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14-09-03, 16:05
My grandparents migrated to the U.S. from Finland, maintaining they were Swedes. August Soderlund came in 1892 to California where he met my grandmother, Marie Dahlquist who came in 1907. Gus' parents were Johan Eric Markkusson and Beata Ahlskog. Marie's were Herman Dahlquist and Beata Skatt. I have little on their lives in the old country, but quite a lot on their descendants.

21-09-03, 22:39
Hello, we are almost related!

I guess this is a quite old message, but I'll answer it anyway.
August Johan-Eriksson Söderlund was born 4.9 1871 in Bergö, Finland.
His parents were: Johan Erik Markusson Wäst or Söderlund, b. 5.4 1823 in Bergö, d. 25.2 1912 at Bonn farm in Malax and Beata Jonasdotter Ahlskog, b. 9.9 1830 in Malax.

August had 6 siblings who all lived and died in the Bergö - Malax area. They have lots of descendants, among others, my son Robin.

Gen 3
ff Wäst, Marcus Marcusson, b. 19.4 1797 in Bergö, d. 16.3 1866 in Bergö (his first marriage of three)

fm Berg, Lisa Mattsdotter, b. 6.1 1793 in Bergö, d. 20.3 1830 in Bergö (her second marriage of two)

mf Ahlskog, Jonas Jonasson, b. 26.3 1802 in Malax

mm Majors, Beata Simonsdotter, b. 3.12 1796 in Malax, d. 29.4 1836 in Malax.

Margaretha Lindholm,

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30-09-03, 21:51
Hello Joyce Morrell,

I don't know if you remember me, but we were in contact before the days of Internet. I had seen your name in the SFHS Newsletter and put you in touch with Sue Alskog.