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14-09-03, 16:04
My paternal grandparents emigrated either direct from Sweden or from Vaasa, Finland. My grandmother's maiden name was Johanna Brandholm. My grandfather was August Nyfors, but I have been told that this was not the family surname, but one he adopted when he emigrated to the U.S. I believe his mother's maiden name was Smedman. They settled in Eveleth, MN and lived there until they died, both in 1968. They had five children. I was told that that there were six pregnancies, but the first was stillborn. The eldest child, Irene, was supposedly born in the old country - her DOB was 7/6/1906.
My maternal grandparents were Lulu Halden and Daniel Hall. My understanding is that my grandmother came from Helsingfors, Finland and that most of her family remained there. My grandfather was supposedly of Scottish ancestry, but none of the family knows anything more than that. They settles in Duluth, MN and had five children. My grandmother died in childbirth of her sixth child, who also died. This was about 1932.
I am looking for family history on both grandparents' families. I have been using the web to search without much luck so far.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks, Jo Ann

Re: Swedish/Finnish ancestors by June Pelo

According to google, the Nyfors name can be found in Sweden. Here is a reference to it in Eskilstuna: http://www.eskilstuna.se/pressmeddelanden/2003/030606rekt.html There were many other references. try http://www.google.com and put Nyfors in the search box. And here is a family tree that mentions Nyfors: http://lauri.greatnow.com/dat84.html I found a Pia Nyfors in Finland - here is her address: Pia Nyfors
I found another pedigree chart with a Nyfors name: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~waltnjulie/Per01420.htm
The Smedman name can be found in Korsholm. Are you familiar with HisKi? Korsholm birth records are online for 1671-1806.
Many Håll names are found in Esse. HisKi has Esse birth records for 1736-1769.
June Pelo