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05-06-04, 17:38

I seeking information about a sailor called Emil Martin(s), born 29 june 1882 in Solf. He moved to Amerika 1902, and he died there 6 dec. 1907.

Bye, Nina Martins

05-06-04, 19:03
If you know that, it will help to find him.


05-06-04, 19:15
Hi again Chuck!

I donīt know where he moved!:(
Thanks for trying to help me again!

Bye, Nina:)

22-01-05, 20:20
Emils destination was Boston, MA,
but I donīt know if he stayed there.


22-01-05, 20:32
It's then a possibility that he continued onwards.

Emil Martins is not shown on Ellis Island by that spelling but a Boston destination usually means a Boston ship and not New York.

I tried to see if there was a Boston bound ship on the immigrant ship guild website but none were listed for 1902.

I think we need somebody to find out about where he died.



22-01-05, 20:52
Thanks very much for trying to help, Chuck!
I donīt know where I should get the information
about where he died?

Take care!


22-01-05, 21:42
This one may be rather tough. The census was taken every decade, 1900 & 1910, so he wouldn't have appeared in those.

I did a general search on Ancestry.com but nothing looked promising.

I did a google search on "Port of Boston" & 1902 and found a link that contains films for Boston arrivals between 1902 and 1906. This excerpt shows the NARA film # in the first column and the Family History Center film number(s) in the last columns. Maybe this will help some.

Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, MA, Jan. 1, 1902--June 30, 1906; T521, 11 rolls.
"T521-6 Keene, Mary--McDuff, James 1324979 or 1205460"

Have a look at this site for some suggestions:

Try the google search mentioned above and you'll see about 789 separate items returned.

22-01-05, 23:07
Thanks you very much for your tips,
I will try to see if I find something!

Take care!


22-01-05, 23:31
If you can find out his immigration date, let me know. There's a guy on Finngen who frequently visits the Archives in Massachusetts and will check the ship manifest. He really needs to know the date in order to check as even a month and year is too broad for him to check.

22-01-05, 23:49

This is the information I have about Emils emigration:

Emil Martins:

Detailed passport information (source: Emigrant Register of the Institute of Migration)

Last name
First names
Other names
Date of birth
. .1882
Marital status
Home parish
Passport date
Passport number
Passport valid (year:month)
Passport issued by

Detailed passenger information (source: Emigrant Register of the Institute of Migration)

Last name

First names
Age or age group
Port of departure
Place of destination
State of destination
Country of destination
Price of ticket
FIM 169
Ship from Finland
Date of departure from Finland
Ship from England
Date of departure from England
Ocean Line
Beaver Line
Port of departure in England
List and page

Could it help?

Bye, Nina

23-01-05, 00:26
Let me send him an email and give him your details and see if it's enough to go on. I'll let you know.

23-01-05, 07:58
Thank you very much,


Karen Norwillo
23-01-05, 18:20
In searching Ancestry.com, this was the only clear reference to an Emil Martin I could find. These both come from Wisconsin Marriages pre 1907. Emil Martin 30 May 1903 in Milwaukee and Emil Martin 2 Sep 1905 in Racine. It doesn't show any particulars, only that two people named Emil Martin were married in Wisconsin.What was his full name? Could he have used another name other than Emil?

23-01-05, 18:54
Hello Karen!

From the parish in Solf, where Emil was born, I just got the information that his name was Emil Martin. Also my grandfather only known this names. It chould be possible that he changed his name in Amerika.

Maybe he was one of them who married in Wisconsin. I will look if I can find something about that!

Thank you very much!


24-01-05, 16:47
Hi Nina,
I was busy this weekend with family activities and haven't had a chance to gather up this info and send it to my contact. I'll make an attempt to do so this evening and let you know once I hear something back.

24-01-05, 20:46
Hi Kevin!
Great that you will ask your contact for help, but please, do it when you have time! Donīt stress because of me!
I also have a family, and of course they are in the first place;)

Take care!


27-01-05, 04:31
Hi Nina,
Just wanted to let you know that I sent off a request to check for Emil's arrival record into Boston.

Did you notice on your record from the Migration Institute that the information from England was left blank? It has Ocean Line and Beaver Line from England but not a ship name and the travel date from England is all 9's. Just made me wonder did he just stay in England? Just a thought...

27-01-05, 15:34
Hello Kevin!

Yes, I have also wonder why there is no date when he left England for Boston.

The information about Emilīs birth-, death- and emigration-dates, have I got from the parish in Solf. ( Ämbetsbetyg, I donīt know what itīs called in english?) I donīt know where they got the information from, that he emigrated to America and died there.

