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13-09-03, 03:28
For those searching for a difficult ancestor, try one of the best search engines I personally have found: www.google.com

Some of the techniques that I've used searching for ancestors on google include using the last name of a husband and the maiden name of the wife, ancestor's last name and a birth/death year, ancestor's last name and the parish name, if known.

Many times this will return more results than is reasonable to browse through so by strategically using quote marks ("") helps to narrow it down. For example: A search for Kevin & Paavola may return 1000 records but a search for "Kevin Paavola" may only return 100. Whatever is within the quote marks will be returned only if it appears exactly on a web page.

Using this method is how I stumbled on Hasse Nygard's web page. Of course I had to run it by June, for verification, before I contacted him! :)

Happy searching!

13-09-03, 03:32
Forgot to mention a neat little tool that's available. It's called the Google Toolbar. You can download it from the Internet for free. Once installed, it resides on your Internet Explorer toolbar. It contains a text area to type in your search criteria. Once pages are returned, you can click little buttons on the toolbar that will take you to the exact place on the web page that your search words appear. Saves a bunch of time especially when viewing a 20 generation ahnentafel!

Enter "Google Toolbar" in your search box and check it out. I don't use Netscape so I don't know for sure if it works with that browser. Maybe someone else has experience with that.

10-10-03, 08:12
dear Kevin & all
i use a too for searching google
that came from Robert Regan
that i dearly love.
i generally will use google for it
its fast easy and pulls more results than you can shake
a stick at.
when i first started using it i could not believe what i found
i should post the website link as it is then you can all
see how it works. i call it the plus system, it may be what its called by the author i take no credit whatsoever.


try it !!!! happy hunting