The Big 60), Debbiesantelli and Carin for Sunday and Kaiponen and Lierikfiddle for Monday. "See ya" on Tuesday.:) :D

01-05-07, 10:28
Here I am back from my holiday
I had a great time, it is true
My poetry brain has had a good rest
So here's a birthday poem for you
This time it's for Sturho and Bev Lunzer
Their birthdays are here, yippee doo!
Congratulations and very good wishes
And a very happy birthday too:) :D

02-05-07, 09:52
Here's another birthday poem
For John it is the Big Seven Oh
Happy birthday to Diane also
I'm not telling her age, oh no.

A very happy birthday to Diane Austin and John Ostergard:) :D

03-05-07, 09:41
Tracy Boeldt, it's your birthday
But you know that already, I'm sure
I hope you have a brilliant day
And many, many more:) :D

04-05-07, 10:27
I'm a little bit confused I am
Verna Peltola, you are to blame
Or should I call you verpel?
I think you are one and the same
Anyway, best wishes twice to you
And once to two others today
They are rmattson and ruthann
To all a very happy birthday:confused: :) :D

04-05-07, 22:17
This one is a little bit early
For birthdays tomorrow, you see
I am off for the day on an outing
And leaving at seven thirty
Will not be logging in at that time
And definitely not before then
So sending tonight this greeting
to Hillevi Holbroo and Jenknutsen

Happy birthday to you both.:) :D

07-05-07, 10:19
Batfan, it's your birthday
So of course, a poem for you
A very happy birthday
Hope it lasts the whole year through:) :D

07-05-07, 23:02
A happy birthday to Walter and Albeck
A poem I am trying to do
Although its your birthday tomorrow
These are very early wishes to you

Sorry the wishes are early. I start my TWICE A YEAR JOB tomorrow, "invigilating". (supervising high school exams) which means a very early morning start. This might also mean I miss some birthdays in the next few weeks, but I will try hard not to. If any birthdays are missed between now and the end of June, when the exams end, I am very sorry, but happy birthday to you all. Don't worry Hasse, I realise your birthday is towards the end of the week and won't forget you - I hope!:) :) :) :D :D :D :eek:

09-05-07, 22:43
Another early greeting
Tomorrow's birthdays, tonight
It's not much of a poem though
My rhyming brain's taken flight

A very happy birthday to Avie, FLITTNEP, HIHEIDA AND DANIEL H:) :D .

11-05-07, 02:31
A nice surprise for early in the morning - or maybe not??

I've been playing catch up on emails and websites tonight and suddenly realised that it is actually "this morning", so am sending today's birthday greetings actually ON TIME instead of early. Here they are -

Hasse, Karen Norwillo, Else Janssen
Ronny and Loviisa too
So many people with birthdays today
Best wishes to all five of you

And a very special wish to Hasse for all the good work he does keeping this site running so smoothly. Happy birthday Hasse

12-05-07, 11:25
It's Carolyn Nelson's birthday,
Rschrode, you're confusing me once more
There seems to be a double entry for you
Slightly different spelling I saw

A very Happy birthday to Carolyn and to both Rkschroder
and rschrode:confused: :) :D

13-05-07, 12:34
We celebrate it in England in March
Australia and the U.S., it's today
Happy Mothers Day wishes to Mums everywhere
We deserve more than one day, I say:D :D :D

Happy birthday wishes to sherim1 and Jykri Saltbacka:D :D :D

14-05-07, 10:32
There's only one birthday on Finlander today
But just as important it be
Rwpalmer, this one is yours
A very happy birthday from me:) :D

15-05-07, 09:05
Here's the start of another poem
This time it is for Claire
Her name should be easy to rhyme with
But it's not, and I can't, so there!

A very happy birthday Claire and many happy returns.:) :D

17-05-07, 16:20
Electricity blackout this morning for hours
Hence birthday greetings delay
Better late than never though
Lbahr and Toss, Happy Birthday:( :) :D

18-05-07, 09:13
No power blackouts today, so far
So this greeting is not late
Tuuliainen, this time it's for you
Hope your birthday is really great:) :D

19-05-07, 10:38
It's Saturday, 19th and birthday time
There's two, Shirley and Vern,
Hope you both have a brilliant day
And blow out all the candles that burn.

