View Full Version : seek surname Hauru & Taskila Oulu & Kemi

17-06-04, 03:27
hi all,
i am seeking any info on the Hauru family.
the individual i have info on is;
Selma Vilhelmiina Hauru, born 21 april 1874.
she married Karl Henrik Taskila of Oulu on,
20 feb 1896. her place of birth is not mentioned in the Oulu church books. it does mention she moved from Kemi
30 sept 1889. so it is possible she was born there.
the had children in Oulu, Ellen Maria Taskila , b. 6 dec 1900

if anyone has any info on the Hauru or the Taskila
family i should appriciate it greatly.
i did have a contact for the Taskila family,
but have not heard anything in a very long time.

thanks for any help