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June Pelo
31-07-04, 20:58
The June issue of The Leading Star newspaper has a query from Ilpo Lagerstedt of Helsinki, Finland asking for information about the subject people:

Armida Anderson and Muriel Carlson both worked for Norden newspaper in the 1950s - would like to contact living relatives or get biographical information about them.

Nils and Paul Gustavson were artists born in Saltvik, Åland. Paul died 1977 in upper New York state and Nils died in New York March 1953. Seeking information about them.

Ilpo Lagersted also asks about publications of Swedish Finns in America such as yearbooks, magazines, etc. Would like to know titles. Also are there any books like "Who is Who Among Swedish Finns in America"?

Ilpo Lagerstedt
Ulvilantie 29/2 H 101
00350 Helsinki, Finland