A very happy birthday to Shirley and Vern Portin:) :D

21-05-07, 09:34
Going to have trouble rhyming here
Av8rix, you are the reason why
I'll just say happy birthday then
As I am just not going to try!:) :D

22-05-07, 10:47
Rob Stolpe, your birthday poem
Is here for all to see
Hope you have a great day
Happy birthday to you from me:) :D

23-05-07, 10:52
It's a lovely sunny day here
Too nice to be indoors
But just before I head outside
These birthday greetings are yours

A very happy birthday to patze and cwhack:) :D

24-05-07, 10:43
Things to do and places to be
This will be a quick rhyme
Happy birthday joiner and ericback
Sorry, no more time!:) :D

26-05-07, 11:25
This poem I am trying to write
Was proving rather tricky
But I've managed it, so happy birthday
To Suellenborn, Sandra Gaffney and Rikki:) :D

27-05-07, 11:46
I'm a little bit late this morning
I had a long sleep in today
Serves me right, as I play "catch up"
With just time for a quick Happy Birthday

A very happy birthday to Mary Jane Smith, Albert Santoni and Mikael Sund:) :D

28-05-07, 11:21
Here's another birthday poem
This time for beaniebaby
I really hope you have a good day
And I do not just meen maybe:) :D

29-05-07, 10:12
A very Happy birthday to ekymala and many happy returns of the day.:) :D

30-05-07, 09:00
Annette Johnson, here it is
Your very own birthday rhyme
Hope you have a happy birthday
And a very, very nice time:) :D

31-05-07, 09:19
Skangas and Sixten are both
Having birthdays today
Sixten's is the Big 50
A very happy birthday:) :D

31-05-07, 23:08
I've made it, yes and I am a bit pleased
40,000 views of poems, etc I've had
Sorry, for boasting and being, well...
It does make me feel rather glad!:) :) :) :D :D

31-05-07, 23:13
I'll be busy throwing things into suitcase
Tomorrow morning, as you do,
Going to London for the weekend
So early birthday wishes are going to

JBWilson, Alise and Sten Erik for tomorrow 1st June and to Leif for 3rd June. Happy birthday all.:) :) :D

04-06-07, 09:43
A very happy birthday (The Big 60) to Kaj Nyman and (almost) to Sune.:) :D

06-06-07, 10:58
A very happy birthday to jwarmanen.:) :D

07-06-07, 10:03
A very happy birthday to Fredrik Forsberg, Hannu Wallius and KH Söd

09-07-07, 10:51
Sorry folks, I have been a bit ill
Computer has been sick too
We're both better now, but really must
Apologise to all of you
Unable to send birthday greetings
I missed them, did you, I bet not
Belated greetings to all who missed out
I bet you just thought I'd forgot!

Here is one for today. A very happy birthday to Ben Pelkinen:o :) :) :) :D

10-07-07, 09:03
To Macaroj and Charina
Here's a poem cheery and bright
That you both have a happy birthday
Is what I'm wishing with all my might

And a especially happy Big 50 Charina.:) :D :D

12-07-07, 09:21
Because it is your birthday
Happy greetings are coming your way
Whizzing across cyberspace
On this your own special day

A very happy birthday to B.hietala:) :D

13-07-07, 10:41
Here's a happy birthday wish
John Gasstrom it's yours this time
Best wishes and congratulations
Many happy returns, in rhyme:) :D

14-07-07, 10:44
Two birthdays today and they belong
To Mary and IngaLill
Hope you both have a brilliant day
I am positive that you will

A very happy birthday to IngaLill Ek and Mary Westerback:) :) :D

15-07-07, 11:35
This week there are many birthdays
Today alone has three
I'm going to be kept busy with poems
But that won't bother me
Mitalin, Bartdennis, K Granlund
This poem is yours, OK?
A very happy birthday to you from me
That's all that's left to say:) :) :D :D

16-07-07, 10:27
Nancy Beyer, I'm wishing you
A happy birthday this time
I hope you have a really good day
And enjoy your birthday rhyme
:) :D

17-07-07, 09:56
Five Finlander birthdays there are today
That's quite a few, it's true
Happy birthday John Riska, Ruth Besiak, Sandy Witt
jnisper and Dark single too

