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20-06-04, 12:17
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Location : Reykjavik, Iceland
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20-06-04, 21:40
Welcome Iceland!

From where in Finland are your ancestors?


Lena Nyberg
24-06-04, 01:08
Hello Kerstin

Thank you for your interest.
Im not active in searching for my ancesters, I leave that to my father, Ernst Nyberg, who is an active member of this discussion forum. I am very intereseted in his work, even if it is more in form of watching from the sidelines than directly participating and that is the reason for my registration on this forum.

Best regards
Lena Nyberg

24-06-04, 03:29
Hi Lena!

Welcome to the Finlander Forum! Even though you aren't actively involved in Genealogy, there are many places on this forum that I would encourage you to read and contribute: Culture/History, Recipes, Chit-Chat, etc.

Our company has a contract with a company in Iceland. I've been fortunate to visit on 3 different occasions. What a unique country island you have! :) Unfortunately, I have not been able to get out and see the countryside much. I liked your "steam-warmed" sidewalks!

Warmest welcome,

24-06-04, 17:09
Hi, and welcome!
We visited Iceland last summer. What a striking landscape. And th birds were fascinating.

28-06-04, 13:25
I was on Iceland about 10 years ago. Facinating country indeed!