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10-06-04, 20:16
Bernes Ingebritt Hagglund Siren Born July 26 1936 in Osterby Finland is my 3rd cousin on my Grandmothers side My Great Grandmother was Katarina Pesonen Neuman and is Sofia Pesonen Hagglund's Sister. Sofia Eriksdotter Pesonen Hagglund is Bernes Ingebritt Hagglund Siren's Great Grandmother.

I'am trying to reach Bernes and or any living releatives.

Also Johan Fredriksson Edesbacka is my Great Grandfather on my Grandfathers side. Johanna Elisabet Edesbacka is my Grandfathers sister my Great Aunt Born 1882 in the area of Karfsor or Vora.

11-06-04, 06:35
Kind of on the side, but there is a well known marine architect named Siren in Washington state. Are you possibly related?
His father and grandfather were boat builders here.

12-06-04, 16:14

That sure would be a coinsidence, if we were related because, I have spent most of my grown up live in the ship yards, as a Pipefitter, and Superintendent. Since your thread, I have been looking over the internet, trying to find siren the marine architect, but with no luck.

My Grandfather came from Finland and spent most of his time as a logger. My dad say's that if it weren't for the depression my grandfather would have owned the largest logging company in the state. I was not fortunate enough to meet my grandfather, he died in 1937.

A little over a year ago, my wife and I started in geneology, I only knew of my aunt and uncles with no children.

Arvid Freelund
Rudolf and Dorthy Freelund
Walt Freelund
And My Father Arthur Freelund

I was the only child.

Now, we have names of reletives dating back to the 1700's, I haven't met any reletives yet but I'am sure I will.

Thank you for your response

John And Alice Freelund

12-06-04, 17:15
Are your Pesonens from Munsala? Both my husband and I have relatives from the late 1700's from the Pensala farming community. The parish is Munsala.
And I'll have to check in the SFHS office, but the marine architect's name might have been Syren. He lives on Bainbridge Island and has his offices there.

Jarl Roos
13-06-04, 19:55
I live just some kilometers here in Pensala from Bernes Sirén and can forward your greetings to her and her family. She has two sons also living here in Pensala with their families. Her daughter is living in Vörå with her family.

Her address is:
Bernes Sirén
Aspnäsvägen 47
FIN-66840 Pensala


Jarl Roos

14-06-04, 19:32

Yes, most of my Pesonen reletives are from Pensala. That is my grandmothers, mothers side of the family, Great Grandmother Katarina Eriksdotter Pesonen Neuman. My grandmothers name was Vilhelmina Karlsdotter Neuman Freelund, everyone called her mini or mina.

Katarina's sister Sofia Pesonen Hagglund my great aunt, is Bernes Ingebritt Hagglund's Siren's Great Grandmother, which makes Bernes my 3rd cousin. I have been trying to reach her, Jarl Roos e-mailed me and said he only lives some kilometers from Bernes Siren and that he would forward my greetings to her, am positive that I will hear from her soon. She has two sons, that live in Pensala, Trygve Joel Siren and Ernst Allen Siren both of which are married. Bernes daught lives in Vora and her name is Lenita Susanna Siren Sandas.

Maybe? the Architect's is a reletive of a reletive. Thank you for your time Syrene.

John And Alice Freelund

14-06-04, 19:40

Thank you for taking the time to forward my greetings to Bernes Siren. I hope all is well their in Finland.

One day we would love to come and meet everyone and visit. Do you think Bernes has a computer or someone in her family? If so I would love to hear from them.

Thanks again, Hope to keep hearing from you!!!!!

John and Alice Freelund

From Washington State

Jarl Roos
15-06-04, 21:54
I talked with Bernes today and she was glad and suprised to hear that her relatives in America were asking for her. Unfortunately she has no computer, but you can send email to her son Allan at address:


They are looking forward to hear from you.

Jarl Roos