A very happy birthday to you all :) :D

18-07-07, 10:25
A very happy birthday to Susan, smultrontid and wwwben. Hope you have a great day. :) :D

19-07-07, 09:08
Yesterday there was no poem
So lazy of me, I'm sorry
There's one today, never fear
So there is no need to worry:) :D

A very happy birthday to Sami, Neal and SheryJ

20-07-07, 10:12
Sigbert and Monica Hammarst
A very happy birthday to you
There's one thing I'd like to add to that
Many happy returns of the day, too

:) :D :D

20-07-07, 22:36
This poem is a little bit early
It should be for tomorrow,it's true
But I'm not going to have time then, I'm sorry
So, this is the best I can do

A very happy birthday for tomorrow to Normlee, Roberta May and Ami Tempelman (for the Big 50)

Sorry, I am out for the day to a country fair tomorrow and making a very early start, so won't have time to log on before I go.

22-07-07, 10:53
Quite a lot of birthdays again this week
For starters on this Sunday, four
A very happy birthday to you all
And best wishes for many more

A very happy birthday to Karin, kalabe, Genpals2003 and Maria Auvinen:) :D

23-07-07, 12:23
Oops I nearly forgot to send greetings
I've been quite busy this morning, you see
So a little bit later than usual
A very happy birthday to three

Happy birthday to roitpe-2, Barbara and Coral LaCrosse (the Big 50!):) :D

24-07-07, 09:38
Another four birthdays this morning
Or all day really, I guess
Best wishes and greetings, have a good day
Oh, and happy birthday, yes!

A very happy birthday to ERYSSO, Jan Persson, bejacobs and dedman:) :D

25-07-07, 10:23
Here's another birthday poem
For Wikström and Arlene Ardele
Congratulations and best wishes
I hope it goes very well

(Hopefully your surname is pronounced "Ardell" and not "Ardeal", Arlene, or my poem doesn't rhyme. Happy birthday anyway).:) :D

26-07-07, 10:04
Hello to Dolores Luczak
Here's your birthday poem from me
Best wishes, greetings and cheers
For a very happy birthdeee!:) :D

27-07-07, 09:57
Here's a little birthday poem
For Emmi Aalto and Jarl Roos
Hope you both enjoy your day
Happy birthday both of youse!

:) :D

Karen Norwillo
27-07-07, 18:51
Just returned from vacation and am catching up on posts. Imagine my surprise to see your birthday greetings from the 23rd. Coral LaCrosse is my first cousin, once-removed. Didn't know she had joined last year. Sent her a PM, hope she still checks in. Her grandma was my father's sister.
Karen Norwillo

28-07-07, 10:18
To Lars Granholm and HakuntiTiina
Last birthdays for this week you are
A very happy birthday to you both
I hope it's your best by far:) :D

29-07-07, 10:31
It's Annica Kohkoine's birthday
No time for a poem today
I'm going out very shortly
And really must get away

a very happy birthday Annica:) :D

30-07-07, 10:03
Gilbert Ericson, Dawn Pentilla, Jaana Pärssinen
June A Smith, not forgetting you
Hope you all have happy birthdays
I really truly do:) :D

31-07-07, 09:13
AMantyla, this one is for you
Because it's your birthday today
Happy birthday and many happy returns
And a big hip hip hooray!!:)

02-08-07, 09:55
Hello Rapid, its your birthday
And you've reached the Big Five Oh!
Sorry, if you wanted it kept secret
I've just let the whole world know!

A very happy birthday:) :D

02-08-07, 23:58
Another poem, a few hours early
There's a reason for that, you see
reddenblu and Henry14, you share it
With the husband belonging to me
So this is the reason I am ahead
'Cos we are off out to celebrate the day
And leaving quite early, I hope I awake
To all three, a very happy birthday:) :D

04-08-07, 10:47
To smolik360 and antero
A poem of good cheer
Hope you have a happy day
Now your birthdays are here:) :D

05-08-07, 10:41
Happy birthday to George A Miller
Rhyming brain has gone dead
So this poem isn't very good
It just won't come out of my head:) :D

06-08-07, 10:11
Today it's ekonentm's turn
For birthday wishes and such
I hope you have a brilliant day
And enjoy it all very much:) :D

07-08-07, 09:03
Another year, here we go again
With Arnolds by the double
You only get one poem though
Because two are too much trouble

