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09-06-04, 21:23
After viewing the forum for nearly six months, I thought I should introduce myself. Through this forum I have been helped by June Pelo who I think is a US Swede-Finn National Treasurer. Her writings are invaluable and the assistance she provides to family researchers can not be duplicate. Thank you, June.

Through this forum I have also located a long time family friend, identified Lars Granholm as a cousin, and learned so much about the "poor man"; red versus yellow buildings, and even a couple of things I didn't know about the sauna.

I grew up in Southern New Jersey where there were a number of Swede-Finns from Terjarv and Lappfjàrd as well as other Finns.

My father who was born in Quincy, MA and grew up in Terjarv. When it returned to the states he used the name Lillvik but his brother used Johnson which my grandfather (Johan Victor Johnsson Lillvik) had used when he came.

My mother was born in Kivennapa, Karelia and left long before it was lost to the Russian.

I will be making my first trip to Finland in July with my sister. Carl

10-06-04, 06:54
Hi, Carl,
It's very interesting that there was a group of Swedish Finns in New Jersey in the 20th century. I was only aware of those who settled in the 1600's! That is to say the New Sweden Colony.

Was there an organization or church or ?? in which Swedish Finns gathered? SFHS would really be interested in the names of those persons, in order to archive their presence after emigration from Finland. The Society is trying to locate the communities across the US and Canada into which Swedish Finns settled.

Finlander's webmaster, Hasse, has organized a terrific page called Oracle on which we can enter such material, so other Swedish Finns can search for such names. You can contact Hasse via the Finlander member email, if you have a list you're willing to share. Or you can send any info to the Swedish Finn Historical Society email <sfhs%40verizon.com>