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13-09-03, 04:46
Maria is my ggrandmother. I am searching her death. Hasse, I believe, has told me it was 16 October 1887 and in Kronoby. She was born Jan 10, 1852 in Kronoby. Maria married Eric Lithen (Lataine) and moved to Michigan. She had a son born in Michigan in c1887. Did she return to Finland alone? That seems a bit extreme! He, Edward, was born in Michigan but I am unable to find his birth certificate--or birth registration. His death certificate, at least, says he was born in Michigan. Any ideas?

13-09-03, 10:25

The place of death of her in one of my files was "unknown" thus no indication about where she died. Maybe somebody else has better information.

Hasse Andtbacka
13-09-03, 20:12

in the Kronoby books is a note that Maria died 16-10-1887. There is a mark "i Amerika", in America.

Maria moved to Larsmo 17-03-1875. The family returned to Kronoby from Pedersöre 13-03-1880. Both Emma Maria and Frans Viktor were born in Pedersöre.

Due to one notice in one database the family emigrated in 1881. We can't verify that from the church records. Edward is not mentioned anywhere in the records.

See attached file for more information.


Hasse & Helena Andtbacka

13-09-03, 23:01
Hasse and Hasse! Thanks. I didn't know that she had died in America, that makes a lot of sense. I am suspecting she had TB and was placed in a sanitorium. From the census records she is "out of the house". I shall look farther into Michigan.

Also, I have information on a couple of others which I will send on at a later date. It concerns her half sister Anna Sophia and Leander Bjorn.

06-01-04, 23:39
Hi Pat,
Just back from Swenson. I went to Grace Lutheran in East Tawas, MI and found something for you so check the attached image.
Maybe this is your family, your Eric and his children. No mother listed.


18-01-04, 03:19
I have just opened your email of I believe Sept 13th! I am a bit slow! Eric Lithen is my g grandfather. I did not have the information on Edward so I owe you big time! Do you know the date of the church listing? It also says opposite Edward, Minnesota 1886. Is that where he was born? :D

You mentioned there was NO mention of a mother. That is what I am finding also. In the census he is listed as married, she is not in the home, but there is a housekeeper. My thinking is that she was in a TB sanitarium.

Thanks again,

18-01-04, 05:09

The above is at the storytellers and it will get you to a thread I posted about Rev. J.J. Hoikka.
In it is written that Rev. Hoikka went to serve at East Tawas Dec. 17, 1895. Now take a close look at the handwriting of that entry.
OK, go to the posted image about Eric Lethén - a few posts above - and you will find the entry for his family was written by the same hand.
Therefore, Eric is shown at the church in East Tawas AFTER Dec. 17, 1895 and departed for Oscoda May, 1896. He may have gotten there somewhat earlier but the hand that made the entry got there in Dec, 1895.
Eric and family departed for Oscoda in May, 1896 and of course we know the Oscoda records were destroyed in a fire.