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12-07-04, 15:25
Where can i find list of cemeteries in Bessemer/ Ironwood area and Ishpeming in MI.Is coming to visit Michigan,Wisconsin and Minnesota in August ,is trying to find some tracks of missing ancestors, the same Kristian Edward Kloo again.Does anybody have information about mine accidents in Marquwtte area? Is looking for Matti Joensuu ( Matt Johnson?) who was reported dead in mine accident in 1904.Passengerlist says he went to Ishpeming in 1900.


Karen Norwillo
13-07-04, 01:41
Christer, I have had good luck with contacting the Gogebic Range Genealogical Society at www.gogebicroots.com and also the city of Ishpeming at 100 East Division Street, Ishpeming, MI 49849-Cemetery. In fact, I just received the location of the grave of my great-uncle today. Hillcrest Cemetery is one in Bessemer, Riverview Cemetery is in Ironwood. I tried a look-up on Kloo on the GRGS site, I am a member, but no results. They were very helpful in doing research for me in the past. Just give them as much information as you can. I did find a Kristian Kloo on Ellis Island arriving from Finland on the SS Nevada 18 Mar 1892, but unfortunately the ships manifest doesn't show correctly. Karen

14-07-04, 07:09
Hi Christer,
26h Matti Joensuu not given Evijärvi unk S 27-3

The above info might be your Matti.
First is the page number and that he is married. The church had no birthdate for him but recorded he was born in Evijärvi. They did not know when he arrived in America. The church is the Finnish language lutheran church in Crystal Falls.

I will be back to Swenson Wednesday afternoon to complete my proofreading of that same Finnnish church and get the Iron County spreadsheet over to Hasse for delphi. I will look at the information for this guy and get the added info about family, remarks, and so on. This is a project for next year's FinnFest in Marquette Michigan so too bad your trip wasn't a year later:)

A list of cemeteries in Michigan and elsewhere in America.


14-07-04, 22:23
Matti is on page 26 at the top and the only added info for him is that he was confirmed, "yes", received in 1900 and removed to "Suomeen" 1902.
On the next line is written "wife" with no other data except in remarks where it was written "dead in Finland".

So if he returned to Michigan, it's likely he became a member of a Finnish language church for which I have no access here. The only reason why Swenson has the microfilm for a Finnish language church is that it and the Swedish church merged early on. I understand that the Finnish Heritage Center at Finlandia Univ [better known as Suomi College] has microfilms of church records and it's likely those records will be able to tell you where Matti is buried.
That's it from Rock Island!

June Pelo
15-07-04, 03:06
Here's a website for the Finnish Heritage Center at Finlandia Univ.


Karen Norwillo
15-07-04, 03:33
I have found a possible source for mining records at the Marquette County Historical Society. They have access to the John M. Longyear Research Library. They have Inspector of Mine Reports for 1889-present. I emailed a contact and will let you know how to go about obtaining records. Karen

15-07-04, 13:13
Thank you friends for spending your time with my questions.The age and immigration year for Matti Joensuu fits but his birthplace should be Alajärvi not Evijärvi. Dont know if he went home in 1902 and then back to USA again.The only thing we know for shure is that he died in mineaccident in 1904, so i´m intrested to see what Karen gets from her contact.


20-07-04, 22:53
Here is a fotocopy and scan of the page at Crystal Falls Finnish Lutheran so you can see that Matti must have told them Evijärvi.

If you have an address in America to which I may mail the fotocopy for you, I will be pleased to do so.


Karen Norwillo
23-07-04, 18:45
Christer, I heard back from the person at the Longyear Library at the Marquette Historical Museum. Unfortunately, they could not locate any info on the person in question. She said she searched the Mine Reports For Marquette County and Mine Fatalities, without the exact date, she had no success. She suggested you try the Marquette County Clerk at 906-225-8330 to request a death certificate search for him. Unfortunately, with just a year, it could be pricey. She also said with a more complete date, even month and year, they could search newspaper archives. Karen

30-07-04, 22:05
Thank you Karen for your help anyway. I have a meeting with Midge Waters, perhaps some of you knows her,we got common relatives, in Marquette when i visit Michigan in September so i will ask her for a little help with visiting the clerk in Marquette, also check the information i got from Chuck about Crystal Falls.