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14-09-03, 15:59
I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather Erik Mattsen, son of Matts Gustafson and Anna Eriksdotter. Erik was born on 18 January 1843 in Heikfolk, and we think he went to Iron Mountain, Michigan around 1890. There we lose him. I have found information on his wife, Anna Eriksdotter Rundt, his son Matts, and his daughters Ida and Maria in Iron Mountain, but nothing on him. The family name became Lundquist somewhere around 1890 so the info on his wife and children was under that name. Erik has also beenfound in Finnish records as using the names Drakas or Ojala. He has been one of our most elusive relatives and we would appreciate if someone could help fill in this gap in our knowledge. Thank you.

Re: Erik by June Pelo

The Ojala name is found in a number of parishes in Finland: Kaustby, Perho, Ullava. I checked the Ojala names in my database but didn't have anyone named Erik Mattsson Ojala nor Matts Gustafsson Ojala. There are Rundt names found in Pedersöre. I checked HisKi and there were 73 children named Erik born in 1843 but not one of them was born 18 January. 1843. You mentioned Heikfolk - that name appears only in Närpes parish but there was no one named Erik born 18 Jan 1843. Where did you find Erik's name using the name Ojala?
June Pelo

Re: Erik by Clarence Lundquist

I got the name of Erik Mattsen (Ojala, Drakas, Heikfolk) from family records. His sons and daughters in Iron Mountain, Michigan and Hibbing, MN used the name Lundquist here in the U.S. His birth date is also from family records. It may be possible that it is wrong. I think his father, Matts Gustafson Heikfolk, was born in 1819.

21-04-05, 06:42
at Swenson S 21-6 = Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran

34u Maria Mattson Heikfolk-Ojola? Jul 26 1894 Jeppo 1914 S 21-6

I was just going thru old postings that mentioned "Michigan" and I found this one.
I wonder if this Maria is the one mentioned by the originator of this thread. Of course if Maria was born in America, this cannot be her. But just look at the names here - Mattson, Heikfolk - Ojola. If something looks worth another look, I can go back to Swenson and look closer.


22-04-05, 20:58
The names Rundt, Ojala , Draka and Heikfolk are from Jeppo/Nykarleby.

All these can be foun din the book "The Levälä family" by Pär-erik Levlin.

24-05-05, 20:23
except for the remarks that Maria Mattson (Heikfolk-Ojola) was Mrs Victor Holm.


25-05-05, 21:43
Erik Mattsson Ojala (Draka)
This family is not yet in the Levälä book, belongs to Bärs släkten 2 or 3. Per-Erik Levlin has no information what happened to Erik. I,m helping Per-Erik with the copytyping and to check up the informations he already have. Most of his collected materials are from the time of 1990 so we hope to find a lot of new information.
This is the information I have in my computer about this family:

Ojala (later Draka), Erik Mattsson.
Born 18.01.1843 on Heikfolk. Died in USA.

Father Heikfolk, Matts Gustavsson.
Born 17.10.1819 on Heikfolk. Died 07.02.1866 on Ojala.
Mother Lussi, Anna Susanna Eriksdotter.
Born 17.05.1816 in Lussi, Ytterjeppo. Died between 1870 and 1887 in Lussi, Ytterjeppo.

Married 21.06.1863 in Nykarleby lf to Rundt (or Blink), Anna Eriksdotter.
Born 02.04.1843 på Rundt. Died 20.01.1904 in USA.
Father: Blink, Erik Johansson. Mother: Grötas, Cajsa Sofia.


Ojala, Matts Eriksson.
Born 12.11.1863 on Ojala. Died about 1938 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA. Not married.

Draka (tidigare Ojala), Maria Lovisa Eriksdotter.
Born 03.03.1866 in Ojala. Died 15.02.1946 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA.
Married 1st 24.05.1885 in Nykarleby lf to Bjon, Anders Johansson. Born 16.08.1826 in Purmo. Died 16.01.1908 på Bjon.
Married 2nd c:a 1920 in Amerika to Sjöström, Louis. Born 09.11.1862 in SverigeSweden. Died 14.11.1923 in Aurora, Wisconsin, USA.