A very happy birthday to Arnold and Arnold Carlson, though I am sure you are one and the same person.:) :D

08-08-07, 10:47
This one is for Sarin Wright
I really like that name
I don't know what it's origin is
But happy birthday all the same
:) :D

09-08-07, 11:23
To ibn3754413, hpernujr
And last but not least Ruusu
Very difficult rhyming with any of those
So just, happy birthday to you

:) :D

10-08-07, 09:47
Three more names difficult to rhyme with
Whatever shall I do?
Kolimaki, rafael and Ronnlund
A very happy birthday to you

11-08-07, 10:53
Bob Lund, yours is a special one
Or, it is here in the UK
A very happy birthday to you
And a happy retirement day:) :D

14-08-07, 09:26
This poem is firstly an apology
For a birthday missed yesterday
I don't very often miss them
Lasare 2, a belated happy birthday

Now for today's birthday
R Niemelä it's for you
A very happy birthday wish
For today and all year through

These next few wishes are in advance
It will be difficult making contact for a while
It could be days, weeks, even more
I bet that's made you all smile.

There are no birthdays tomorrow, but happy birthday to Sven Erik, jmmccart99, greennock and Lena Nyberg (the Big 40) for Thursday and to Eric Anttila for Friday 17th.

I'll be back briefly on the weekend so will try to send some more then, but probably not in rhyme.:( :) :D

19-08-07, 00:19
I said I might check in "briefly"
In the last poem which I sent
So here I am, and sorry, a bit late
But the greetings are still sincerely meant

A very happy birthday (late - almost) to sm4ald and annek for today and for Dorothea, krisu66 and Krister Biörkbacka for tomorrow. Happy birthdayall

20-08-07, 10:29
A very happy birthday to Sandra
Wakkuri's the second name
Hope you have a wonderful day
And many more of the same:) :D

21-08-07, 09:56
A very very happy birthday
Is wished to winkelsjo
I don't know really what else to say
And anyway, I gotta go!:) :D

22-08-07, 10:19
A very happy birthday to Jumppa
A member since 2003
Hope that you are still tuning in
Or you won't get this poem from me:) :D

23-08-07, 10:54
Lovell23, this will not be good
I've got a cold in the head
I'm feeling grotty and its raining outside
I wish I had stayed in bed

Happy birthday anyway and hope it's a better day than I'm having.

25-08-07, 15:40
Oops a Daisy,
Naughty me
I missed some birthdays

Very sorry Gundborg Ingle, SusieFLUSA and dagnyhill. Happy belated birthday for yesterday. Gundborg Ingle, if you are reading this, could you check your private messages at Finlander - I sent you one on Thursday regarding Sundbergs and Nykarleby.

25-08-07, 15:44
Well, not to clever
Again I'm a bit late
With these birthday wishes
But this time the right date

A very happy birthday to Glenn Smith and Helmi.:) :D

27-08-07, 11:01
Missed some more birthdays
I'm so ashamed to say
Five of them oh dear
Hope you all had a good day

A very happy belated birthday to rwilkman, dlolson, Reino Wikström, A Andren and Maria9497.:) :D

28-08-07, 10:40
Three people sharing a birthday today
And they are all youngsters I see
They may not think so perhaps, but
They are compared to an oldie like me

A very happy birthday tonanneman, hansengm (the Big 30) and Miika.:) :D

29-08-07, 10:44
This poem is going to have to be very quick
To Bertil, Henrik, Juhani and Otso
I'm in a rush, there's places to be
Happy birthday is all that I've gotso

A very happy birthday to Bertil Miemois, Henrik.Mangs, Juhani Lausas and Otso Havu:) :D

30-08-07, 09:45
ck76, a happy birthday
Is what is wished to you
Just one more thing left to say
Many happy returns of the day, too:) :D

31-08-07, 00:42
Friday, 31st August, not quite here yet
But in an hour or so, it will be
I'm getting in early, that's better than late
Tuonetar, a very happy birthday from me:) :D

01-09-07, 10:43
Laurie Marlin and Karen
A very happy birthday
Many happy returns as well
That's all I've got to say:) :D

02-09-07, 13:52
Almost missed two birthdays
Server problems again, you see
So although your birthdays are half over
A very happy one from me

