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03-06-04, 21:38
Well folks, this is the start of the birthday wishes (that is, if you do not count the catching up on the thread Birthday Wishes are Back on "Off Topic Messages - Chit Chat"). All other future birthday wishes should appear on this thread, so if you are having a birthday, you will need to log on to this thread and hopefully your message will be there. That is, if you have put your birthday on the calendar!! These first two are about half a day early, but I am making an early start tomorrow and will be out for the day, so might not have the time to tune in before I go.

So, it is a very happy birthday to Kaj Nyman and Sune for tomorrow, 4th June. Hope you have a great day.:D :D :D

06-06-04, 00:15
It`s jwarmanen`s birthday in less than two hours.
Happy birthday for the 6th June. :)

09-06-04, 08:43
There are two birthdays today and apparently they share them with Donald Duck!! A very happy birthday to Jean Schettler and enges. If you haven`t already read it staffan`s posting to Chit Chat makes very cheerful birthday reading.

;) :) :D

11-06-04, 09:12
A very very Happy Birthday to Belva Todd and wrxman111 our two birthdays for today. Congratulations.


14-06-04, 09:46
Two more birthdays today. Sylvia and jillywilly 14200. A very happy birthday and, as they say here, "Many Happy Returns of the Day".


Tracy Boeldt
15-06-04, 06:36
I just wanted to wish June Pelo a Happy Birthday!


15-06-04, 09:41
A very happy birthday to a very special contributor, June Pelo. Hope you have a marvellous birthday June and thanks for all your help and information you send to the forum. :) ;) :D :cool:

June Pelo
15-06-04, 18:15
Tusen Tack. Thanks to everyone for their greetings. I had thought of asking Hasse to upgrade my photo, but when I took a good look at it I still look the same. What you see is what you get!


15-06-04, 18:20
...you get better with age! ;)

In my eyes, you are the queen of Finnish genealogy. Have a very happy birthday and thank you for all that you have done for me to advance the search of my ancestors!!

17-06-04, 00:55
A very happy birthday is wished to nikus. It`s only just over an hour to go, so hope you have a happy day on the 17th.:D

20-06-04, 00:06
An early birthday wish for you
I hope you do not mind
But Sunday is my sleep in day
The day that I unwind

Well, it is the best I can do at 10.03 on a Saturday night.
Happy birthday Timren for Sunday, 20th June

21-06-04, 09:01
Three members today share a birthday
You are the lucky three
A birthday poem is what you get
From little old well-wisher, me

A very happy birthday to Shirley King, anastom and liffeum


21-06-04, 23:46
Hello Karen, it`s your turn
A birthday poem to get
I really hope your special day
Is your best birthday yet

Happy birthday for 22nd June to Karen Douglas:)

24-06-04, 00:09
To Jerry Petrell, Ulf Wallendahl and Fran

Happy Birthday for the 24th June

25-06-04, 22:17
A busy weekend coming up, so this one is early, and to make up for that, sorry but you get one of my poems!!

I hope you like this greeting
The one that I have written
I am so sorry that once again
The poetry bug has bitten

A very happy birthday to Gayle Moreen for tomorrow, 26th June

28-06-04, 11:11
I did write a poem for you
But lost it, sad to say
So now, I`m afraid all you get instead
Is a wish for a Happy Birthday

Happy birthday wishes to Alf Blomqvist and M. Waters for 28th June.:D

Alf Blomqvist
29-06-04, 10:24
Thank you!

30-06-04, 11:15
This is the last one for this month
What a lucky person you are
This poem is written specially for you
Wishing you your best birthday by far

Very best wishes to Melvinakerman for a very happy birthday on 30th June.:) :D ;)

02-07-04, 09:41
I hope your birthday is happy
And all you want it to be
Enjoy yourself, have a great day
Is the wish for you, from me

A very Happy Birthday to susanhaven.

03-07-04, 00:23
No poem today, but still I`d like
To send you all the best
My brain is hurting, it will not rhyme
I think I`ll have a rest

Happy birthday for 3rd July to HSundman

;) :D

03-07-04, 23:33
This is not a birthday poem
But for those in the U.S. of A
Happy 4th of July to one and all
Have a great Independence Day

07-07-04, 18:44
It`s a very early start for me tomorrow morning, so this greeting is a bit early

No birthdays for a few days now
I`ve had time to rehearse
But I am very sad to say
The poem has only got worse

A very happy birthday anyway for the 8th July to William Dahlin. By the way, according to the calendar there are no more birthdays until the 16th, so everyone can breath a sigh of relief because there will be a whole week without a poem!!


15-07-04, 21:46
Well, Hi there folks, I`m back again
You`ve had your week long rest
And it`s birthday poem time again
Nancy, you are wished the very best

A very happy birthday to Nancy Beyer for tomorrow, 16th July:D

16-07-04, 23:46
Three of you share a birthday today
So you know that means its time
To wish you all a really great day
With a not so really great rhyme

Happy birthday to Sandy Witt, John Riska and Dark Single for tomorrow, 17th July:D

22-07-04, 00:14
Well, hello Kalabe, Happy Birthday
Is what is wished to you
Hope you have a happy day
And Congratulations too

All the very best for tomorrow, 22nd July to Kalabe

23-07-04, 22:33
Getting really clever now
Incorporating names and the rest
A happy birthday to Jan Persson
Hope your birthday is the best

Happy birthday Jan for tomorrow 24th July. Sorry, I have to keep the internet/phone lines clear tomorrow for something totally unrelated to Finlander (Girl Guides actually, if anyone is interested in that), so had to get this message in slightly early.:D

23-07-04, 22:36
This one is for the 25th July, and early for the same reason as the 24th July wish to Jan Persson. Sorry it is two days early, but the wishes are there just the same

To Arlene Adele and Wikstrom
I hear its your birthday time
Congratulations and best wishes to you
And here`s your birthday rhyme


26-07-04, 22:31
27th July and two birthday wishes
For Jarl Roos and Emmi Aalto they are
Congratulations, best wishes to both of you
I`m sure it will be your best by far


28-07-04, 11:19
Oops, I feel I`m slowing down
But trying really hard
Having problems rhyming here
I should have sent a card!

Happy birthday to Lars Granholm

31-07-04, 10:58
Oh, dear me, end of month again
The days are flying through
The 31st means that AMantyla
This birthday wish is for you

Hope you have a really happy day:D

02-08-04, 11:19
Hello rapid, here`s your poem
It`s not one of my best
Just wishing you a great birthday
Even better than the rest

Happy birthday Rapid for Monday, 2nd August


04-08-04, 22:28
George A Miller`s birthday
Is happening on the fifth
I`m sure this birthday greeting
Will give him such a lift

Happy birthday George:) :D

06-08-04, 22:12
Now here`s a tricky problem
Two birthdays or one, I don`t know
Two Arnolds appear on the calendar
And I don`t know which way to go
So Arnold Carlson and Arnold
You both are the very same age
I think that you both are one and the same
So from me, you get just one message.

Happy birthday to Arnold and Arnold Carlson, whether or not you are the same person. Sorry, but I haven`t been able to get into the calendar to see whether your listing has been changed since I copied all the August birthdays down before the calendar was disabled.


08-08-04, 17:23
I`m off on a little holiday
Kent, England is where I`ll be
And what will I be doing there?
Climbing my English family tree

A few birthdays will be happening
In the time that I am gone
So here`s a special birthday poem
To cover everyone

Happy birthday to Ronnlund (10th August), BobLund(11th),
lasare 2 (13th) R. Niemela (14th), Sven-Erik (16th) and Lena Nyberg (16th). Hopefully no-one has been missed out, due to the calendar being "disabled", but if so, then happy birthday to you also. Will be back in time for the birthday on the 18th Aug.

17-08-04, 22:43
Another problem rhyming
Do you wonder why?
Nothing rhymes with sm4ald
So I`m not even going to try

Happy birthday sm4ald anyway


18-08-04, 23:00
Hello Dorothea, here is your poem
And Sandra Wakkuri`s too,
One for the 19th and one the next day
Happy birthday to both of you

Hope you both have a very happy birthday on the 19th and 20th.

All following messages will be in non-rhyme. as it is the best I can do from now on. Sorry



20-08-04, 00:17
Sorry folks

Upon re-reading my last posting, I realised that it sounded a bit "snappy" regarding no more poetic birthday greetings. It wasn`t intended to come out that way. Just that I have a lot of other things going on at the moment and I haven`t got the time to compose all my wonderful ???? poems. Sorry. But I suppose nobody else is. You are probably all breathing sighs of relief at not having to suffer them any more. The birthday greetings will still keep coming, but they will be boring, boring, boring.

:) :( :o :D ;) :cool: :eek:

22-08-04, 00:48
Hi Jumppa

Happy birthday for tomorrow, 22nd August - only an hour and a quarter away British time. Hope it`s a good one


23-08-04, 23:29
This time it is Gundborg Ingle`s turn. I have a busy day tomorrow, so getting this one posted early. Happy birthday for the 24th August. Hope you have a really happy birthday and many happy returns.

