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18-06-04, 15:07

Is there someone who have information about Betty Jane Carlson, born july 1924 (or 1929) in Muskegon, Michigan? She died 1960. I wonder if she had a family?

Bye, Nina

29-06-04, 20:45
Hi Nina,
I checked the microfilm for Samuel Lutheran of Muskegon and found this:

her family were not members so I checked baptismal listings and that is where I have some good information for you.

Betty Jane Carlson was born Jul 24, 1924 at Muskegon.
Her parents: Carl and Mathilda Carlson

I did not find her in funeral listings for 1959-61 so I suspect that service was held elsewhere.


29-06-04, 21:02
Hi Chuck!

Thanks so very much for your help!

I must tell you, I have got contact with some relatives in Muskegon, Michigan!!! Iīm so happy! Itīs Betty Janes sisters son and wife! Carl Alfred Carlson who was Betty Janes father was brother to my grandfather.

Itīs much because you helped me before, Chuck, and found information about Carl Alfred! Thanks a lot to you!

Take care!

Best wishes, Nina

23-12-04, 02:37

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26-12-04, 15:46
Thanks for the tips, Chuck!
I think I get the book, if the seller donīt mind sending it to Sweden!

Best wishes,