I have written to Massachussetts Archives. I think it will take long time before they answer. Maybe we can get an answer if he stayed in Boston or moved somewhere else.


06-02-05, 05:21
Hi Nina,
I heard back from my contact who was to check for Emil arriving in Boston at the Archives. He did 2 different checks for me. Here is what he said in his email:

"i found Heikki Koski but not Emil Martin. The index is not
very good for 1902 and I did not search thru all Boston Arrivals
in April 1902."

I think task of searching each record for the entire month is too large a task. So we'll just have to find another method.

Sorry, I tried....:(

06-02-05, 11:03
Thanks very much to you, Kevin, for trying to help!
Also a big thanks to your contact!
You are all so very nice and trying to help!

I just got information that some of Emilīs cousines,
who emigrated around the same time as him,
went to Gardner MA, Seattle WA and Houghton(?) MI.
Maybe also Emil went to some of this places?

Letīs see if itīs possible to find him!
It seams not easy!


07-02-05, 19:14
Today I got an answer from The Massachussetts
Archives. They couldnīt find Emil in the death
I donīt know where to go on searching for him.
They was many cousines who emmigrated in the end
of the 1800- and beginning of the 1900īs.
Isac Martin, born 20 marsh 1880, went 1889 to
August Johan Martin, born 18 Nov 1865, went to
Washington 1901. Maybe also Emil go there?


08-02-05, 01:38
Hi Nina,
I was wondering if you had any information about his parents. He was born in Solf so maybe the church records will give us some names that just might suggest a new name chosen by Emil. Or did I overlook that information here:)


08-02-05, 03:33
Originally posted by urax
Isac Martin, born 20 marsh 1880, went 1889 to

I found this 1900 census record of Isaac Martin in Bohemia Township, Ontonagon County, Michigan. He's the right age but the immigration shows 1899, not 1889. Was he really only 9 when he immigrated or could this Isaac be the correct guy?

I couldn't find him in the 1910 census. I also checked for August Johan in Washington but didn't find him either. And, of course, no Emil (yet).

08-02-05, 03:37
Oh, and notice the William Martin, age 24 above. They're both from Finland.

(Now that I look back at the 1900 census image above, I noticed that the 1900 census also shows the birth month. It shows June 1880 for Isaac. Maybe this isn't the correct one afterall.)

08-02-05, 03:38
found at Swenson 230 = Houghton County, Hancock, Salem Lutheran
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Emi Church

112u Isak Viktor Martin Jun 26 1888 Mustasaari Korsholm unk 230

coding: 112 = page, u=unaccompanied.
I read on anbytarforum you mention an Isak by another spelling so I checked the dbase and found this guy. Mustasaari Korsholm is quite near to Solv so it is a possibility that this is your guy but the birthdate you provided at anby. is Mar 3 1880 so this can't be your Martin but I will leave it here just the same. I had good experience doing that last year and maybe good luck will strike again:)
I notice other Martin ppl on the db and because Martin from Finland isn't so usual, perhaps other relatives for you.
EDIT 2-8-05. The other person from Mustasaari-Korsholm was Edward Martin born Aug 29 1863. Let me know if I should check Swenson Swedish records for you. About the only possibility would be if you know of children who would have been baptized in Ontonagon or elsewhere. END EDIT:)


08-02-05, 05:04
Wow, it happend a lot when you are to sleep!
I coment all this in the afternoon, must go to my
job now. I have the names of Emilīs parents.
I have written wrong, Isaac emmigrated 1899!
More later!
Thanks Chuck and Kevin!

08-02-05, 17:35
Now Iīm back!

Emilīs parents:
Johannes Johan Eriksson Martin
Maria Jonasdotter Krypar

Parents to Isak (or Isaac as he seams to have been called
in Amerca) and August:
Johan Vilhelm Mattsson Vise-Martin
Anna Ulrika Jonasdotter Krypar

Full name of the guys before they left Finland:
August Johan Vilhelmsson Vise-Martin
Isak Vilhelmsson Vise-Martin

August had two doughters who wents to him in
America: Adelina Matilda b 25 April 1891, emigrated 1913.
Signe Nathalia, b 26 July 1893, donīt know when she

Yes, Mustasaari, Solv and Sundom is very near, itīs from those places most of the Martinīs is.

I think that it could be the right Isaac you find, Kevin. I have written wrong about when he emmigrated. It should be Nov 1899.

It was many Martin-people who emmigrated. Some of them was called Krypar. but I donīt think they had that name in America! I couldnīt find some William Martin who emmigrated, but it could be someone I donīt know about.

