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June Pelo
25-06-04, 22:48
The Statue of Liberty was closed to the public after September 11, but now security work is nearly completed and the pedestal will soon be open to the public.

The Ellis Island database of 25 million names has now passed the 6.5 billion hits mark. And 100 million Americans can trace their heritage to this database.

The book "Liberty for All" by Lee Iacocca contains over 300 photographs of the Statue by Peter Kaplan on 240 pages and is now available for purchase.

Another Immigrant Wall of Honor will be constructed at Ellis Island by the end of 2004. Anyone can submit names of ancestors to be placed on the Wall - regardless of which port they entered - names must be submitted by September 30, 2004. Family names listed on the Virtual Wall can be seen at http://www.wallofhonor.com/family