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Karen Norwillo
04-06-04, 00:26
Could someone recommend a good reference book showing the regional costumes/dress in Finland, particularly Vörå, Oravais and Salla. Karen

04-06-04, 04:18
Hi Karen,
The SFHS archive has books published by Brage Förlag on the Swedish-speaking parish costumes, while the Vuorelmaa company manufactures costumes from Finnish-speaking parishes. Not all the parishes have "registered" an officially recognized folkcostume, so some are not available. And there is no one book which covers every costume. (in 1999, for the Finn Fest in Seattle, I built two 8'X9' maps, northern and southern Finland, and glued color pics of whatever costumes I could find. 8 or 9 of them which Vuoelmaa produces are from Karelia, for sentimental as well as aesthetic reason, I think. They are navy, with white blouses, and some red touches.)

Unfortunately, Brage hasn't completed their schedule of publications covering the Swedish-speaking communities. So some of them aren't available for that reason.

However the SFHS archives everything anyone sends them with images of folkcostumes, so I would be glad to color copy what is available on your parishes and mail it to you. Please snail mail your request to the SFHS office P.O. Box, along with some moneys to cover color copies, and mailing, and the staff will get you what we have. Is Salla a Swedish or Finnish speaking community? I didn't recognize it for some reason.


Karen Norwillo
04-06-04, 18:14
Syrene, Thank you for the answer. I will do just as you suggest. Salla, formerly Kuolajärvi, is Finnish-speaking area in the far North. It was the home of my farfar, Gabriel Sulasalmi. Karen