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Jackie Sahlin
11-07-04, 00:57
Happy to part of this group. Three of my grandparents are from Sweden and my husband's mother and father were from Sweden. My father's mother was from Saltvik on Aland Island and emmigrated to Iron Mountain, MI about 1888. We had the good pleasure of reading records in the prest hus in Saltvik and also in Mariehamn. I was able to make copies also see grave sites of relatives. I am always eager to visit with people from Aland and also Upper Mich. I have many friends from the west coast of Finland whose relatives settled in U. Mich and Minn.
We have always loved visiting Aland (which we have done several times and have noticed the progress) and all parts of Finland even up to the Arctic Circle.
I'd be happy to share any information especially about Aland; if you are planning to research or visit there. My grandmother's maiden name was Ida Mathilda Alander and her uncle was a bank president in Mariehamn. I was thrilled to see his picture hanging in the bank. It is a wonderful vacation spot. I wish it was closer to Texas where I now live close to my daughter. Jackie

11-07-04, 04:16
Hope you enjoy the Forum!

There are a few of us from the UP. Midge Waters still lives there and Chuck Maki and I grew up there. Can't think of others off the top of my head.

For Åland, Ingemar Ekman is our "resident expert". He has helped many seeking information on Åland. Another knowledgeable source is surely welcome! :)

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Jackie Sahlin
11-07-04, 04:36
Thank you Kevin for your welcome...

I moved to Texas from St. Petersburg, Fl. and I miss St. Pete very much. Near Austen, Tx there are many Swedes but don't know about Swede-Finns. I live in Denton near Dallas; there are few Swedes here but I did go to a Swedish gift store in Dallas. A group of Swedes are there because of the Erickson Co.

This is a very interesting web site. With this heat my thoughts go back to wonderful Aland Island. Jackie

Jackie Sahlin
11-07-04, 04:44
Kevin......I neglected to state that I was born and lived in Iron Mountain, Mi. In fact I plan to go to a High School reunion over the Labor Day week-end in Iron Mtn. Upper Mi. is really a special place for me. Glad to hear that you are a Yooper and many have retired to Florida. I wonder why???? Jackie

11-07-04, 17:05
For me the answer was simple: snow & cold, more snow & cold and still more snow & cold!


Karen Norwillo
11-07-04, 20:03
Welcome Jackie, I ,too, am a yooper, born in Crystal Falls. I still have many cousins in Iron Mountain and Kingsford. I try to get "home" every couple of years. Karen

Jackie Sahlin
11-07-04, 21:45
Karin...Thanks for your note. I guess there are yoopers all around the U.S. Of course I know Crystal Falls. Many years ago a great uncle lived there named Lindholm. He came from Sweden around 1895. Greetings Jackie

Paul Sundquist
12-07-04, 08:18
Hello Jackie,

Greetings from another yooper in texas. I was born in Iron Mountain and lived in Kingsford and Felch before moving to WI. Have been in TX for over 20 years now. Was in Flint area for a family reunion last month and drove back through Sault Ste Marie, Mackinac (I know, out of the way) and Escanaba, where we stopped for dinner at the Swedish Pantry. My only surviving Aunt, who is 92, was there with her son and daughter and their spouses. They live near St Louis.

I have no family left in the UP but still like to visit whenever I can. Some day, after I retire, I hope to build a summer home in Felch.

Jackie Sahlin
12-07-04, 18:47
Hi Paul: I knew a Pearl Sundquist in Iron Mountain; if still living she would be about 80 years old. My husband was interim pastor in the Covenant Church in Felch. Felch has alot of neat people. I still correspondond with some Nelson"s. There are sure alot of deer around there. I use to be a Lundquist. Your note was interesting. Jackie

June Pelo
12-07-04, 21:54
Kevin mentioned that Ingemar Ekman was our "resident expert" for Åland. He's now on holiday at his home in Åland for a couple of weeks but is probably reading all this exchange of mail and may comment when he returns to his home in Sweden.


Jackie Sahlin
13-07-04, 04:13
June...Thanks for your information. Aland is a wonderful vacation spot. I have been to Sweden many many times also. It will be interesting to learn where Ingmar is from. I have learned that we live in a very small world. Does Sweden have a forum such as this?? Jackie

June Pelo
13-07-04, 17:37
Ingemar is from Föglö, Åland and lives in Järfällä, Sweden.