25-08-04, 22:30
Happy birthday to Reino Wilstrom, rwilikman and A Andren for tomorrow, 26th August. Enjoy!!

28-08-04, 10:06
Today is nanneman`s birthday. A very happy birthday to you.

29-08-04, 14:41
Hello to Otso Havu, Henrik Mang and Bertil Miemois. It`s half way through the day and I just remembered in time. A very happy birthday to you three.

31-08-04, 19:56
A very happy birthday greeting to Laurie Marlin for Wednesday, 1st September. Hope it`s a good one

01-09-04, 21:54
A very happy birthday to Ingemar Ekman and Taisto for tomorrow, Thursday, 2nd September:)

07-09-04, 11:35
Happy birthday greetings to JeanneEriksson for today, 7th Sept.

08-09-04, 13:28
A very happy birthday wish to Bert and many happy returns.

09-09-04, 18:51
Hello folks, I`m back in rhyme
Just thought I`d have a go
It might not last, my brain`s gone weak
If you really want to know
So to all of you who instead of a poem
Got a boring wish from me
Hope that this makes up for it
Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee!!

(Well I tried)
No more birthdays until the 13th, by which time I just might have managed to write another poem - no promises though!!


12-09-04, 23:51
It`s Monday the 13th, not Friday
So, I hope it`s a lucky time
A birthday wish to three of you
In my usual, not so good, rhyme

To socar, dalewh and Jackie Sahlin. wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow.:D

17-09-04, 10:39
There`s another birthday happening
Soren Ahinko`s the lucky one
A birthday wish in rhyme again
Very quickly done

Happy birthday Soren

20-09-04, 21:49
Tuesday is Karen`s birthday
Another year older I fear
This birthday poem might brighten your day
It comes with lots of cheer

Happy birthday Karen for Tuesday, 21st September.:D

23-09-04, 10:29
A birthday wish to minna
It`s your turn for a rhyme
I hope your birthday`s happy
And you have the greatest time


25-09-04, 00:44
Hello All and especially those with a birthday in the next week.

Sorry, but I am having a few computer problems and tomorrow have to be re-booted, re-installed, re-everything-else -sounds painful!! So, just in case it all goes haywire and I cannot get back on line (and even if I am, I will be so busy transferring everything back from floppy disk to the C Drive or whatever) I thought I had better put the rest of September`s birthdays in this message. Hope nobody minds an early greeting, albeit very hastily written:

27th Sept.

Kerstin Sandelin, you`re the one
With your special day today
Really hope with all my heart
You have the greatest day

29th Sept.

The 29th brings birthday wishes
To Tina and Ulf from me
Hoping your birthdays times two are good
Nothing seems to rhyme, but wheeee!!

30th Sept.

To Dorothy comes the last for this month
I hope it`s happy for you
I`m trying to think of something unique
But sorry, Happy Birthday will have to do

26-09-04, 01:01
Well, after an afternoon of being re-booted, re-installed (almost but not quite necessary apparently) and re-everything else, I am pleased to say, I am still with you all. Oh what a shame, you will still have to suffer my poems for a bit longer. In my last hurried edition I covered until the end of Sept. and from the records which Hasse has very kindly sent, due to the calendar being disabled, the next exciting instalment should be, wow, can you all please restrain yourselves, 6th October. I have another visitor arriving from Oz next week for a few days, so after she leaves I should be back in rhyming mode. Sighs, groans, etc. do I hear??

:o :( :) ;) :D :eek:

05-10-04, 22:58
Hopefully I will not sleep in tomorrow because the mind is willing, but perhaps the body not, to resume my early morning swimming sessions at our local sports centre, (like, at 7 am - that is in the morning!!!!) but just in case, here comes the latest poem for tomorrow`s birthdays - 6th October.

Well here`s another poem
You`ve waited quite some while
It is for two Finlander members
And I hope it makes you smile

Happy happy birthday to anylund and Ray Thompson

:) :D :cool:

07-10-04, 13:34
It`s nobody`s birthday as far as I know
So why am I sending this poem?
It`s National Poetry Day here today
In England the place I call home
So thought I must make an effort
On such an important day
So to all of you out there reading this
Have a Happy National Poetry Day!!:D ;) :cool:

Margaret Rader
07-10-04, 23:47
Gwenda, I really do get a kick out of your poems.

Thank you!


08-10-04, 00:12
To Margaret and Syrene (who sent me a personal email)

I was really pleased to hear that you enjoy my poems. Thanks for acknowledging them.


10-10-04, 01:02
Hasse Andtbacka, I see that name
On this site from time to time
Congratulations and best wishes go to you
In a happy birthday rhyme

Hope you have a happy day on the 10th October Hasse.


Hasse Andtbacka
10-10-04, 07:00
:D :D Thank you Gwenda :D :D

As usual we have the first snow on this day.


11-10-04, 23:35
There is a birthday on the 12th
A cause for jubilation
Here`s hoping that Kmschultze
Has a great big celebration

Happy birthday :D

13-10-04, 17:13
The 14th brings more birthday cheer
This time, its saksarde`s turn
Hope you have a happy one
And blow out all the candles that burn


15-10-04, 21:09
Well, hello from me to Smatson
Now it`s your turn, I fear
Happy birthday from the birthday poet
Another year older, oh dear!

Happy birthday for the 16th October


21-10-04, 02:31
Oops, I almost missed these two
I forgot to check the dates
No time to write a poem now
So happy birthday mates

Happy birthday to anttialfthan and SpokaneNyman, who deserves a special mention for the BIG 80. :o ;) :) :D

23-10-04, 11:52
Climatecity, I like your name
Though it`s not easy to rhyme with you know
So at the beginning of this birthday poem
Is the only place it can go!

Have a very happy birthday on the 23rd October Climatecity:D

23-10-04, 11:56
I`ve just looked at the calendar
After sending climatecity`s rhyme
And I see there are two birthdays tomorrow
Which I should have sent at the same time

Happy birthdays for the 24th October to jeffekmeister and Paivi T

Paivi T
24-10-04, 17:04
Don't know how you do it -- come up with these congratulation poems all the time. It's such a lovely gift you have, being able to make words rhyme. I, for one, really enjoy reading these poems, they never fail to put a smile on my face!

Thank you once more,

Päivi T

24-10-04, 18:52
You are very welcome. Pleased you enjoy my poems.


25-10-04, 17:49
I`m going away on holiday
To Cyprus, warm and sunny
So these birthday greetings are sent in advance
Now, isn`t that kind of funny?
There`s a lot of birthdays while I`m away
They`ll be named at the end of this rhyme
Hoping you all have a happy day
And a really great birthday time

October: 26th: Gunnel, Goran Cainberg; 27th: Grims;
November: 1st: Barbro; 2nd: Ove Iko; 3rd: john jensen; 6th: Borje Sandberg; 7th: Sharron, dnismoore, JRipley; 9th: matskarf;
11th pleppanen, marsuben

A very happy birthday to all of you and apologies if I have missed anyone out.

Also, Happy Halloween, also in advance, to everyone.


26-10-04, 10:05
Thank you Gwenda and have a nice holiday; probably you already are on your way when writing this. I am myself going to a warm and hopefully sunný Gran Canaria very soon, too.


12-11-04, 23:15
Thank you Gunnell for your good wishes for my holiday. I`m afraid I didn`t get them until I returned in the very wee small hours of yesterday morning but very much appreciated. Had a really great time, scenery beautiful, ruins, temples, history etc. in abundance and plenty of time lazing on the beach and beside the pool at the hotel as well, so nicely rested and ready for anything England`s winter wants to throw at me now.

Hope you have a wonderful time in Gran Canaria also. We`ve been there twice and I am sure you will love it.:D

12-11-04, 23:23
I`m back from holiday in Cyprus warm
Had a really great time you know
But hidden under layers of winter clothes
Is a tan I cannot show
Never mind, the main thing is
My brain had quite a good rest
It`s birthday rhyming time again
To put it to the test

A very happy birthday to christer and momsanurse (love that name) for Saturday, 13th November.

And to Bob Ojala and Kromar for the 14th November.

:D :D :D

15-11-04, 10:14
Here is another birthday rhyme
Max Svedlund, it`s for you
This birthday wish for a great, great day
Comes from you know who!


20-11-04, 14:38
Its half way through your birthday
So getting rather late
These birthday wishes are for you
Sorry for the wait

Happy birthday for 20th November Leif.
:o :D

22-11-04, 12:47
Your birthday is giving me problems
I tried to send this last night
But my server kept throwing me out
Which really just isn`t right
Cannot remember what I tried to send
I should have written it down
So all I can do is send birthday wishes
With a smile replacing my frown

Happy birthday Cayugai

:) :) :) :D

24-11-04, 00:22
Birthdays coming thick and fast
This is quite a task
Sorry. Separate poems just this once
Are a little too much to ask

So, Happy Birthday to
Erik Rune for the 24th Nov.
Andrea Cocco for the 25th
cisulli for the 26th
and fosterz, Phil Fagerholm and Diana for the 27th.

