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08-07-04, 22:24
Edla Deppman is searching for relatives on Åland before leaving July 30 for a trip to Sweden and Finland. Her paternal grandmother was Edla Grönberg, born on Åland and emigrated previous to 1885.

Hoping for the best!
Her email is edla2002%40msn.com

Ingemar Ekman
23-07-04, 23:01
Summary of the information I sent direct to Edla. Maybe someone else of the Finlanders have further information:

The parents to Edla Mathilda Grönberg born 1866 were Stefanus Grönberg and Eufrosina Mattsdotter. (Ref HISKI)

Extract of the"Estate of Inventory " (bouppteckning) that was performed after the death of Stefanus Grönberg.( Ref bou1893-94 pages 844-848):

"The estate of inventory and valueing was performed the 19th of December 1893 after the deceased crofter Stefanus Grönberg in Torp village (Hammarland) and the heirs were the surviving children from his first marriage, the daughters "of ages" (myndiga) Alma Eufrusina and Edla Mathilda and the "under ages" (omyndiga) the sons Johan Theodor and Albin Isidor and the daughter Ida Sofia. The property was showned by the deaseased widow from his second marriage Maria Katarina Grönberg” (No children in the second marriage).

Extract of the church records (Communion book) for Torp nr 9 in Hammarland.
The years 1888-1897
Stefanus Grönberg b 18 Oct 1835 in Gustavs, Finland. He died 8 June 1893 and became a widower 13 march 1880, before his second marriage with Maria Katarina b 1847 in Eckerö.
The children that was listed 1888-1897 were:
Johan Theodor b 27 Nov 1874
Albinus Isiodor b 4 Jan 1877
Ida Sofia 13 Mar 1880
(The other 2 daughters had already moved from home and were not recorded 1888-1897 at Torp nr 9.)
The years 1898 - 1907 has following additional information:
Albinus Isidor emigrated to USA 1901 and died there 23 Dec 1908
Johan Theodor was a sailor
Ida Sofia emigrated 1899 to USA but returned to Åland.
For the years 1908-1914 only the second wife Maria Katarina was recorded at Torp nr 9
I had no time while I was at the archive ( July 22) to check the church records before 1888 but I have sent direct to Edla the email addresses to Åland Emigrant Institute and to the province archive for the officer that working there next week.

/ Ingemar (in my summer cottage in Föglö, Åland)

24-07-04, 21:44
Dear Ingemar,
Thanks so much! Edla was the second person planning a trip this summer to visit their families' homes on Åland. Both women came in to the SFHS offices at different times for information, hoping to find living relatives. You've done them a great service!