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20-06-04, 12:05
Biography :
Location : Portland, Oregon
Interests :
Occupation : Retired
Researching surnames : Schrey
Researching places/parishes : Kimito

20-06-04, 20:11
What an unusual name! Schrey. Can you give any additional information?

Alf Blomqvist
21-06-04, 10:57
I got following information from Ole Schrey (we are working at same company):

There are no Schrey's living on Kimito (Island) today. His father was the last person named Schrey who lived there, but he moved to Borgå (Porvoo).

On www.genealogia.fi is some information re. family Schrey.

According to phone directory there are Schreys in:

Åbo (Turku)
Ekenäs (Tammisaari)
Björneborg (Pori)
Helsingfors (Helsinki)
Jakobstad (Pietarsaari)
St. Karins
Esbo (Espoo)
Borgå (Porvoo)

Google search find Schreys in Germany and Austria.


Karl Laxell
08-11-15, 08:45
What kind of information are you looking for. In my home village there lived som Schreys and I know that one of them emigrated to USA. best regards karl