27-11-04, 15:11
I almost missed a birthday
Though, not my fault. You see
I had a list that Hasse sent
But a new member sneaked up on me!

Welcome Solange and a very happy birthday for today, 27th November:D

29-11-04, 23:31
In a break between birthdays I would like to share this poem with you. It is NOT one of mine!!!! I cannot remember the poet`s name, but it was written in the 1930`s/1940`s I believe. It is one of my favourite comical poems, especially as I am all too rapidly heading in this direction myself.


When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn`t go, and doesn`t suit me,
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say "we`ve no money for butter".
I shall sit down on the pavement when I`m tired
And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
And run my stick along the public railings
And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
And pick the flowers in other people`s gardens
And learn to spit

You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
Or only bread and pickle for a week
And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
And pay our rent and not swear in the street
And set a good example for the children.
We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

But maybe I ought to practise a little now?
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

30-11-04, 00:08
My wife got this poem on a card from Seattle when she celebrated a strategic anniversary last summer. The poet's name was Jenny Joseph.

The poem can be bought printed on a nice card - the links can easily be found through Google. One distributor is the Red Hat Society

30-11-04, 00:16
Thank you for clarifying, Hasse as regards the poet. This poem "did the rounds" of our little country town, several years ago, and I came across it again a couple of days ago in a pile of family history papers I was sorting through. Last year I also came across it in a book from the local library. :D

02-12-04, 21:29
Cathy is having a birthday
The first one for December is hers
Just hope it is enjoyed to its fullest
And everything hoped for, occurs
And while I am sending her wishes
George, some are also coming your way
Your birthday is the day after Cathy`s
You are wished an equally good day

Happy birthday to Cathy Fastabend for 3rd December and to George Eckholm for 4th December:) :D :D

09-12-04, 00:12
Veikko, your birthday is so special
Because my daughter shares it with you
I hope your birthday is a really great day
And Paula that goes for you too!

A very happy birthday for 9th December to Veikko Portin and to my daughter, Paula, far away in Australia, even though she won`t be reading this.


09-12-04, 23:29
Art and Tom and kosn
Something discovered by me
When your combined ages are added together
Your`re one hundred and forty three

Sorry the poem is a bit wierd, but the wishes are sincere, for a very happy birthday to Art Fors, Tom Hansen and kosn for 10th December.:o :) ;) :D

12-12-04, 19:30
KellyK, Eva, Gita and Jan
Four of you share two birthdaze
Hope that however you spend them
They are 48 hours to amaze

Bit of poetic licence crept in there!

a very happy birthday to KellyK and Eva for the 13th Dec. and to Gita Wiklund and Jan Bjorklund for the 14th.:D

14-12-04, 12:19
Just a bit to add to the earlier poem. I actually saw that old woman yesterday when I was Christmas shopping. Purple cardigan/coat, red hat, sandals (not satin), thick red stockings and summery looking gloves. Thankfully, I didn`t see her spit! And I didn`t enquire as to her eating habits either:D

16-12-04, 11:29
There`s so many birthdays in December
You may have noticed that I
Am tending to combine them in twos or more
Because I`m a bit lazy, that`s why

Happy birthday to MatiaZ, broman and ssfinnila for the 16th, 17th and 19th December.:o :) :D

20-12-04, 23:26
Christmas is coming very fast
And I`m nowhere near ready at home
So seven of you with your birthdays this week
Are getting a combo poem
To Kaj, skoykka and kiovaa
Sanell, Carol and Stig
Syrene, I haven`t forgotten you
Your birthday wish is equally big
I hope that you all have a really good day
Being Christmas and birthday you should
And that Santa leaves lots of pressies
Because I`m sure you have all been so good

Happy birthday to Kaj Granlund for the 21st December, skoykka for the 22nd, klovaa for the 23rd, sanell for Christmas Eve, carolsteel and Stig von Malm for Christmas Day and Syrene for Boxing Day.

:D :D :D

21-12-04, 17:01
To one and all on Finlander
I`m sending Christmas cheer
It`s nearly twelve months since I joined
I`ve really enjoyed my year
So Merry Christmas, deck the halls
And all such seasonal things
I hope whatever you are wishing for
It`s what 2005 brings

Merry Christmas
God Jul
Hyvää Joulua

Hope I`ve got the last one correct!!

:o if I haven`t
:D if I have

27-12-04, 14:22
Well, ho ho hos and jingle bells
Are gone for another year
So time to put my brain to work
And send some more birthday cheer
Four of you share this special day
And please, for goodness sake
I hope you`ve left a bit of room
For a huge slice of birthday cake

Happy birthday to cmelin, Alan J Bundy, c2palm and kinsand:D

31-12-04, 16:06
As I am off to a New Year party tonight, followed by a lunch party at our house tomorrow I might forget this birthday if I don`t get it on line now.

Not only does it start the month
It also starts the year
So here`s a happy birthday wish
Full of New Year cheer

Happy birthday and a Happy New Year to riivari for 1st January 2005.

03-01-05, 22:04
My goodness, already its January 4th
It will soon be Christmas once more???
So ffinnas this birthday wish is for you
With good wishes by the score


04-01-05, 22:35
jstopson and Nyberg Ernest (Ernest Nyberg?)
It`s time for your birthdays, it`s true
So there is just one thing I`d like to say
Happy birthday to both of you

09-01-05, 20:39
For 11th January

And for frejk, sylviadoris and Herrgard Karin the following poem

Three of you this time, so here we go,
Trying desperately to think of a new rhyme
But so very sorry, all that comes to mind
Is I hope your birthday is sublime

And for 12th January

Shadow, your birthday has come
So of course you get a poem from me
Hope it`s extremely happy and bright
And all you are hoping it will be

09-01-05, 20:50
So Sorry, Inger, lots of things happening and have got a bit out of sync (sinc??) Here`s your poem, which should have appeared before the one for 11th and 12th January

Inger Wallis it`s your turn now
A birhday wish to get
Hope that it is really great
In fact your best birthday yet

Oh I am so embarrassed

:D :D :D:o

Inger Wallius
10-01-05, 12:09
Thankyou Gwenda for the poem!

Right in time on the correct day.

14-01-05, 00:57
Bearhugs, you`ve reached a biggie
Perhaps you don`t want to know
But extra special birthday wishes
Upon you I bestow
And Dick Erickson, you also share this day
I really hope that you
Have a most enjoyable birthday
Spent however you want to do

Happy birthday to Bearhugs (The Big 40) and Dick Erickson for the 14th January.

:eek: :cool: :) :D

14-01-05, 12:31
Happy birthday also to Silvermill - but I am still in time! Welcome to Finlander also - I see you registered yesterday, so you nearly missed out on a birthday greeting from me as you weren`t on my January list. Feel free to share bearhugs` and Dick Erickson`s poem!


17-01-05, 10:50
Vincent and Lorene, I bet you can`t wait
To see what your poem is from me
Well, I tried my best, but all I can say
Is have a really happy birthdeee

Happy birthday to Vincent Erickso for 17th January and to Lorene Schertzl for the 18th.

:( :o :) :D

18-01-05, 22:15
Sorry diogenes99 a senior moment
Must really have crept in there
I nearly missed your birthday
But made it with just hours to spare
Don`t know quite how it happened
You weren`t on my calendar though
But a few minutes ago I checked
On the "Home Page", and there it did show
So better be quick now, cos time's ticking on
But it is still your birthday for sure
Hope it`s been good all through the day
And still is for the few hours more.

All the very best diogenes 99 for what is left of your birthday.

:o :D

20-01-05, 10:48
To four of you on 3 different days
I send birthday wishes by the score
And for you four in receipt of this poem
Could you possibly ask for more?

Happy birthday to Hho, tynwd, minnfinn and Uspjj for your birthdays on 20th, 21st and 22nd January:D :D

24-01-05, 17:24
Roy Mattson, I`m so sorry
You almost missed out on a poem
I`ve been engaged on other things
You see, I work from home
So happy birthday comes to you
In this birthday rhyme
It`s almost, but not quite late you know
I got there just in time.

Happy birthday to Roy Mattson for 24th January and apologies for it being almost late.

:o :D

26-01-05, 00:46
This is a slightly longer poem
Seven people on the receiving end
To Donna, sharonf and tomib
Birthday wishes I sincerely send
Then there`s Heather, Kaj and Maggan
Tompa, last but not least you bet
I hope you seven have a really great day
And loads of nice pressies you get

Happy birthday to Donna for the 26th Jan., sharonf and tomib for the 27th, Heather and Kaj Wahlroos for the 28th and Maggan and tompa for the 29th January.

