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20-06-04, 12:13
Location : Helsingfors
Interests :
Occupation : Product Manager
Researching surnames : Sund, Sundman, Smeds, Svarfvar
Researching places/parishes : Närpes

20-06-04, 20:23
I see in the Order of Runeberg yearbook printed in 1967 that there was one Sundman, born in Renton WA, and one born in Olympia WA in the Anacortes Lodge. Are these family members?

01-09-04, 19:09
Not to my knowledge. There are relatives in Michigan, whom I found via a Google-search and have been in contact with since.

However, I am also researching the Sviberg family from Lemland, that is from my mother's side. There are some Svibergs, who moved to Oregon/Washington in the early 20th century.

02-09-04, 07:38
Hi Håkan,

On the Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census I found the following Sviberg like names.

SWEYBERG Hilda 63 Female, Fin, Stevens County, Newport PCT, T624-roll 1672, part 1, page 269, subpage A, State WA
SVIBERGSON, No given name, 30, Male, Fin, Cowlitz,Oak Point PCT
1655, 1, 222, B, WA
SIEBERG Andrew A 21 M Fin Pierce 3-WD Tacoma 1664 1 257 B WA
SIEGBERG John 25 M Fin King 4WD-Seattle 1659 2 25 B WA
SRIEBERG Lisette F Fin Whatcom 3-WD Bellingham 1673 2 196A WA
SWEDBERG Carl T 20 M Fin Pierce 3-WD Tacoma 1664 1 338 A WA
SVEDBERG Leonard 23 M Fin Pierce 5-WD Tacoma 1665 1 54 A WA
SVIBERGSON Irene S 26 F Fin Norfolk, Dedham 608 2 18 A MA
SKIBERG No given name, no age, M, No birthplace, Lake, 1-WD Two Harbors, 707 2 290 A MN
SZIBERG Oscar 24 M Fin Iron, Iron River Twp, 652 1 66 A MI

There are 11 Sundman listings AK, CA, CO, IL, MA, MI, 2NJ, NY, PA, and WA. Happy to post them if you wish.


02-09-04, 08:36
Hi Jeanette!

Thank you for the list. I am sure I will find some connections here. If you send the list of Sundmans I will check it out for any relatives.