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03-08-04, 20:35
Contacted by a member of a beginning genealogy class:
Seeking info:
Olga Emilia Norgard (Sarah didn't have any umlauts, etc., so none are included here), b. Nov. 25, 1897, in Raippaluoto, Bjorkeby Island, Södravalgrund, Vasa, came to Cordova, Alaska, in 1927, where she married and had the daughter who is now seeking further information. Olga Emilia's parents were Johann Norgard and Maria Fredrica Ahlskog. Johan's father was Anders Johan Norgard. His parents were Simon Norgard and Anna Lena Kock. Anders Johann Norgard's wife was Stina Kaisa Skaag. Maria Fredrica Ahlskog does not appear to be any relative of Cliff. There are Ahlskog farms in either Korsholm or Kvelax (I forget which. They are the Tacoma Alskog family) and also up in Nedervetil (June Pelo has a connection there).

Syrene Forsman

M. Waters
24-08-04, 18:44
Hi, Syrene....I may be able to give some help to the person who sent you the query about Simon Norrgård and Anna Kock, since that couple appears in my FTM. May I have the e-mail address for him/her?

I haven't been on the forum lately, since after my Sweden/Finland trip in June, it's been hectic, and we are living at camp until mid-October. However, my trip over there stirred up several new contacts, and one family is visiting me in September, though we didn't know of each other before the Vasabladet interviewed us.

I'm still writing my trip log, and sending thank-you notes to all my contacts, but if anyone is curious about my adventures (which were exciting and very productive), just e-mail me, and I will reply eventually. With no useful computer at camp, I have to run home twice a week for e-mails, etc.

Hälsningar, Midge in Negaunee MI USA

31-08-04, 08:44
Vacations are really extending our response time! I haven't heard from the teacher yet again since she's on vacation. Will pass on the email as soon as she gets back to me.