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23-06-04, 08:03
Anders Emil Svartsjö b. 30.5.1875 in Terjärv married 29.10.1899 to Alina Isaksdaughter Styris b.10.7.1979 in Malax. Emil emigrated to Amerika 1902-1903 without Alina and their 2 children.Does anybody know what happened to him.


23-06-04, 16:36
Hi Christer,
This may only be a coincidence but I found an Emil Anderson with the correct age and wife Alina (incorrect age) in Logan Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota in the 1920 census. This was the closest match I could find.

Name: Emil Anderson
Age: 44 years
Estimated birth year: 1875
Birthplace: Finland
Race: White
Home in 1920: Logan, Aitkin, Minnesota
Home owned: View Image
Sex: View Image
Marital status: View Image
Year of immigration: View Image
Able to read & write: View Image
Roll: T625_822
Page: 9A
ED: 8
Image: 0155

Karen Norwillo
23-06-04, 16:37
Christer, On Ellis Island, I found Anders Svartsjö twice. Arriving first on 21 March 1903, age 31, aboard the Cedric, leaving from Hango via Liverpool. He was going to a brother-in-law, Anders Byrk in Oscada, MI. He again appears a year later, 16 July 1904, age 32, same ship, same route, again going to Oscada, Michigan. This time he is going to a brother-in-law L. Kronlund. Kronlund's wife and 4 children are on the same ship. I checked the 1910 and 1920 census, but didn't find him. Possibly he changed his name.

23-06-04, 16:56
You message sounded like he deserted his wife and kids in Finland. So going on the assumption that he might have remarried once he was here, I found the following. Immigration year is 1903 for him. His name is listed as A. Emil Lund. Age is correct. Census shows he was 27 when he married this Anna L. All kids born in Minnesota. This is probably a long shot, but you never know. This was in 1930 Minnesota census.

June Pelo
23-06-04, 17:27
My parents knew Leander Mattsson Kronlund and family who lived in Oscoda, MI. Leander was born 1867 in Kronoby and died in 1934. I believe his wife was Greta Jacobsdotter Lybäck, b. 13 Jul 1872, Kronoby who died 1956. One of their daughters was Signe, b. 1902, d. 1964, who married Lee Sherman. They lived in Flint, MI. I think Signe and her mother came to the US ca 1904. The Kronlund family lived in Oscoda across the street from my grandmother. Sorry to say, there are no relatives who can tell more about these families.


23-06-04, 17:45
I checked the 1920 census and found Leander and family but couldn't find anyone named Emil or Anders in the surrounding pages.

I also checked the Byrk/Burk family who I found in Newaygo County but again, no Emil or Anders in the surrounding pages.

June Pelo
24-06-04, 02:31
I did more checking on Leander Kronlund. His wife and children emigrated to the US in 1904. The children were: Frans Oskar, b. 1894; Signe, b. 1902, Elna, b. 1897, Elis, b. 1899. There was a daughter Esther, born in the US (Oscoda, MI?).

Leander had 5 sisters and I checked out the ones who were married: Maria's husband was Anders Mattsson Slotte; Greta's husband was Anders Andersson Andtbacka; Brita Johanna's husband was Nils Nilsson Åkerlund. There was also a daughter Anna Lena but I have no husband listed for her. So if Anders Svartsjö traveled from Finland to visit his brother-in-law Leander Kronlund I wonder who Anders was married to? None of Leander's sisters married Anders Svartsjö. Leander also had a brother Matts Mattsson, b. 1860, d. 1937 - not married.

Leander was the son of Matts Simonsson Kronlund and Greta Johansdotter Bäck - all from Kronoby. He was active in Hope Lutheran Church in Oscoda. He was a sexton in the church in Kronoby.


24-06-04, 08:34
Thank you folks for this information. I´ll try to dig for some more information about Emil and his brothes in law after midsummer.I guess that Byrk means Björk found one Anders Björk in passengerlist from Finland 13.8.1902 born 1882.


June Pelo
24-06-04, 21:40
We knew some people named Björk who Americanized their name to Birch. (The Swedish translation of björk is birch.)