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Kaj Granlund
04-07-04, 17:17
I wonder if somebody can give me an advice how to find the obit of:

Lydia ANDERSON Birth Date: 12 Jan 1890 Death Date: Dec 1980 Social Security Number: 010-30-8824 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Massachusetts Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 02032 Localities: E Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts East Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts Death Benefit Localities Zip Code: 02062 Localities: Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts

I have tried with RAGK without success. This lady could have been the wife of the "lost" brother of my grandfather. Hoping to find out if she was, and if they had children that I might be able to contact.

From a rainy and sometimes sunny Esse, Finland

04-07-04, 18:19
Hi Kaj,
Have you tried searching Google? www.google.com

I entered "massachusetts obituaries genealogy" and got over 69000 records back. I checked a few and it seems some offer lookups, online searches, etc.


After looking at some of these, you may be busy for a while! :)

04-07-04, 18:56
Dear Kaj,
What was Lydia's death date? It will give me a handle on which Leading Star to search for.

Kaj Granlund
04-07-04, 21:36
Looks like Kevin will keep me busy for some time. Maybe he doesn't want me to have time to enter Finlander ;)

I'm sorry I haven't got any closer death date than Dec. 1980 from the online social escurity death index.

Karen Norwillo
05-07-04, 18:15
Hej Kaj, I think I found your Lydia Anderson and family on the 1920 and1930 MA census and the MA Death Index 1970-2000. In 1920 they lived in Norwood, Norfolk, MA. In 1930 she lived in Norfolk city, Norfolk, MA with husband Frank, age 42 and children Arthur,18, Anne, 17, and Grace, 14. He and she were both from Finland. He was a colorer in a cloth mill and his son a laborer in a bindry. In the death index, her date of death is given as 22 Dec 1980 in Boston, MA. Date of birth matches at 12 Jan 1890. By the way, her middle initial is G. Hopes this helps. Karen

Kaj Granlund
07-07-04, 00:00
Hej Karen
I had some of that census information but some was new too. As I haven't been able to find any date of death of the husband I must try to find the information of the wife. Good to have a closer date for the wife. And Boston :confused:


Kaj Granlund
26-08-04, 21:27
Just for your information. Through this information I got the contact with this side of my family some weeks ago. The information is crossing the atlantic every day since then.

27-08-04, 03:12
Hi Kaj,
I sure hope you haven't been busy searching Google all this summer! ;) I'm glad to hear you've made progress! Sometimes this research can be daunting.

Kaj Granlund
19-09-04, 09:48
We also found a living first cousin of my father. The funny thing is that when we started to change photos I recognized some of them that I'd seen at my grandmothers but that nobody knew who the people were. Now we know. we are palnning to make a booklet with the familyinforamtion and woth photos of the whole flock of cousins about 220 at this time! My family i spread all over the USA, from Alaska to Florida. So be nice to the people you meet, they might be my relatives ;)