Apologies if I have missed anyone out for birthdays over the next few days. Very busy work-wise (I work from home) and the next couple of days, at least, will be taken up with that. Also, apologies if there are any typos in this message - being done in rather a rush late at night.

A very Happy Australia Day to Jeanette (I think she is the only other Australian on Finlander) for tomorrow 26th January. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Oy Oy Oy!!!

:D :D

02-02-05, 13:37
February's birthdays are starting now
Sten-H-Schmidt, this one is yours
A happy birthday indeed is wished
From the birthday poet of course


04-02-05, 23:26
The 5th and 6th bring birthdays two
Teta and Mark, your turns,
Happy birthday wishes to you both
And very many happy returns


09-02-05, 17:50
K-G Olin, what rhymes with that?
I really do not know
So my wish for you is simply this
Give those candles one great big blow!

All the very best for 10th February

12-02-05, 01:36
For 12th February

Mew Mew (1932), where on earth
Did that handle come from, hey??
Are you a cat lover, as I am
Even if you are not, have a happy birthday


12-02-05, 01:47
I should have put this greeting on at the same time as Mew Mew`s (still fascinated by that name!!) but as it is rather late at night on 11th February (nearly 12th, but well in time for the 13th -and I`ve had a "hard day at the office and all that" - oh what the heck, excuses over, here comes your birthday wish Colleen!!)

Sunday the 13th brings a wish
To Colleen this time its true
Celebrate well, enjoy yourself
That`s the greeting from me to you

Oh, and by the way, watch this space for February 14th`s birthdays. No more hints except that FOUR VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE celebrate that day - one of them might just be someone who writes silly poems. Oh darn. I didn`t mean to say that!!

:D :) :D :) :D

13-02-05, 23:45
Valentines Day is almost here
Time for another rhyme
Three people have Valentines Birthdays
And I`m sure they will have a great time

Valentines Day is a really great day
To have a birthday, it`s true
Take it from one who`s birthday
And Anniversary are on that day too

A very Happy Birthday and Valentines Day to A-M Löfdahl, Cialindh, Warrensund and me for 14th February.

:D :D :D

13-02-05, 23:55
...to all of you - and Happy Birthday also to the birthday celebrators.

It is always fun to read what kind of rhymes you have written. Happy Birthday especially to You.


14-02-05, 00:23
...but I couldn't let Gwenda's b-day pass without a poem of her very own. Here's my sad attempt:

Creative, her wishes are great.
Punctual, she never is late.
She loves vegemite,
its bad taste despite.
Our dear Gwenda, she's really a mate!

Happy Birthday, Gwenda, and thanks for taking the time to always wish greetings to others!

Karen Douglas
14-02-05, 00:47
Dear Gwenda,

Thank you for all the smiles and love you pack into your birthday greetings to each and every individual at this site.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday - and many more to come!

God bless...
Karen Douglas

14-02-05, 14:17
Thank you very much Hasse, Kevin and Karen for your birthday wishes. Glad you all like my poems, and I will keep them coming for a while yet. I have all the Finlander birthdays on my "own computer calendar" now and try to add to them every time someone new joins - but last night I had to play "catch up", as I had forgotten to look up the newbies for a while - thankfully I did them in the "date joined" order, so didn`t have to go through ALL the members` details. Must check every day or two from now on though.

Kevin, I loved the poem - better than mine!!! Please see the other "food" thread for the continuation of this - you will see why when you get there.

Many thanks again to all of you


Paivi T
14-02-05, 20:36
Wishing you an especially happy birthday, Gwenda!

No poet, me, but a keen choir singer -- so I'll join in the chorus of "Happy Birthdays" sung forum-wide just for you!

Päivi T

15-02-05, 02:04
Latest one coming up:

You just missed out on Valentines Day
What very bad luck I say
Still, your birthday is just as important
Knchsi, I wish you a fabulous day

Hello Knchsi, a very happy birthday for 15th February.

Thank you Päivi T, for your birthday wishes also. I really enjoyed the singing!!! Please note, I think I am now getting the hang of this switching to Finnish keyboard-umlaat thing too. I hope I got it right, with some rapid editing, hopefully before anyone saw the bad mistake I ALMOST made!! Thanks sincerely anyway.

:o :) :D

17-02-05, 11:19
This one is for cdahlin now
I bet you just can`t wait
To see your very own silly poem
Have a great birthday, mate


17-02-05, 20:25
This one has really got me scared
I will have to try my best
It`s Judy's birthday, no reason to fear
It`s Kevin's that puts me to the test
I really hope that both of you
Have a birthday you won't forget
I`m sure you'll have a really great day
In fact, that's a pretty safe bet.

Sorry it's slightly early, but I was frightened I might forget it!!!
Have a really happy day

:) :D :) :D :) :D :D

19-02-05, 22:49
Janfwatson, mobhoho, urax
This poem is for you all, no doubt
Wishing you birthday wishes galore
That's what it is all about

Happy birthday to the three of you for tomorrow, 20th February.

20-02-05, 19:51
Thank you so much, Gwenda!
It´s so nice reading your poems!

Take care!


22-02-05, 19:10
Trying again

Kurt, Olle, Ritta and Hans
Birthday cheer is coming your way
Be thankful though it's only once a year
That one of my poems I relay

Happy birthday, to Kurt Olle and Ritta for the 22nd and to Hans for the 23rd

25-02-05, 10:30
Someone else is having a birthday
So this poem comes to say
Happy birthday Axel Lindstrom
And a big hip hip hooray!!

:) :D

28-02-05, 10:19
Happy birthday Deb, for the 28th Feb
That wasn`t meant to be part of the rhyme
I hope your day goes really well
And you have the greatest time

To two others, Alicia and Kennett
A extra special wish this time
I guess you`ve heard it all before
But not via a Gwenda's rhyme
29th February is your birthday , it`s true
I hope it isn`t boring when I say
A happy "once every four years day" tomorrow
But celebrate well today

Happy birthday to all three of you for 28th(29th) February.:) :D :D

02-03-05, 10:01
Happy birthday, happy birthday,
Happy birthday times two
To Henry and M.L. Kanninen
This poem is for you.

Have a happy one :D

04-03-05, 00:18
Gunner Damstrom, your birthday poem
Is winging its way via the net
Not the greatest of poems - they never are
But at the moment, it's the best it will get

Happy birthday anyway
:o :)

05-03-05, 22:40
Twinkle twinkle little rhyme
How I wonder who this time
Gets a birthday poem to see
Well lots of you, good gracious me

Happy birthday to Kaj Ericksson and Krohn for the 6th March, Christine for the 7th, Maja for the 10th, and tkenna for the 11th and anyone else who has a birthday in the next couple of weeks, if I am not back on track by then!

I am sorry folks to lump all of the above birthdays into a partially written and hurriedly finished poem for multi birthdays. Unfortunately we have today had an unexpected family bereavement (my very much loved mother in law) who managed to live to almost her 95th birthday, which would have been next week.) So, for a little while at least I don't think I will be in poetry mode, but hopefully will return very soon. Sorry.

Karen Norwillo
06-03-05, 17:27
Gwenda, Our heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your dear mother-in-law. You have many friends here who are thinking of you in your time of sorrow. Karen N

15-03-05, 17:12
Thank you very much Karen for your kind message of sympathy. It was very much appreciated.

15-03-05, 17:15
First of all apologies for any missed birthdays in the last few days and here is the latest poem

Today, tomorrow and the next
Three birthdays, one each day
Here's a birthday poem for you
To say a very happy birthday

For Marg Hogman (15th March), ilkant (16th) and Rolf (17th)

20-03-05, 12:56
A birthday wish is winging its way
Across the cyberspace
It's misen's turn for a birthday poem
I hope your birthday is ace!!


20-03-05, 20:47
Cina, Olaf and Skip
You've been waiting a long time
A year at least, but here it is
Your very own birthday rhyme

Happy birthday for 21st March to the three of you:D

22-03-05, 15:38
Torbogus, another good handle
It deserves a birthday rhyme
Hope your birthday's a happy one
And you have a really good time:D

23-03-05, 13:08
The 23rd brings birthday cheer
To lars, Rammone and Vern
And as is customary at this time
Many happy return(s)


24-03-05, 12:46
Poetry does not always have to rhyme
So I am afraid this one doesn't
Happy birthday to Jaska Sarell (24th),
tportfors (25th) and Sheri (26th)
And a Happy Easter also:D

27-03-05, 12:42
Four of you share a birthday poem
Because on the same day it falls
I hope it's especially happy
And enjoyed by all of you alls

(for Henry Lahti, Molander, Lasse 1951 and Pesola 5):D

29-03-05, 19:04
Well here it is near the end of the day
And no birthday rhyme have I sent
Two of you share it but that's no excuse
I think it's time I just went

Happy birthday(s) to Gullans Carl (or Carl Gullans I think it should be) and Marita Engstrom

29-03-05, 19:07
This one is for tomorrow, 30th March

Another two sharing a birthday
Ulla and Gladys they are
Hope you enjoy a really good day
That's about all what birthdays are

(or if you prefer the non-rhyming version -
"That's what birthdays are all about"

:) :D

31-03-05, 18:43
Too many people having birthdays, that's what it is. Many apologies for being almost late again!!

