View Full Version : Murkelstuvning, Stewed Morel Mushrooms

Gunnar Damström
06-07-04, 02:41
We have a new food store in Bellevue- Whole Foods. They opened July 1 and on my first visit I found morels. These were real morels (toppmurklor), not to be mixed with stenmurklor (false morels). I was invited to a couple of dinner parties over the weekend and brought along my morels and stewed them to the great delight of the perticipants. Stewed morels, very popular in Finland are excellent with grilled steak or salmon, steamed mussels and sauteed scallops.

Here is what you need to serve four:

Half a pound of morels (kvarts kilo)
One small yellow onion or some French challots
Two tablespoons butter
Quarter pint (250 ml) heavy cream or half and half.
Optional: two tablespoons of cognac or Tio Pepe vermouth
Salt and freshly ground white pepper.

Finlely chop the onion and dice the morels
Melt the butter in a sauscepan
When the foam subsides, pour in the chopped onion, wait till transparent (couple of minutes)
Add the diced morels.
Cook for five minutes over a medium heat while stirring constantly.
Pour in the cream.
Continue cooking five more minutes at a low heat.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
You're done.

In my childhood home in Helsinki my partents used false morels (stenmurklor). The false morels need to be blanched in water and the water discarded before they can be eaten to remove toxicity.

Bon apetit,