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Margaret Rader
25-07-04, 20:57
Hi helpful people,

In Hiski for Närpes - married, I have the following entry: date: 22/12/1765; Man: Warg.k. Axel Wilh. Schölen. I found this definition: "vargeringsman: extra soldier, reserve soldier." Can I assume this is what Warg. is short for, and what is the "k"? And what is a reserve soldier?

In Hiski christened files, Axel Schölen is listed as "Sold." Is Schölen (also spelled Schülen in the records) a Finnish name or perhaps a German name?

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Margaret Holm Rader

25-07-04, 22:21
The k. stands for karl i.e. man. wargeringskarl and wargeringsman are synonymous.

During the last 100 years of the Swedish area in Finland farms were supposed to arm soldiers for the crown. Originally the farmer was asked to send a son to war, but he could avoid this by paying someone off to take the son's place. It was not uncommon for a family to lose all the sons one by one in war.

Later the soldiers where crofters. But in addition to this ther could be a man kept in reserve when needed. This was the wargeringsman, who mostly worked as a farm hand.


Margaret Rader
25-07-04, 23:35
Thank you very much Sune.


03-03-06, 05:39
There is a good, short summary of the organization of the Swedish-Finnish army in 1808 (in English), at:


It includes a very brief discussion of "vargeringsman" (which agrees with what was stated above in 2004).

The webpage also has some nice pictures; a diagram of the Swedish Army's battle formation; and a description of its tactics.

Also, the index for the above is at:


It has links to the uniforms worn in that period; as well as some of cousin Runeberg's poetry.

Finally. the whole works, on the The Swedish-Russian War of 1808-09, is at:


War is generally insane - war in the 1700's and 1800's was particularly insane.


Still looking for all things "Warg" or "Varila".

Terry Kenney
01-04-06, 11:36
Originally posted by jmmccart99
Still looking for all things "Warg" or "Varila".

Will any of this help?

The paperwork my father had stated:
Johan Michelsson Wirckala-Forsnas-Warg 2.12.1796 fodd i Kaustby. Flyttade 1804 til Kronoby och 21.5.1810 til Warg i Kaustby
Vigd med
Anna Lisa Henricsdotter Kansala 4.3.1798--10.1.1871
Maja 26.12.1819--27.9.1843
Anna 9.8.1821
Michel 14.4.1823-- G 15 a
Lisa Greta 13.12.1826
Mariana 4.1.1829-- G 15
Helena 10.5.1832

Mariana Johansdotter Warg-Warila 4.1.1829--14.9.1897
marriage date of 3.7.1846 to
Johan Henrik Johansson Kuorikoski 2.10.1822--2.4.1879

It states:
"Kyrkans sexman. Bosatta pa Varila i Kaustby
Johan 15.11.1847
Carl 8.9.1850
Matts 31.6.1855--10.6.1867
Maja Lisa 16.1.1859--5.7.1863
Henrik Gustaf 10.5.1862--1.1.1884
Alexander 24.3.1865
Anna Lisa 24.3.1869

This is cut and pasted from my post on the geneology forum. I've been looking for info regarding my great grandfather, Alexander Warila. I remembered Warg and Warila in the lines. Its a shot in the dark. Ignore if it is not helpful.

June Pelo
01-04-06, 19:48
The progenitor of this Warg-Varila line was Johan Gabrielsson Torp, b. 1634. His descendants used various names: Torp, Wirkkala, Svartsjö, Pollari, Karvonen, Dunkar, Warg, Varila...