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29-06-04, 21:04
SFHS received a query from George Nelson who has a friend, Leo Ilmari (Westman) Wiik looking for members of the WESTMAN family.
His father is Emil Alfons Westman b. 20/3/1925 in Karleby, d.22/12/1970
Mother is Laila Kyllikki Fransdotter Juntonen b. 3/5/1923in Uleaborg, d. 9/1/1999
Allan Alfons Westman b. 20/12/1945 in Uleaborg
Kaija Anneli Westman b. 21/8/1947 in Karleby, adopted out
Leo Ilmari Westman b. 21/8/1948 in Karleby, adopted out
Aulis Juhani Westman b. 9/4/1951 in Karleby

Emil Alfons Westman's grandparents:
Gfather: Johan Fredriksson Westman b. 20/10/1836 in Terjärv, d.28/1/1886
Gmother: Maria Abrahamsdotter Furu b. 22/1/1842 in Terjär, d. 6/11/1888
Anders Johansson Westman b. 25/?/1865 to US 18/10/1890
Johan Alfred Johansson Westman b. 30/7/1868 "" 4/7/1888
Maria Alina Johansdr Westman b. 19/9/1870 to Gkarleby 1/2/1895
Matts Viktor Johansson Westman b. 8/1/1873, to US 1895
Matilda Lovisa Johansdtr Westman b. 17/2/1877 to US 13/3/1896
Emma Johansdr Westman b. 16/9/1878 to US 18/4/1897
Emil Johansson Westman b. 9/12/1880 (father) d.24/11/1929
Selma Johansdtr Westman b. 20/11/1881 d. 21/5/1955
Gustaf Fridolf Johansson Westman b. 23/4/1884 to US 18/4/1905

He's searching for the American cousins.

Don searched Ellis Island and found Fridolf Westman, and Matts Westman.

Does anyone have more information the Westman immigrants to the US?
or care of Don and Syrene Forsman