A very happy birthday to Ingemar Ekman and Taisto

03-09-07, 10:13
A very happy birthday to Hans Beskow and many happy returns.:) :D

04-09-07, 09:46
Tony Pellika and sevins
Birthday wishes are here
And sevins, because its your fortieth!
An extra big lot of cheer:) :D

05-09-07, 09:15
A very happy birthday Kerstin
I've tried to write you a rhyme
But my brain just doesn't want to know
And won't work well this time

:) :D

06-09-07, 09:18
An early morning birthday poem
Because, I have a busy day
Bjgus, this one is for you
Enjoy a great birthday
:) :D

07-09-07, 10:42
KUunila and Jeanne Eriksson
Your birthdays, and pirjo's too
At first I couldn't do a rhyme
But well, oh yippee doo!

A very happy birthday to you all.:) :D

08-09-07, 16:38
Oh goodness me, I'm late again
Though it's still the right day, Bert
A very happy half over birthday
I hope you are not feeling hurt:) :D

09-09-07, 23:59
I have a friend coming to stay for a few days
So we'll be doing the touristy bit
Sorry, might not have time for computer
Perhaps, so instead, in advance, this is it

No birthdays tomorrow, but happy birthday to Peeo for Tuesday, none on Wednesday, D. Frilund, Jackie Sahlin, socar and daleuh for Thursday. Should be back on track for Friday's birthdays.:) :D

14-09-07, 10:16
I'm back again, my friend has gone
We had a good time too
But back to birthdays, Charles Kangas
A very happy birthday to you:) :D

16-09-07, 10:49
LGR01 its your Big Six Oh
Here's a poem popping out of my head
It's not a very good one though
I should have stayed in bed

A very happy 60th birthday:) :D

17-09-07, 10:17
A very happy birthday
This time to Sören Ahinko
That you have a happy time
Is what I truly wish so:) :D

18-09-07, 09:23
A very happy birthday to Paavilainen. Hope you have a great day.:) :D

20-09-07, 00:27
Oops! Hanne, almost missed it
Your birthday that is, I'm sorry
But here I am with just over an hour
To spare, so no need to worrry.

A very happy, almost late, birthday.:) :D

20-09-07, 11:42
Not late this time, no I am not
But I'm having trouble today
Vaalea and pxhendrickson
Can't rhyme with your names, no way

A very happy birthday to Vaalea and pxhendrickson:) :D

21-09-07, 09:08
Oh, goodie, this one is soooo easy!
Greetings and hello to Shay
No need to think about rhyming
To wish you a happy birthday
:) :D

22-09-07, 16:02
A very happy birthday KASARI
I hope it's a great one for you
Many, many happy returns
As you leave behind eighty-two:) :) :) :D :D

23-09-07, 10:56
A very very Happy birthday to Gunnar and Minna:) :D

25-09-07, 09:18
A very happy birthday to Robin
Your name should be easy to rhyme
But I can't think of a thing, I'm sorry
And just haven't any more time.
:) :D

29-09-07, 10:54
Five birthdays today, more than a few
And two of them "specials" I see
Moesgrill, David, Tina, Seiplax and Ulf
A really happy birthday from me

And a specially happy 60th to David and 30th to Seiplax:) :) :D :D

30-09-07, 10:36
To Dorothy and jaani
Who celebrates the big 5 Oh
I hope you both have a brilliant day
And give those candles a big blow:) :D

01-10-07, 09:00
There are no birthdays today. However, I am going to be away for 2 weeks from tomorrow and would like to wish everyone (too many to mention by name) who is having a birthday during that time a very very happy one.:) :D

18-10-07, 16:35
Well, here I am, back again
From two weeks in sunny Corfu
Dgsowers and taunott
A very happy birthday to you:) :D

19-10-07, 15:10
Here's a birthday poem again
For Kaija Leena, that's who
Not much to say that's different
So, just "happy birthday to you":) :D

20-10-07, 10:26
Here are two birthday greetings
For Jodie and bojer1032
Especially the latter who's reached 75
Many happies to both of you:) :D

21-10-07, 15:13
Two more birthday greetings
For names too hard to rhyme
So I'm afraid, all I can say
Is a very happy birthday, this time

Happy birthday to spokaneNyman and anttialfthan:)

23-10-07, 12:04
Many happy birthday wishes
Are being sent, it's true,
To climatecity, melander
And of course Kim Granlund, too

12-11-07, 01:10
...and succeeded to register and post a message. Thus all who had subscribed to this thread got an unnecessary commercial message.

