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03-07-04, 02:23
I am looking for the parent's of Lisa Sigfridi Gesti who was born 24 Apr 1787 (don't know where), she married Johan Karppinen on 21 Jan 1819 in Kestilä, Finland. Johan was also known as Juho Juhonp Keränen or Tuomaala.

Lisa and Johan had 6 children (Johan, Sigifrid, Maria, Jöran, Dorothea [Tw] and Catharina [Tw]), I am a descendant of Jöran. Johan had previously been married to Anna Helela Vuorma and they had lived in Ransilä, Finland.

Many thanks for any help.

Ruth Jericho

03-07-04, 22:00
Hi Ruth,
Long time no talk to! :)

I searched HisKi and didn't find Kestilä in the parish list. I checked the transcription status and didn't find it listed there. I did, however, find this birth record which might be your Lisa:

Pulkkila - christened

Years 4.1787 - 4.1787
Father's first name: SI => Sigfrid, Simon, Siggfrid, (Simon,ändr.till)
Child's first name: LI => Elisabet
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

21.4.1787 23.4.1787 Sigfrid Sam:son Keränen Marg. And:dr Lisa

I went to the Finnish site on genealogia.fi where you can still view the parish maps and Pulkkila is next door to Kestilä. So maybe this is her.

You mentioned that her husband was known as Keränen. I've seen in my own research that the husband assumed the wife's last name so maybe this might be a clue for you.

Here's the map image:

04-07-04, 13:28
Dear Kevin,

That is certainly possible - thank you.