Here's your poem

It's that end of the month time again
The year is flying through
The 31st means that Carolyn and Kris
This birthday rhyme is for you

And as tomorrow is the 1st April, here's a bonus poem (not one of mine) which we, vicious children that we were, used to recite on the first of the month - suffering the actions, if we weren't fast enough at running.

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month

Followed sometimes by:

A pinch and a kick for being so quick.

Oh well, just thought I'd share that seeing I nearly missed your birthdays.

Happy birthday to Carolyn and Krisreid.:) :o :D

01-04-05, 10:15
I'm starting off a new month
In my usual poetry style
And hoping that this birthday wish
Helps to make you smile

Happy birthday to Esther and L. Backlund for 1st April:) :D

01-04-05, 22:37
Bennett and Norwegian
B1 and ksaxov too
Four of you over two days
A very happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to Bennie H and Norwegian for the 2nd and to B1 bartlett and ksaxov for the 3rd April

Sorry folks, any typo errors or any other errors in the above are due to the fact that I have temporarily mislaid my glasses (any excuse is better than none as they say, but it is honestly true!!) and everything is rather blurry and very wierd from this side. Borrowed my daughter's glasses but they don't help much.

Well done if you actually manage to read this because I cannot!!

:o ;) :mad: :eek: :confused:

01-04-05, 22:44
Well hey, that's much better

On re-reading my last message I don't think I really did all that badly all things considering, but certainly glad I found my own pair of glasses. I think the only mistake I really might have made is calling "Bl barlett", "B1 bartlett" or vice versa and that was nothing to do with eyesight - just that when I originally copied the name to my calendar I may have done it wrongly. Probably will never know, but there you go..... Interesting exercise, but need to get one of those spectacle holders that hang around your neck I think.

05-04-05, 22:54
Hello Klasilfver and Paul Dahlin
It's your turns for birthday cheer
Hope you both have a really good day
Followed by a really wonderful year

Happy birthday to Klasilver for 6th April and to Paul Dahlin for 7th April

:D :D :D

08-04-05, 19:18
A very happy birthday is wished to Juha for the 9th April and Hakan for the 10th April. I hope you both have great days


12-04-05, 09:30
Birthday wishes to Sharon and Wiklund for the 12th April and Many Happy Returns.

14-04-05, 10:05
Hello to Jim Bailey and birthday wishes to you for today, 14th April. Also advanced birthday wishes to Alice Finnerty for 16th April.

Sorry folks, the poems have temporarily halted as I have a lot on my plate at present and cannot get my head around rhyming words. But the wishes are there just the same.

Happy birthdays to you both.

:o :) :D

Jim Bailey
14-04-05, 17:28
Hi, Gwenda and everybody else ----

Many thanks for the kind wishes on my birthday.

Lord, how did I ever get to 66? Time sure flies, folks, even faster as you get older ... so savor every minute of it.

I have EVERY reason to appreciate that sentiment. Was told on Dec. 30 my left coronary artery is 100% blocked, but it occurred so slowly the other blood vessels compensated. No surgery, no angioplasty, no stents in the arteries ... just medications, lots of exercise, and must tell doctor if I notice any big changes. I appreciate life even more, if that is possible, and this birthday is especially meaningful!

My best to all,

15-04-05, 21:23
Caisa Runes - this birthday wish is for you for tomorrow, 16th April and welcome to Finlander - you just got in for this year's birthday (and luckily for you, you missed one of my poems as well). Happy birthday.

:D :cool:

20-04-05, 10:25
A very happy birthday is wished to Freelund for today, 20th April. Many happy returns.

:) :D

Alice Finnerty
21-04-05, 02:04
Thanks Gwenda for the Birthday wishes - still 29 and holding. Dates are sure interesting. I was noticeing in my notes of my Finnish family that My Grandfather Matts Leander Andersson Jossgark came to America once on June 27 - then in my gen program i entered his death date - June 27 and a chill came over me when i checked my fathers death date - Matts son and it is June 27. dates are sure interesting.:eek:

22-04-05, 18:21
Here's another poem at last
Cos I've a little bit of spare time
The only trouble is I find
No birthdays at present for my rhyme
So, just in case withdrawal symptoms
You might have all have had
This is for all the poems I've not sent
Which should have made you sad

Happy birthday to all those birthdays in the last week or so, who did not receive a poem.

:o :cool: :) ;) :D

22-04-05, 18:28
Sorry, I meant to include this with my poem sent a few minutes ago. Thank you both for your replies to my recent birthday greetings to you. Jim I am rapidly heading in your direction age-wise and Alice, I liked your comment about being 29 and still holding - wish I could say that, but have to replace the 2 with a 5. Oh well, a pensioner next year, so roll on respect and getting some things a bit cheaper!!:D :D :D

22-04-05, 18:35
An apology to Börje for almost missing your birthday. Trouble is I have been a couple of days behind all this week. Happy birthday anyway and you are included in the poem two messages previously.

:( :o :D

23-04-05, 09:54
I have not been as efficient
As I really ought to be
I nearly missed three more birthdays
They weren't on my list you see
It is my fault entirely
I did not check as I might
But all that remains for now I think
Is I hope your birthdays are allright

Hope they are better than allright. Hope they are great. To Ikwdjohn, beardsley and Carol S.

24-04-05, 12:22
Silent Listener, here's a poem
The best that I can do
It comes with very best wishes
For a happy birthday to you

Many happy returns:) :D

26-04-05, 10:10
Cooper, wherefore art thou?
You've been away a long time
But that does not stop me
From sending a birthday rhyme
You were the one who started
This birthday wishes site
I took over when you left
I hope that was allright
I did not expect to do it
For as long as this
Your cheery little messages
I really truly miss

Happy birthday Cooper. Wherever you are, I hope you are still reading the Finlander messages. Come back soon.


26-04-05, 18:40
I agree! Hope all is well with you and that you find your way back soon.

However, Gwenda, you've done a fabulous job filling in for Cooper with your birthday rhymes!! Keep up the good work! ;)

27-04-05, 09:32
Sam and SamTe, are you both
One and the same person, yes?
I think you must be, I really do
And that is not just a wild guess
The birth year is the same for both
So I really think this time
Your finger slipped when you joined Finlander
Whatever - you get just one rhyme

A happy birthday to you one or both

;) :confused: :D

27-04-05, 09:34
Hi Kevin

Thanks for your good wishes. Nice to hear from you again

29-04-05, 11:04
Hello, happy birthday Debbie
This is your birthday rhyme
However you plan to spend it
Have a really great time

Many happy returns Debbie.


29-04-05, 23:15
We've come to the end of the month again
As far as birthdays go
Happy birthdays to Kaiponen and lierikfiddle
Are wished to you both, don't you know

Happy birthday to you both for tomorrow, 30th April.

:) :D

30-04-05, 03:11
Originally posted by Gwenda
Hello, happy birthday Debbie
This is your birthday rhyme
However you plan to spend it
Have a really great time

Many happy returns Debbie.


It's been another good day to be alive! Thanks Gwenda & all.


01-05-05, 11:41
Bev Lunzer and Sturho, you start
A month of many birthdays, it's May
My poetry brain will be working overtime
To find new ways to say Happy Birthday

:):D :D

02-05-05, 10:47
Well, golly gee and goodness me
Lots of birthdays for poems I see
Not sure exactly if I can cope
But trying my best and living in hope

Happy birthdays to Diane Austin for 2nd May, Tracy Boeldt for 3rd, rmattson, ruthann and Verna Peltola for 4th and Jenknutsen for the 5th. Sorry to make this a combined one, but a very busy week ahead for me.

:o :) :D

10-05-05, 10:44
Many birthdays rolled into one for this poem
For May 10th, 11th and twelve
FLITTNET and Daniel H come first
As into my calendar I delve
Then Hasse, Karen N, Ronny and loviissa
The 11th is your happy day
For the 12th its Carolyn and rschrode
To all of you, have a happy birthday

A very happy birthday to FLITTNET, Daniel H, Hasse, Karen Norwillo, Ronny, loviisa, Carolyn Nelson and rschrode

:) :D ;)

14-05-05, 10:15
Too busy to write a poem today
So this will have to do
A couple of lines just to say
rwpalmer happy birthday to you

Oh well, can't seem to kick the habit. Happy birthday anyway rwpalmer

15-05-05, 11:49
For Claire

A very happy birthday

:) :D

25-05-05, 22:54
Hi and apologies to Rob Stolpe and belated birthday wishes for the 22nd May. I hope you had a good birthday.