Yes, there is an e-mail forum in Sweden and I've seen it mentioned here but don't remember the URL. Maybe someone else will know??


Jackie Sahlin
13-07-04, 17:59
June...I do appreciate your input about Ingemar. thanks Jackie

13-07-04, 21:09
I have used the search button on this site several times, and found the Swedish genealogy site and the Norwegian genealogy site within the texts of past messages. Click on the html and zip you're there.
Thanks again Hasse!

Jackie Sahlin
15-07-04, 01:22
Thanks Cyrene for the Info. I am anxious to use it. Jackie

Paul Sundquist
18-07-04, 08:39

I don't know of Pearl Sundquist in Iron Mountain. There was another Sundquist family in Felch but they were no relation. Is the Covenant Church the old Felch Baptist Church? I attended there in the early 50s and my parents families helped start it. Have some fond memories of it. And you are right, there are a lot of deer there. We used to go spotting them at night and would always find at least 20.

Jackie Sahlin
19-07-04, 07:04
Hi Paul: I do know of some Sundquists in the Chicago area. In regard to Felch, I gave you the wrong information. The Covenant Church is in Foster City and then down the road is a Catholic Ch. We know several Nelson's in Foster City. That church in Felch was a General Conference Baptist Church but I think today it is more independent. I use to attend the Bapt. Ch. in I.Mtn. and I remember going to Felsh on Sunday afternoons with the pastor to have a service there. He would take some of the young people with him. The pastor was Rev. Arthur Ellison. As I recall there were many Swede Finns in the Felch area. I can't recall the name just now of some people we knew and they also went to Chicago. You may have gone to the Baptist Bible camp? Well it is a small world. There are not many Swede's here in Denton although there is a Swedish store in Dallas. Around Austen there seems to be many Swedes. I am not aware of where Spring TX is. Thanks for your message. Jackie

Paul Sundquist
19-07-04, 08:07
I called one of my sisters this evening and she gave me the information about the Covenant Church being in Foster City. I think that the Felch Baptist Church is now the Community Bible Church. They have added a gymnasium on the side of it and my sister said the congregation is growing, lots of young people. When did you go to the Iron Mountain church? We used to go to the old Immanual Baptist Church in Iron Mountain before they built the "new" one. If the Rev Ellison you knew is the same one we knew, he had a son that went off to college in the early 50s and left his dog, a golden cocker spaniel, with us. Many of the people from Felch went to Chicago during the Depression, including my parents and most of my aunts and one uncle. My parents were married in Chicago and then moved back to Felch. And there were many Swede-Finns in Felch. Some of the names I remember are Gust Backlund, Andrew Mattson, Skoglund, Blomquist, who was the school principal, another family named Blomquist that had two boys, and the pastor at the Felch Baptist Church during part of the time I lived there was Rev Okestrom. I don't remember the Baptist Bible Camp, where was it? Spring is just north of Houston. There are quite a few Swedes in this area, we have an active Swedish Club and it was through one of the members that I found out about this site.

Jackie Sahlin
20-07-04, 05:39
I wish we had a Swedish Club here in Denton. I attended the I. Mtn. Bapt. Ch. all my life and then went to Bethel College in St.Paul in 1944. I met my husband there and he was in the Seminary. He later became a Seminary professor in Am.Bapt. Seminaries in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Bethel Seminary. He also taught at North Park College in Chicago (Covenanat school) He passed away last year. When we first retired we moved to I.Mtn on Moon Lake which is along the highway just north of I.Mtn. and went to Fl. in winter and then finally retired totally to s. pasadena Fl. near St.Pete beach and loved it. When in Iron Mtn. my husb. was interim pastor for two years at the Cov.Ch. in Foster City. The name I remember from Felch from lon ago is Kasin or Kasen sp? and they moved to Chic. I think the Swed.Finn church in Chic. was Fairfield Bapt. All my grandparents except one grandmother(from Aland Is. now finland) qwere from Sweden and my husb.parents were born in Sweden. My husb. also taught in the Bapt. Sem in Stockholm after retirement. We have visited relatives many many times. We moved here to be near daughter(Chair. of Women's Studies T.W.U.)son-inlaw Assoc.Dean in Music U.N.T. Annika 11 years. Have you been to Sweden or Finland? I love Aland Is. Jackie

