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19-07-04, 19:42
There are two kind of people in this world, those who are Yoopers, and, those who want to be. We feel a sense of pity for people who live elsewhere, and, will never know what it's like to be from(born) on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.What sets us apart from other people is that we long to live in one of the most unpopulated areas of the country. This is the only region in the U.S. that had about the same population in 2000 as it did in 1900. We have no problem accepting transplants, because, anyone wanting to live up here is showing a certain amount of good taste. I see some of the members are "uproots" who chose to move elsewhere in search of something better, which usually means money, but, they will all finally understand that no amount of money can buy the lifestyle that we have here. Note! This came from an article in our local Sunday newspaper, so, I thought I'd pass it on...I did add the thing about "the members".

20-07-04, 22:06
OK. Did I miss something in that message. Why are you called "Yoopers"? Does it stand for anything, or is it just a nice word that sort of rolls off the tongue? Don`t get me wrong, I quite like the name, but before I start to use it in everyday language, I need clarification please.


20-07-04, 22:55
I'm sorry, the term "Yoopers" means that you came from the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. It was first used by a local band from Ishpeming, where I live, who call themselves, "Da Yoopers", they still perform once in awhile in the Midwest. If you're ever in the Ishpeming area, you can visit "Da Yoopers Tourist Trap" located on US 41.

21-07-04, 10:15
Thanks for that. I don`t think I will be able to incorporate it in everyday conversation though, but never mind. :D