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14-09-03, 15:58
Looking for information on Angela Henriksdotter Kirvesmäki[ born Sept 3 1869] who emmigrated to Amerika.She possibly went to Racine Wisconsin in 1899 to join her husband Elias Sortonen with her 4 children, Henrik, Impi, Hilja Sylvia and Siirir Mirijam. Could possibly have lived in Chicago Illinois area as Maki in late 1930's. i have her birth, marriage and emigration but nothing else.

26-07-05, 21:57
First, I don´t know if you search for information what happened in US or if you are interested in ancestors in Finland.
But I found your Angela when she applied for passport and three of her kids. She got her passport 23.08.1899, kids Henrik born. 1888, Impi born. 1894 and Hilja born. 1896.

I found Angela in Perho, Finland, born
3.9.1869, baptised 26.9.1869. Father Henrik Mattsson Kirvesmäki and wife Stina Mattsdotter (age 43 at the time Angela was born).
Angela has following sisters and brothers:

Anna Sophia born 5.7.1848, baptised 16.7.1848
Anna Stina born 1.11.1849, baptised 4.11.1849
Abraham born 16.7.1851, baptised 20.7.1851
Carolina born 20.5.1853, baptised 29.5.1853
Tobias born 18.5.1855, baptised 27.5.1855
Victor born 9.6.1863, baptised 14.6.1863
Konstantin born 30.12.1866, baptised 11.2.1866
Maja Lisa born 10.6.1847, baptised 13.6.1847 (not sure of this since there was another birthyear noted on the mother but the same name of both of the parents and none with here name born the year in question)

This could be Angelas father:
Henrik Mattsson Kirvesmäki born 18.1.1820 (Perho), baptised 23.1.1820. Father Matts Mattsson and mother Sophia Henricsdotter Kirvesmäki
I hope it could be to any help
best regards