Since we aren't interested in obscene material and drug sellers over here I hope that everybody informs me if this happens another time.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

29-05-08, 16:29
Sheila, Kihlgast, Teuvo Broström
Rhyming brain, not working too great
Hope you all have a really great day
At least the greeting is not late

A very happy birthday to you all

:) :D
Hi Gwenda,
THANKS A LOT. For some reason I didn't get a greeting this year.... when I turned 50 :-O *ha-ha* - but I'll survive... seen from your point of view I could be long gone never to return, so I understand why you don't address those members that don't answer within a reasonable time limit... as, in this case, I sure didn't.
I am also truly sorry for this awfull slow reply. I've had a new computer and also changed my e-mail address alias since last time I was here (22-03-2007). Saw this msg from you as I checked up on my old computer for anything missing my attention.

Looking at the message board - is it really true that nobody posted any messages since 2004 ????

Hope you have a nice time, and that this board will remain so that we can all benefit from our discoveries in the ancestry "business".

Best regards,

29-05-08, 16:37
Ehhhhh.... I see now that the last message was from Administrator Hasse on Nov. 12, 2007. Guess I'm used to new posts showing on top of the screen :D *he-he*.. but still a long time ago.. about 6 months.

Is nothing really going on in here anymore... and why not?


June Pelo
29-05-08, 20:36

You ask why nothing is going on. Maybe there isn't something recently in the Chit Chat Forum, but there is usually something going on in other forums daily, especially concerning genealogy. Gwenda used to submit poems on birthdays, but maybe her brain just gave out. :( So in that case, someone else could pick up where she left off. :)

30-05-08, 06:24
Hi June,
Yes... I of course noticed shortly after I send the abv message... darn!!
Very nice to see a lot is going on after all.

Sorry for being a bit too fast on the keyboard earlier! :-o :-)


30-05-08, 10:10
Ehhhhh.... I see now that the last message was from Administrator Hasse on Nov. 12, 2007. Guess I'm used to new posts showing on top of the screen :D *he-he*.. but still a long time ago.. about 6 months.

Is nothing really going on in here anymore... and why not?

Everything happens in waves. But in a way you're right. The discussion frequency has been lower the past few months. I can see from the logs that lots of people visit the site - quite the same frequency as before - but a lesser percent has been contributing with messages - questions and answers. Hard to say why. Maybe people in US/Canada are loosing the interest in their roots in Finland? Maybe people have other ways of using their spare time?

Finlander will be here and I really hope that people still can get into contact with their relatives on the other side of the ocean - maybe because of the existance of this kind of a forum.


June Pelo
30-05-08, 17:43
I don't think people are losing interest, but now that the weather is warmer, people have outdoor activities to keep them busy. As for me, I get 1-2 queries a week from people who come across my website and contact me for help. I also tell them about joining the Forum - and some do join. :)

31-05-08, 10:30
Hello Kihlgast and June

Kihlgast, re the poem you didn't receive
Apologies from me, but please believe
You are not the only one, no you are not
On Finlander, a poem, who has not got
Back in October last year, I ceased
Writing poems, cos brain was a bit deceased
It's not much better now, as you can see
But a belated Happy birthday from me:) :) :D

There were several reasons really why the poems stopped. Around that time I was having enormous computer problems. Then Hasse's "Spam" message got me a bit concerned. After that, I didn't start with the poems again, as I was so far behind with birthday greetings and I thought Finlanders must have been getting bored with my poems anyway. Sorry folks. June suggested someone might like to take over from where I left off. They will get no objections from me.

Sören Ahinko
15-06-08, 12:40
A very happy birthday June. You are really the best.
Your help everyone to find there roots and you make all laugh with your jokes.
And we all hope this will be a great day for you.

Bye the way. Lasse Lågland send birthdays wishes to you also.


June Pelo
15-06-08, 19:09
Thanks. Are you related to Lasse's wife Kirsti? I haven't heard from him lately. Best wishes to all of you.

Sören Ahinko
15-06-08, 19:55
Kirsti is my cousin.
And everything seems to be alright with them.