At Anbytarforum a guy find a August Martin 1n 1930 census, 64 years, unmarried, in Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

I got a picture of a gravestone at Omak Memorial Cemetry, Okanogan County, WA, with the name August Martin, with no dates on. It looks very old. I donīt know what to believe!

Thanks a lot for all your help!:)


08-02-05, 22:42
About August Martinīs two doughters, from Ellis Islands:

Adelina M. Martin went 1913 to Monessen, PA, to a friend
Emil Pasto(?).

Signe Natalia Martin went 1921 to father August Martin
in Quincy, MA!

That must be the August I wroted about last time.

But where did Emil go?!:confused:


08-02-05, 23:52
Hi Nina,
I'm at work now and see you've been busy! I will check the census records based on this new information when I get home tonight.

I remember seeing a August (or John) Martin in Massachusetts (Quincy, maybe??) that matched but disregarded it as I was focusing on Washington state. I'll post that copy again later.

09-02-05, 04:59
Here's August Martin found in Quincy, Norfolk County, Massachusetts in 1920 census. His immigration year is listed as 1902.

09-02-05, 05:06
Thank you, Kevin!
That must be the right guy, when also the daughter
went to that place. It was in the Migrationlist from Finland
I saw that August went to Seattle. It seams like he didnīt stay there.

Iīm going to my job now...

09-02-05, 05:22
I couldn't find anything else on Emil, August, Signe or Adelina so I thought I'd check the 1930 census for Krypar. Only one showed up in the entire country in the index so I'll include the image.

They're from Finland and immigrated in 1910 (him) 1912 (her) and their child's name is Agnes Signe. They were in Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts. I thought it might be interesting.

09-02-05, 05:24
Swenson S 27-3 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em. Church
34h Henrik Adaminp Martin May 5 1883 Pakkarila Lappee Lamminkylä 1902 S 27-3

Swenson 217 = Delta Co, Gladstone First Lutheran
b11h John Martin Jul 29 1883 Lotlax Vörå 1901 217

I thought I would place the last of the Martin ppl into this thread, even though they are not listed from the Mustasaari-Korsholm-Solv area.


09-02-05, 05:28
Don't know how I missed this, must be getting sleepy. ;)

August Martin in 1930. Now he's listed as single. Still shows an immigration year of 1902. I also included the boarders living with him.

09-02-05, 05:43
ok...so i just can't let an unfinished puzzle go....

I did one more check in 1930 for all Emils in the census born in Finland. Just those two fields resulted in the attached. The age is slightly off but there are a couple of things interesting about this one.

I've included a larger sample as most of these people were from Finland with a couple from Sweden. Emil's immigration year is listed as 1902 (wasn't that August's year, too?). Also, I think in the image of Isaac in Michigan, it said he worked for the railroad. Emil's occupation was a laborer for the railroad! This Emil was found in Chicago which isn't that hard to believe he may have ended up there as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is only about 8 hours away. So maybe it's him....:confused:

09-02-05, 16:57
You guys do a lots of job when I sleep and when Iīm
working! Thanks again, Kevin and Chuck!

The Kryparīs seams to be the right once! I have the
info that Karl (Carl) Arvid Krypar emmigrated to
Gardner, MA 1910. He was married to Edit Staffans, and they had one daughter.

That August Martin must be the right one too!

I donīt think thatīs Emil, he died 1907, so he couldnīt have been in the 1930 census... I really wish it was him!

About the other Martinīs, I donīt know the names.

I really donīt know how to thank you for all
the help you give me! You are so great!!!:)

I hope you excuse my bad english!
Take care!

09-02-05, 20:27
I was into the Hancock church for another reason and I thought to check to see if Emil was buried from that place, married from that place or had children baptized there.

I did not find him.

09-02-05, 20:52
Thanks, Chuck, for trying that too!

11-02-05, 21:12
This very likely isn't somebody for you but I was into Gethesemane Lutheran Church books - Virginia, Minnesota looking for somebody else when I saw this guy and remembered Martins were of interest so here he is:

Erick Herman Martin, b. 12-20-1881 Wasa län Finland. He has a non Finnish wife and several kids.


11-02-05, 22:17
I donīt know Erick Herman Martin.
I couldnīt believe that it was so many
Martinīs who emmigrated!
Thanks, Chuck!

11-02-05, 22:57

I didn't think he fit you but I had to report him here - who knows, somebody else will find him and want to know about his wife and 4 kids or maybe it was 3 kids.


12-02-05, 08:38
Iīm just glad you tells about the Martinīs you find!
I have many emmigrant in my books/papers,
so it could happend I find more, besides the
once I have ask about! Some of the Martinīs
come back to Finland after a few years in Amerca.
Iīm very happy for your help, Chuck!