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gayle moreen
03-06-04, 23:14
:) Hi Group, I have been researching my great grandparents for the past 3 years. I was working on it daily for 2 years and just occastionaly the past year. My ggf Karl Fredrik Johansson Smeds (11.1.1871 Petalax) moved to Taklax in 1892. My ggmother was his 2nd wife as his first died in childbirtn. ggm Maria Karl Josefsdotter Talkax (8.11.1873).
My ggf came to the America in 1898 and ggm in 1900. I know that one of my ggm brothers moved to the states in the early 1900's and then moved back to Finland with his wife and children. There were other family members on both sides that I have not been able to locate information. I have one great aunt alive but she does not remember anything.
I am hoping this new group will be able to offer new information.

04-06-04, 04:09
Do you know where they settled in the US? I can check some Order of Runeberg lodge records with that info.

05-06-04, 23:19
Hi Gayle

I just read a book about the Smeds family and i recognized the names Fredrik Johansson Smeds 11.1.1871 Petalax and Maria Karl
Josefsdotter Taklax 8.11.1873. My son in law comes from this same family, thats why i was researching this family.The book is written by Lena Talvitie in Malax " Ättlingar till Hindrik och Karin Smeds son Carl volume 1 year 2001.It startes in 1722 with Carl Henriksson Smeds from your ggr mothers side. I dont have her E mail but i guess i could get it for you if you like.

Korsholm, Finland