:o :) :D

25-05-05, 23:02
Many many apologies to cwhack and patze for this belated birthday wish for the 23rd May. And what? No poem. You wanna bet.

Sorry, my rhyming brain is not in gear,
but the wishes for a happy birthday are really sincere


25-05-05, 23:04
Hello to ericback and joiner. Sorry this is a day late and not in rhyme either, but a very happy belated birthday is wished to both of you.


25-05-05, 23:13
Ok Apologies over, this is a pre-birthday wish for Rikki and Sueellenborn for tomorrow, 26th May. :) :D

27-05-05, 00:04
Well, sorry, but either being early or late is the only way I can cope these days. Here is an early one, but only just.

No poems I've sent for a few days
In fact it has been quite a while
This one is definitely not much good
But I hope it makes you smile

Happy birthday to Mikael Sund for 27th May

:) :D

30-05-05, 11:13
Hello Annette your turn now
For a birthday poem it's true
Here's wishing you a happy birthday
And many more to come too

:) :D

30-05-05, 23:56
Well hi there skangas and sixten
Your birthday poem is slightly early but here
I hope you have the happiest of days
And it starts an exceptional year

:) :D ;) :D

01-06-05, 11:40
Here comes the first one for this month
It's JB Wilson's turn for a rhyme
Hoping your birthday is truly happy
As up the age ladder you climb

:) :D

04-06-05, 10:18
The 4th June brings a wish
Sincere and very true
Kaj Nyman and Sune it's your day
So a very happy birthday to you

:) :D

06-06-05, 10:13
Not very much time for a poem today
Just a quick wish for a happy birthday

Happy birthday to jwarmanen:D

09-06-05, 09:59
Many happy returns of the day
And the very best of luck
To Enges and Jean Schettler, who share
Their birthday with Donald Duck

(Second birthday wish but first poem - I hadn't started the poems this time last year)

:) :D ;) :cool:

11-06-05, 10:13
It's very early in the morning
And I'm hardly out of bed
But to Belva Todd and wrxman111
Happy birthday must be said
:) :D ;)

Hope you both have a very happy day

14-06-05, 10:15
Hello Jillywilly and Sylvia
Another wish for you
Hope your birthday's very happy
And congratulations too

:) :D

14-06-05, 18:00
Sorry this is a few hours early as your birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I have a very early start tomorrow morning and don't want to forget your birthday:

Hello June, your time again
For birthday wishes too
Having trouble with my rhyming
Sob sob, boo hoo, boo hoo

Hope you have a really lovely day June:o ;) :D

17-06-05, 11:00
Your birthdays have sneaked up on me
I have not rit a rhyme
So, all I hope, dear "Nik" and "Pon"
Is you have a really good time

A very happy birthday to Nikus for the 17th and Pontus for the 18th.

:) :D :eek:

19-06-05, 11:34
Four birthdays today, I wish you all well
And hope that your birthday is happy
That's all I can say, in the haste that I write
I hope that it doesn't look "snappy"

Happy birthday to Arnatese, Marcy Johnson, Mark Sundstrom and S. Helenius.:) :D ;)

20-06-05, 09:56
Timren, its your birthday
You know what happens here
A birthday poem to wish you well
For a day full of good cheer

Congratulations and happy birthday, Timren
:) :D

21-06-05, 10:15
Such a lot of birthdays
Six is how many I see
All falling on the very same day
Oh goodness gracious me.
David, anastrom, Dale
Liffeum, Shirley King, Ben
Congratulations to all of you
Via this little rhyme that I sen(d)

A special wish to Anastrom for the big 50. Congratulations.

:) :D :cool: ;)

22-06-05, 11:07
Back to just one birthday
Whew! that's a sigh from me
Karen Douglas this one is yours
Very happy I wish it should be

Happy birthday Karen:) :D

23-06-05, 10:32
A very happy birthday to 3rdgenfinn. Sorry it is not a poem, but I bet you are not! Hope you have a great day.


24-06-05, 10:57
It's hot and sunny here in England
The heat is getting to my brain
I nearly missed three birthdays
I wish that it would rain!

No, not really, I love the sunshine. We don't see enough of it in England.

Happy birthdays to jerry pettrell, Ulf Wallendahl and Fran

:) :D

26-06-05, 10:36
Three days of birthday wishes
Are coming now for you
They are for Gayle Moreen and Pentti
Alf Blomqvist and M. Waters too

Happy birthdays for the next few days to Gayle Moreen for today, Pentti for tomorrow and Alf Blomqvist and M. Waters for Tuesday, 28th. I hope you all have a great day:) :D

30-06-05, 10:21
Melvinakerman it's your day
For June, it is the last
I hope your birthday is just tops
And doesn't go too fast

A very happy birthday and many happy returns
:) :D

02-07-05, 00:42
No poem today, I regret very much
I just haven't found the time
So susanhaven and Hsundman
So sorry you don't get a rhyme

Happy birthday to both of you for your weekend birthdays

03-07-05, 19:23
Sorry. This is not a birthday wish or any other congratulations message , but I have tried every which way to get a message through on other threads and eventually decided to stick to my own thread, as nothing else seemed to work. A very big welcome, birthday or not, to Carol Hanes, via the latest Aussie connection. From a fellow Aussie.

:) :D

03-07-05, 19:36
Well, no birthdays today (or even "tomorrow", as I log in) but to all of you in the good old Yew Ess of Aye, a very happy American Independence Day for 4th July. Sorry, but this is the nearest I can get to fireworks.....*****<<<<!!!!!¬¬¬¬¬oooOOO****** BANG !!! You will just have to imagine the rest. ENJOY:D :D :D

05-07-05, 00:27
Happy birthday Osterbej for 5th July. You share your birthday with my sister in Australia.:D

06-07-05, 11:16
The 6th of July brings wishes bright
Jan Johannsson, it's your turn
I hope you have a happy day
And blow out all the candles that burn

Happy birthday Jan


30-09-05, 00:03
Hi Folks

Sorry about the lack of communication, birthday greetings etc. for the last few months, but as I explained to Hasse after he very kindly emailed me concerned about my whereabouts, things went a bit haywire for me in July. I wasn't well for some weeks and by the time I recovered fully, I had managed to miss so many birthdays I thought I would never catch up and didn't. One week ran into another and before I really knew what was happening I had become a "non contributor".

Now, (groan, groan, everyone - sorry) I have returned "temporarily" to wish everyone I missed since July a very Happy Belated Birthday - too many to mention individually, I am afraid. Also, Happy Birthday in advance to everyone on Finlander who celebrates a birthday between now and the middle of February 2006.

The reason for the advance greetings is that in a couple of weeks I am off to Australia for 4 months, and although I will have email contact via a magical device called Pocketmail, I do not expect to have much Internet access.

So, until February, when you might even get a poem or two (no groans again please!!!), Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween - wrong spelling I am sure - , Happy Guy Fawkes Night (for the Brits), Merry Christmas and a very very Happy 2006 to you all.

30-12-05, 11:20
G'day all,

Gwenda checking in from Down Under - Hasse very kindly sent me my user details as I had come to Oz without them. Up until now all I have been able to do is come on as a "guest". Don"t want to tie up my daughter's computer for too long, but just want to wish all Finlanders a belated Merry Christmas and a really great 2006.

Having a great time down here and really enjoying being with our daughter for past few weeks - we hadn't seen her for 3 years prior to this. Leaving her on 4th Jan and heading off on our travels again, visiting other family etc. Also hope to fit in a bit of family treeing in Adelaide and seeing what shows up with my Finnish grandfather who jumped ship there.

Hope to make contact again via my brother's computer when we are in Adelaide. Until then all the very best:) :D :D ;) :p

01-01-06, 05:56
Hello riivari its been a long time
Since a birthday poem I did do
This one is for a happy birthday
And a great 2006 too

01-01-06, 06:13
I just sent a little poem
The first for quite a while
Just hope that the recipient
Was able to raise a smile

Really don't know why I started
On my little rhymes again
Because I will soon be travelling
No poetry for a time, what a pain

Until a computer once more I access
This poem will have to suffice
Hope everyone enjoys happy birthdays
And they all turn out real nice

I don't quite know when I will have compu.ter contact again. It might not be until I am back home in February, so just in case happy birthday to everyone wo has a birthday between now and then.

13-01-06, 05:19
Hi Erik, Gwenda back again
Now staying with my sister
A chance to use her computer
So a happy birthday wished yer

Best I can do for now. Happy 70th Erik

:) :D

30-01-06, 02:32
hi there

Have computer access again - staying with friends about 12 miles from the Nations capital, Canberra. Countryside abounds with kangaroos and vast birdlife, so do not really want to move on tomorrow, but need to if want to get back to Melbourne to catch plane home. This will be last contact until we do arrive home on 10th Feb, or shortly thereafter, so want to wish Staffans and Elsie Carpenter a very happy birthday and everyone else who has a birthday between now and our arrival home.

