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21-07-04, 02:36
Good Evening to all! I am trying to obtain information regarding my Great Grandmother Annie Breen. She came to America in the mid 1800's. She lived in Kristianstaad. My information is very limited at this point. I believe she emigated to a midwestern state - I believe either Michigan or Minnesota and she married a John Hendrickson. I am also researching my Great Grandfather - Charles Johnson (perhaps Carl Johnsson) from Kristianstaad as well. He would have emigrated to America in the late 1800's to settle in Rockport, Massachusetts. I would appreciate any information anyone would have to help me in my search. Thanks so much in advance - Andrea Nelson Elias.

21-07-04, 16:02
Hi Andrea and welcome to the Forum!

Can you provide additional details for the individuals you are seeking information? Census records are available for the decades in the 1800s (except for 1890) and there are some that match the names you list.

Do you know approx when Ann immigrated? Approx when they might have married? Do you know where John Hendrickson was born? What were some of the children's names?

A few more details may be enough to narrow down the search results and provide you with either clues or matches.

22-07-04, 04:27
Thank you so much for your response! I looked in some of the correspondence from my 2nd cousin, and it seems that Annie K. Breen was born in Helsingforrs, Kristianstad, Finland in ~1865-1866. Her father is listed as Joseph Breen (Brinn?) and her mother's name was Katherine. Apparently Annie's mom died when she was a small child and her father married again. Annie came to the USA first to Ironwood, Michigan and then to Quincy, Massachusetts. She ultimately settled in Rockport, Massachusetts. Her first husband was John Hendrickson. After his death she married my Great Grandfather, Charles Johnson. She died on January 20th, 1952 in Rockport, Massachusetts. Any help is SO appreciated. With the help of my cousin Kris - we are already back to the 1400's on my mother's mother side of the family! Thanks again! Andrea

22-07-04, 15:06
Hi Andrea,
I found the family in the 1920 census in Rockport. I've attached the image below of the family.

Looks like Annie immigrated in 1887 and like you said was born bet 1865-6 as her age in 1920 is 54. There's one step-son, age 28 so Annie must have been married to John Hendrickson bet 1887-1892. He might have been the only child from the 1st marriage as the next child isn't listed as a step child and was born in 1900. John (the son) was born in MA so if the census is correct they were in MA before the 1900s.

I did notice a Henry Henrickson a few doors away who was born in Michigan. Wonder if he might be another child of Annie and John?

This was found in Rockport, Essex County, Mass. Roll T625-696, Page 13A-B. ED 250.

Hope this helps some....

23-07-04, 23:12
Hi Kevin - Thanks so much for the census report. I actually have that already, but I'm having difficulty finding anything in Michigan and beyond. My grandfather was David JOhnson (noted on the census report.) He was my mom's Dad who died in 1934. Thanks for all your help! Andrea

24-07-04, 02:41
Have you checked this website? http://mattsonworks.com/index.html?row1col2=1892a.html

They have a 1892 City Directory for Ironwood and surrounding areas. These are the Hendricksons from that directory:

Hendrickson, Andrew ... mason, boards Simon Eckern
Hendrickson, John ... pastor Swedish Lutheran Church,
res Mansfield bet E Aurora & E Ayer.
Hendrickson, Nick ... laborer, res e s Mansfield bet E Aurora & E Ayer.
Hendrickson, John ... miner, res w s Curry nr E Vaughn.
Hendrickson, August .... (Larson, Hendrickson & Co),
res Ishpeming, Mich.
Hendrickson, Jacob ... bartender Jessieville House, boards same.
Hendrickson, H ... miner, res Mt Hope loc n of County road.

You might want to check out the website if you haven't already. There might be some useful information. Unfortunately, as you may be aware, there is no 1890 census for the area. :(

28-07-04, 00:30
Thank you so much! I will look into the Ironwood site and let you know what I find! Take Care - Andrea