Lundqvist (tid.Ojala), Sanna Kajsa Eriksdotter.
Born 04.04.1869 på Ojala. Died 15.06.1949 på Fors, Jeppo. Married ...12.1895 in Jeppo to Fors (eller Blink), Johan Eskil Andersson. Born 01.05.1874 in Jeppo. Died 18.09.1938 på Fors.

Ojala, Anna Sofia Eriksdotter.
Born 02.06.1871 på Ojala. Died 14.01.1943.
Married 14.02.1892 in Nykarleby lf to Backlund, John Gerhard Isaksson (Knuts). Born 02.11.1871 . Died 04.09.1949. Carpenter.

Ojala, Erik Eriksson. Born 14.11.1873 på Ojala. Died 17.04.1877.

Draka, Johan Eriksson.
Born 07.11.1876 på Draka, Ytterjeppo. Died 06.01.1955 in Hibbing, Minnesota, USA. Married 23.10.1898 in Nykarleby lf to Rundt, Albertina Johansdotter. Born 21.04.1878 på Rundt, Jeppo. Died 04.06.1965 in Hibbing, Minnesota, USA.

Draka, Gustav Joel Eriksson.
Born 01.06.1879 på Draka. Died 31.07.1879.

Lundqvist (tidigare Draka), Ida Johanna Eriksdotter.
Born 04.07.1880 på Draka. Died 1950 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Married 1st 22.04.1905 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA to Johnson, John August.
Blackshmit. Born troligen 16.01.1880 in Sweden.
Died i en gruvolycka 12.11.1922 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA. Married 2nd 1925 to Lindstrom, Werner.

Everyone who knows they belong to this family, please contact Christina Nordback
Hamnholmsvägen 10
10900 Hangö


so we can check the information we already have.
Hälsningar Christina

26-05-05, 22:13
Hi Christina,
This seemed the place to put scans up for everybody to see. I found some differences between church records and the gen table you attached to your email.
Attached is a grouping of fotocopies which names I will list here:
from the top:
Ellen Cecelia Backlund, b. 27 Nov 1904 in Hibbing, parents: John & Anna Sofia Backlund. She lived 10 months 13 days (see next to bottom listing)
2. Johan Rudolf, b. 17 Nov 1903 at Iron Mountain, parents: Henning Larson & Miss Ida Lundqvist.
3. August Helmer Johnson, b. 8 Oct 1905 at Iron Mountain, parents: August & Ida Johnson.
4. Ida Adéle Viola Johnson, b. 5 Sep 1907 at Iron Mountain, parents: Aug. & Ida Johnson.
5. Virginia Anna Louisa, b. 27 Apr 1910 at Iron Mountain, parents: August & Ida Johnson. (Helga?)
6. Ellen Cecilia Backlund, died 12 Oct 1905 at age 10 months -13 days.
7. Carl Victor Backlund, b. 8 Feb 1906 at Hibbing, parents: John & Anna Sofia Backlund.
Looking at table 31,you will notice some differences. You should show two Ellen Cecilia Backlund girls.
Table 39 - Edwin Peterson. This COULD be him from Eveleth church just down the road. You decide:
Edwin Theodore Peterson, b. 15 Apr 1912 at McKinley MN, confirmed 2 Jun 1929. No other information.
Other questions from you:
1. Iron Mountain Lutheran funeral etc pages go up to 1910 so your more modern deaths cannot be solved at Swenson. The Covenant church goes to 1941 but Matts Ojala did not have a funeral there.
2. Canadians: check the Swenson list of churches to see if any are close to those Canadian towns.
3. Eveline Bell, Calumet, not listed in the lutheran church baptismal pages.
4. Iron Mountain funeral lists extend only as far as 1910.
5. Hibbing funeral lists extend only as far as 1934. Eveleth to 1933.