View Full Version : New gedcom submissions

13-07-04, 21:43
Several new submissions can be accessed. The entrypoint from Delphi to Talko can be found at this

- Maryann Forster
- Gary Lee Foster
- Lassas (update)
- Ole Jansson
- Sallyann Joiner
- Carl Lillvik
- Roy Schnell
- ...link (http://sfhs.eget.net/wikitalko.html)

Please send me an email if I have forgotten to create a user profile for some of you who have submitted material!

14-07-04, 05:42
Thanks to all who have added materials to Talko! what a great resource for us Swedish Finns.

And how many names are now in the database, Hasse? Although it's probably not possible to reckon how many duplications there are. As has often been said in this forum, we all seem to be related somewhere if we have roots in Swedish Ostrobothnia, and beyond where ever Swedish was spoken in Finland!