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June Pelo
30-06-04, 22:20
I'm writing an article about Elmer (Hjalmar)Forsberg, artist from Finland, who married Anna Olivia Nilsdotter Sandqvist. Her mother was Olga Olivia Vikström, b. 1863 in Esbo. It's my understanding that she was an aunt to the known Vikström/Wickström brothers from Finland. (Johan Michelsson Wikström, 1847-1916, was one of pioneers in the automobile industry. My article about him appears on Delphi (http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?Three%20Generations%20-%20of%20Wickstr%f6m%20Automobiles) .) Does anyone have information about the parents of the Vikström brothers? I would appreciate knowing some names and dates. I think the father's first name was Michel.



30-06-04, 23:09
There are a few records in Talko about Johan Mickelsson b.1847

Johan Mickelsson Wickström here (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/getperson.php?personID=I63582&tree=BerglundG) in Göran Berglund's collection
Johan Mickelsson Wickström here (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/getperson.php?personID=I62850&tree=Mangs2) in Henrik Mang's collection

The parent's names seem to be

Father:Mickel Johansson Åman, b. 28 FEB 1823, Vassor

Mother:Kaisa Jonasdotter Örn

June Pelo
30-06-04, 23:44
Thanks, Hasse. I scanned through the data and found one mention of Olga Olivia Vikström, b. 1863 in Esbo - but there was no mention of her connection to the Vikström/Wickström brothers. I have an address for Werner Wickström's daughter and will write to see if she can add anything.