Have a happy one:D :D :D

12-02-06, 01:09
Hello all

Back in England, suffering somewhat from jetlag, so not quite with it yet birthday greetings wise. Notice though that Dottemar has a birthday today, so happy birthday to you. Give me a few more days, maybe a week, to get brain back into gear and hopefully will be sending birthday wishes a plenty after that.

Paivi T
14-02-06, 17:33
Welcome back to the northern hemisphere -- and happy birthday to you!

Päivi T

PS: Happy birthday to all other birthday girls and boys, too!

Karen Douglas
14-02-06, 19:40
Happy, Happy Birthday, Gwenda!

We missed you, and all your good wishes to so many others at this site during your absence.
But, we hope you had a wonderful time in England!


05-03-06, 19:16
So sorry everyone, that since I have been back home things have been very hectic and I have once again missed quite a few birthdays - almost missed my own, as was suffering from jet lag at the time!! Had a good one though, even if it does make me a "pensioner" now. Many thanks to Päivi and Karen Douglas for your birthday wishes to me. I am so very sorry I did not thank you earlier, but am ashamed to say I have not checked into Finlander lately. Sort of getting back on track now, so a very happy birthday is wished to grminkk for today - no poem yet I am afraid. Give me a couple more weeks and the poetry bug might just catch me again.

In the meantime, I will do my best to check in every day from now on to see who is having a birthday, and poem or no poem hopefully everyone will get their birthday greetings.

Promises, promises!!!

Looks like I also have a lot of Finlander reading to catch up on as well.

:( :o

06-03-06, 10:54
Sitting here wondering just what to write
In a birthday poem that's new
No such luck I'm afraid, just the usual
Happy birthday to all three of you

A very happy birthday to Kaj Eriksson (the Big 70 - hope you don't mind the world knowing), Krohn and mrobertsonfcia.

:D :D :D

07-03-06, 09:49
Another couple of birthdays are here
So what is a girl to do?
There's just one thing for it, no doubt at all
Send my very best wishes to you

Happy birthday Christine and Astali for 7th March.:)

08-03-06, 00:05
Tomorrow I have a very early start
So just might not find the time
To check for whose birthday it just might be
So this is a "for whoever" rhyme.

So, whoever(s) is(are) celebrating a birthday tomorrow, 8th March, I hope it is very happy indeed. I will try to log on before I head off into the cold, cold morning air (rain is forecast as well) and wish you a happy birthday in person

:o :D

08-03-06, 09:08
Well, here I am on line at 7 a.m. ready to continue the greetings to the Finlanders I sent last night's poem to, and what do you know, there are no birthdays today.!!!!! None listed at the bottom of the Home Page anyway. Oh well, Happy International Women's Day to everyone for yesterday!!!! Or is it today???

:o :( :confused:

09-03-06, 10:17
Puff puff puff puff
I'm nearly out of breath
I just ran up the stairs, you see
I could have met my death
The reason for my hurry
And also for my haste
I have two birthday greetings
And time I cannot waste

A very happy birthday to Maja and Cinthya. Hope you have a great day.


10-03-06, 11:00
Here comes a little birthday poem
Whether or not it's expected
Because there are two birthdays
That's what I have detected

A very very happy birthday to Valtsu and OnebqSF.

11-03-06, 09:50
They say in Australia, "its bonzer"
They also say "its beaut"
That's how I feel about your birthday
Though I'm saying it softly in mute.

tkenna and Mary H. I hope you both have a real little ripper of a birthday mates!:D

13-03-06, 09:15
Early poem again this morning
There's a reason for it too
8.30 appointment with the dentist
Don't like them much, do you?

A very happy birthday to Julie and Spavlovich. Hope you both have a good day

:) :D

15-03-06, 09:11
Not a good poem this morning
I've got a bad cold in the head
My brain is not working properly
I should have stayed in bed

To Marg Hogman and sokko (the Big 50 today - Congratulations). Hope you have a really great birthday despite the poem.:D

16-03-06, 11:17
Four birthdays today, now that's a lot
I do hope I can cope
That you all have a brilliant birthday
Is all that I can hope

Happy birthday to Ilkant, Nevada 43, Niklas Hulden and Sturenberg.

:) :D

17-03-06, 10:54
Hello Rolf, happy birthday to you
I hope your day is great
I hope it brings all you wish for yourself
Trouble with rhyming, mate!

Happy birthday Rolf and sorry about the poem - had to be quick as husband wants to use the computer in a hurry.


19-03-06, 00:07
Sorry everyone. I am having a few computer problems, so might be on and offline a bit over the next couple of days - hopefully it is not a major problem which could be sorted out tomorrow. It does not appear that I have missed any birthdays today, but if so I do apologise. In case I am "offline" again tomorrow all the very best to anyone who is having a birthday and many apologies for lack of poem etc. Am just about to the point of tearing my hair out here - got to the point where everything seemed to be back to normal and it has all gone haywire again. Grrrrr!!! This is being sent at 22.06 on March 18th by the way.

23-03-06, 22:58
Hello all

In my last message I said we were having a "few" computer problems. Sorry, but they turned into rather gigantic ones, but after almost a week of tearing my hair out and having tantrums, and going nearly berzerk, we are finally back on line again. Sorry to everyone who had a birthday in the last week, but I just could not get on line to send you birthday wishes. Now all I have to do is re-install all my family tree programs, favourites, email addresses etc. etc. etc. which all got lost in the shut down - could keep me busy for days or weeks even. I was so so lost without my computer and so so glad to have it back.

Anyway, back to birthdays. Next message will be for today's birthdays, and apologies once again to everyone who missed out over the past week.

:D :D :D :D

23-03-06, 23:02
Computers I dislike them intensely
Though they are OK when they do as they should
But when they go crazy like mine did
It really is not at all good
However, all's well that ends well I'm hoping
So I can do as before I could do
And that is to send birthday greetings
Vern, Lars and Rammac they are for you

A very very happy birthday (though it is almost over) to Vernlindquist, Lars Stenlid (the Big 50!!!) and rammac.
All the very best for what is left of your birthdays

:) :D

24-03-06, 10:41
Here comes a birthday greeting
Jaska Sarrell its for you
Good wishes for your birthday
And to last the whole year through:D :D

25-03-06, 10:42
Here comes another poem
Whizzing in cyberspace
It comes for tportfors today
And hopes your birthday's ace


26-03-06, 10:53
Hello again, another poem
This time it is for Sheri
To wish you a really happy day
And a happy birthday, very

A very happy birthday Sheri and happy Mother's Day as well. It is Mother's Day in the UK today, so Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers on Finlander, wherever they live.

:D :D :D

27-03-06, 10:40
Four birthdays today, now that's a lot
With which my brain must deal
That you all have a great birthday
Is my wish for you true and real

Happy birthday to Henry Lahti, K-G Molander, Lasse 1951 and Persola 5.

:) :D ;)

29-03-06, 10:44
Here's a poem for Carl and Marita
And Carl, it is easy to see
That this one is a big one for you
'Cause you were born the same year as me
Marita, though you are a bit younger
Best wishes come also your way
It's happy birthday to both from yours truly
That should really just about make your day!

A very happy birthday to Carl Gullans for the Big 60 and Marita Engstrom

:) :D

29-03-06, 16:27
I am still having a few computer problems and a few things "might" happen as a result. I am about to try another cure for my ill computer, which might work, but it might not, it might throw me off the internet/email again, but it might not, but the worst thing that might happen is that I will have to get a professional in to sort out the problem, in which case I might still be without a computer for a while.

So, just in case any of these mights, do actually happen, here are the birthday wishes (sorry not in rhyme) for the next couple of weeks. If everything is OK and I am still on line I will send proper birthday wishes on the correct days.

So, happy birthdays in advance to Ulla and Gladys (for tomorrow), Carolyn Oster, Krisreid and vph001 for 31st March, Esther, L. Backlund and Peter Sundkvist for 1st April, BennieH and Norwegian for the 2nd April, BL Bartlett and ksaxov for the 3rd, Deeph2o, the 5th, Klasifver and caravan89 the 6th, Paul Dahlin, 7th, Juha 9th, Hakan 10th and Jannew and Joyce Morrell 11th.

Hope you all have great birthdays and if by some miracle I am still on line I will be back to wish you all individually happy birthdays.

In the meantime I got two books from the library (by my favourite author) but hopefully will not have time to read them before I am back in contact.

:( :( :(

30-03-06, 10:23
Hi everyone

Well, I am still here!! The computer isn't fixed, but it is still usable, and it isn't any worse than yesterday!!! Will be getting repaired properly on 10th April (hopefully) - earliest date the repair man could fit it in, due to his holiday. So, it seems until then you will have to put up with some more poems - sorry. Here's on for Ulla and Gladys.

