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10-06-04, 22:32
When my cousin 2 years ago celebrated her 50 years of age, her mother sat at a table, when a man that sat beside her and that she had never met before asked her if she was from Vasa. Yes I am she said or actually I am from a place south of Vasa called Solf. Solf he said, then you maby know of the name Helenelund?
I was born Helenelund, my aunt said. Then you maby know Bror Helenelund? he asked her. Yes, he is my cousin. Then the man told her that he the year before had been to Solf and then had visited Bror Helenelund. He also said that he was a sibling of a family Gästgifvars-Kron that had emigrated from Solf to Sweden under the 18 hundreds. SO THEY FOUND OUT THAT THEY WERE RELATIVES.

Sometimes the world is very very small:)