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If you are a member of the SFHS then here are some of the headlines of the upcoming SFHS Quarterly publication.

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Headlines from the next edition:

Deep River Finns
The town of Deep River, Washington is located on the Lower Columbia River in the Columbia River basin in Wahkiakum County in
southwestern Washington near the Oregon border. It is approximately 145 miles southwest of Seattle and 65 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon...
Finnish Military in Swedish Era - Pt. I
Due to lack of written records, historical research has not been able to establish exactly how modern Sweden emerged. In medieval times the land was inhabited by land-owning peasants who fiercely defended their freedom. The custom was to elect a king at Ting, the annual court of justice held at Mora Stenar in the Province of Dalarne...
Finns in Russian Alaska
Members of Canadian Friends of Finland in Vancouver became acquainted with the Finnish connection in Sitka, Alaska in 1999, when Finnish-American scholar Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell gave a presentation highlighting Finnish community life in Sitka in the middle of the 19th century...
King’s Stone
Between Jakobstad and Nykarleby in the village of Karby in Pedersöre parish, there is located a stone and a sign with the text,” According to legend, King Adolf Fredrik of the Swedish Realm dined here during his trip in Finland in the year of 1752...”
Forstrom Family Story
When I was a teenager, my mother was explaining to me why my half-cousins were called halfcousins...
Schnyders Corneal Dystrophy
Schnyder’s Crystalline Corneal Dystrophy (SCCD) is a rare, inherited eye disease which is found in populations of Swedish Finns, as well as people of other ethnicities...
Travels with Children - Pt. II
Excerpts from travel journals by 10 year-olds Kristen Burrows and Jessica Jarvis; Julien, Marielle, and Cedric Blanc, ages 13, 11, and 7...
Vittisbofjärd in Satakunda
On January 1, 1973 the southern Ostrobothnian communities of Sideby, Lappfjärd, and Tjöck were incorporated into the city of Kristinestad. On the same day, the parishes of Hvittisbofjärd and Björneborg were united to become the city of Björneborg...
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A preview of the new Quarterly can be found here (http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?Quarterly%2013-3)

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