Paul Sundquist
20-07-04, 06:13
If you attended Immanuel Baptist Church in I Mtn in the early 1940s you probably knew my family. My father worked at the Ford Plant until they closed it. We lived in Kingsford on Sagola. Then we moved back to Felch for a few years and then to WI. My father's name was Lennart and my mother Emelia or Milly. They were living in Chicago when they married and then moved back to I Mtn. They attended Bethel Baptist in Chicago. My mother also attended North Park. There was a family in Felch named Kasen, there were boys Ivar, Salem, Victor and a girl Ina (sp). Ivar married my mothers sister Esther and stayed in Felch farming. Salem married another of my mothers sisters, Mary. They lived in I Mtn until they moved to Chicago, actually I think it was Arlington, until he retired and they moved back to I Mtn. They had four sons and a daughter, the daughter died in her first year. Three of the sons are still living, one each in MI, WI and SD.
I visited Sweden in 65 and again in 75. My wife visited Finland some years before I met her. My wife and son also visited Sweden several years ago. I hope to visit Finland after I retire in about six years.

Jackie Sahlin
20-07-04, 06:50
Hi thanks for your message. It is a small world. My father worked at Fords for 43 years. I have a gold watch that he received. His name was Morgan Lundquist and my mother Doris. They lived in I.Mtn. all their lives until they followed Ford to Dearborn for I think 15 years and then moved back to I.Mtn.
They were very active in the church. Do you know anyone there?
The Kasen my folks knew and I met them in Chicago was Salem. I remember him very well. There were Kasens in Gladstone that I knew also. They were related to Bergstrom's in I.Mtn. I assume your wife must have connections with Finland...maybe Vasa or Jacobstad. We have relatives in Stockholm, Smoland, upsala,
Karlstad, Varmland. My daughter often goes to
Sweden as her thesis for her PhD. from Harvard was on St. Birgitta of Sweden; she continues to do research and is invited for conferences re; St.Birgitta. She and her husband spent two different years in Stockholm with Fulbright scholarships. Her husband did composing in the studio for the national radio with computer music in Stockholm. Claire my daughter studied Swedish extensively at Harvard so speaks and writes very well. I can just get by. Where did you live in Wi? Yes it was Bethel Ch. that was the Swed.Finn Ch. in Chicago. Jackie

20-07-04, 07:20
There is a Kasen in Coos Bay Oregon who remembers that the family had cousins in Chicago area. He's a member of the Swedish Finn Historical Society. Should I give him your addresses? He might contact you.
or vice versa, i could ask him if I may send his address to you two via email. We may be able to reconnect him with the midwest Kasens.

Jackie Sahlin
20-07-04, 21:05
Tjhanks for your interest. I may have information about the Kasen's but Paul Sundquist I think would have more information. You can give this person my address. that is fine. Thank you. Jackie Sahlin

Paul Sundquist
21-07-04, 05:51
Jackie, Actually my wife is German, she just did a bit of travelling when she was young. I really don't know anyone in I Mtn anymore. No close relatives left. We moved to Manitowoc, which is on Lake Michigan about 80 miles north of Milwaukee.

Paul Sundquist
21-07-04, 05:56
syrene, you can give my address to the Kasen that is a member. We may be able to find out if they are related.

Paul Sundquist
21-07-04, 05:57
Jackie, Actually my wife is German, she just did a bit of travelling when she was young. I really don't know anyone in I Mtn anymore. No close relatives left. We moved to Manitowoc, which is on Lake Michigan about 80 miles north of Milwaukee.

13-10-04, 04:12
I'm Chuck Maki, originally from Marquette co but now in Rock Island IL where the Swenson Swedish Imm. Center is located so if you have a swedish lang church that needs to be checked, just give me an email:



Too bad those records were lost.
While I am doing these edits, I will report this because it's a close fit:
found at Swenson S 25-3 = Iron Mountain, First Lutheran
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em. Church
code: 71=page #, h=husband, w=wife.
71h Johan Alfr. Johanson Aug 27 1870 Sund 1901 S 25-3

71w Ida Mathilda .Carlsdotter Aug 12 1874 Sund 1901 S 25-3

This is probably not your Ida Mathilda.

found at Swenson B 147 = Delta Co, Gladstone, Grace Baptist
are your friends:
3h Herman Kasen Feb 3 1884 Purmo 1904 B147
3w Hanna E. Apr 19 1889 Kantlaks, Munsala 1907 B147