Ulla and Gladys, yours birthdays have come
So you know what I'm going to say
Many many happy returns
You are both wished a happy birthday

;) :) :D

31-03-06, 10:05
Now, how on earth am I supposed to write
A poem to rhyme with this name
VPH001, I'd just like you to know
It's almost driven me insane
This is as close as it gets, I'm afraid
So, Carolyn Oster, Krisreid too
You share this birthday poem with the above
Many happy returns to all of you


01-04-06, 09:56
Three birthdays once again today
Esther, L. Backlund and Peter
You three share this birthday poem
There just couldn't be anything sweeter

Happy birthday to Esther, L. Backlund and Peter Sundkvist. I hope no-one plays any April Fools Day tricks on you.

:) :D :) :D

02-04-06, 10:43
Bennie H and Norwegian
This time it's your turn to get
A birthday poem from Gwenda
That will make you happy, I bet?

:) :D

03-04-06, 09:52
Oh, here we go again folks
Another headache for me
Nothing rhymes with ksaxov at all
As far as I can see

Happy birthday to B.L. Bartlett (that's a biggie!!) and ksaxov:D

04-04-06, 09:55
Our newest member, Finlander je
Is having a birthday today
I hope it's a very happy one
And welcome to Finlander, yay!
:) ;) :D

05-04-06, 11:03
Just how do you pronounce it?
Is it Deeph-twenty or Deeph-two-oh?
Whichever, however, etcetera
There's one thing you ought to know
You are wished a happy birthday
Oh 5th April, this day
So have a really good one
That's all I've got to say

A very very happy birthday Deeph-20:D :D :D

06-04-06, 10:36
Oh, no not again, I beg you
Not at all pleased am I
Nothing rhymes with your two names
So I am not even going to try

Happy birthdays to Klasilfver and Caravan89. Hope you both have a great day.

:( :) :D

07-04-06, 10:40
Paul Dahlin, here's your birthday wish
It comes right from the heart
Hope you have a happy day
Right from the very start:D :D :D

07-04-06, 10:52
I've just checked on my E-Card site
And this is what I saw
It's "No Housework Day", yippee to that!!
No need to tell you more
So, mops, and dusters, brooms put down
Don't reach for them all day
We really all deserve a rest
And a well earned holiday
:D :D :D :D :D

08-04-06, 12:57
No birthdays today, but here's a topical poem instead - NOT (excuse shouting!) written by me. Author Unknown


How do I know that my youth is all spent?
Well, my get up and go has got up and went.
But in spite of it all I am able to grin
When I recall where my get up has been

Old age is golden - so I've heard it said -
but sometimes I wonder when I get into bed,
with my ears in a drawer and my teeth in a cup,
my eyes on the table until I wake up.

Ere sleep dims my eyes I say to myself,
"Is there anything else I should lay on the shelf?"
And I'm happy to say as I close my door,
my friends are the same, perhaps even more.

When I was young, my slippers were red,
I could pick up my heels right over my head.
When I grew older, my slippers were blue,
but still I could dance the whole night through.

But now I am old, my slippers are black,
I walk to the store and puff my way back.
The reason I know my youth is all spent
My get up and go has got up and went.

But I really don't mind when I think, with a grin,
of all the grand places my get up has been.
Since I have retired from life's competition,
I accommodate myself with complete repetition

I get up each morning and dust off my wits,
pick up my paper and read the "obits".
If my name is missing, I know I'm not dead,
so I eat a good breakfast and go back to bed.

:( ;) :D

09-04-06, 10:32
Hi Juha, it's your Big 4-Oh
So special birthday cheer
Happiness is wished today
And right throughout the year

:) :D

10-04-06, 10:36
This might be the last poem for a while
Computer repairman is due
Don't know how long I must do without
I'll be back soon with all of you.

Happy birthday Hakan for today

Happy birthdays also to the following in advance, although I hope I'll be back on line again before most of these birthdays happen.

Jannew and Joyce Morrell for tomorrow
Sharon, wiklund, kevinteppo, Mika Saminen for the 12th April
Jim Bailey for the 14th
Alice Finnerty, Caisa Runes, Mark Barnabo for the 16th and
Arlene for the 17th.

Happy birthdays to all of you.

18-04-06, 23:57
Oh that was a long, long week and one day!!! But at long last I am back on line again. No birthdays today and was up to date up until yesterday's birthdays, so pretty good timing I think. There are some birthdays tomorrow, so there might even be a poem.

:D :D :D :D :D

19-04-06, 09:49
It's good to be back with you again
To send a birthday rhyme
Clyde D Peterso and Gunvor
It's for both of you this time
I'm slightly out of practice
But improve I will, I'm sure
Just hope your birthdays are happy
And happy returns, many more

20-04-06, 10:43
Freelund, here's your poem
To say happy birthday to you
It's short and sweet I am afraid
'Cos I've got lots to do.

Happy birthday Freelund, and now it is back to the downloading to get everything back on to my new hard drive that was on the old one - getting there slowly.


21-04-06, 09:54
Dmjay, I see that you
Are having a birthday today
I hope that as you celebrate
In your very own special way
You'll spare a thought for someone
I'll tell you who she be
Our lovely Queen Elizabeth
Who today turns eighty

A very happy birthday to Dmjay and to Her Majesty who I guess will not be logging in from the Palace today.

:) :D ;) :cool:

June Pelo
21-04-06, 17:11
Today is also my sister Ruth's birthday and she will be 79. One of her long-time friends has flown down from Michigan to take her out to her favorite seafood restaurant to celebrate and then we'll come back to my house to have chocolate fudge ice cream pie (we all happen to be chocoholics)!

June :)

21-04-06, 21:53
I'm a bit of a chocoholic myself, but at the moment, I am trying to lose a bit of weight, so am sticking to low fat chocolate. Only problem is I eat far more of that than the real stuff. Oh well. Hope your sister had a good birthday.

June Pelo
22-04-06, 03:18
Yes, Ruth had a happy birthday. She had fresh salmon and crab cakes and then the waiters and waitresses sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a fudge cake and ice cream with a birthday candle on it. She was very happy. Tomorrow we'll take her to her favorite beach. Ruth had a quadruple bypass operation and a valve replacement - she was in critical condition for a long time and today was one of the first days she felt able to get out and enjoy herself.


22-04-06, 10:36
Sorry Borje - it's without the little dots (umlats???) but I haven't yet re-connected the Finnish keyboard after my computer problems.

This poem is very easy to write
For not only is it Borje's birthday
It's another day on the calendar
Did you know it's "Earth Day"

Happy birthday Borje and happy Earth Day to everyone. I didn't know there was such a day - excuse my ignorance - until yesterday, but now I am full of information about it.

:o ;) :eek: :D

23-04-06, 09:54
Three birthdays today, that's quite a few
And puts my brain to the test
It's not working that well, cos its early yet
And already it's shouting "Let me rest"

Happy birthday anyway to Beardsley, Ikwdjohn and Carol S, who joins us 60 year olds today. Happy St. George's Day to all English Finlanders and anyone else who celebrates the day.


24-04-06, 10:11
Silent Listener I hope that you
Are Listening and Watching too
Because I want to send a message
To say happy birthday to you

All the very best for a happy birthday


25-04-06, 10:29
Mback and Eswarvar, here we go
Your birthday poem is nigh
I hope you both have a special day
I'm sure you deserve it, that's why

Happy birthday:D

26-04-06, 10:38
Cooper and Bkisko, many happy returns
Enjoy your birthdays please
You are sure to have a brilliant day
Getting through it should be a breeze

Happy birthday to both of you, and Cooper if you are tuning in, I am still only doing your job "temporarily" - have a great birthday, wherever you are.

27-04-06, 10:32
Ferrycap I'll put you first
It's easier to rhyme with Sam Te
This wish comes for a birthday great
To you both (three) from me

If there are actually three of you, then I apologise and Sam (without the Te) you are also wished a happy birthday, but I really think Sam and Sam Te are one and the same.

:confused: :) :D

28-04-06, 10:06
There are no birthdays today, so that means no poem - was that a sigh of relief? However, belated Happy World Penguin Day (Wedneday) and National Cheese on Toast Day (yesterday) to everyone. I am not kidding about those two days - very important events on the calendar!!:cool:

29-04-06, 10:35
Debbiesantelli and robertopalm
You're celebrating today
Birthday wishes for both of you
From me are coming your way

Hope you both have a sooooooper day:D

29-04-06, 21:25
Thank you, Gwenda and everyone...

I'm grateful for another year of life, all 47 of them! Technology allows me to function better than anyone believed possible when my diabetes was diagnosed nearly 38 years ago. Each additional year is a tremendous gift.

It's a beautiful (but overcast) day in the Pacific Northwest, currently 52° F.

Be well, be thankful.